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Levi Johnston -- Takes Back Apology to Palin Fam

8/27/2010 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Levi Johnston claims the apology he issued to Sarah Palin and her family back in July was total BS ... and he only begged for Sarah's forgiveness to make Bristol happy.

Levi Johnston Apology
Levi appeared on the CBS "Early Show" this morning -- where the dude who once posed for Playgirl claimed the only regret he has in life is issuing that apology ... because "it makes me sound like a liar."

Levi had originally issued the apology to the Palins -- in which he admitted to saying things about the family that "were not completely true."


No Avatar


I would love to see the situation beat the crap out of him in celebrity boxing

1525 days ago


MAKE HIM GO AWAY!!!! Does he not care that the Palin's are his son's family or is he so self centered he doesn't care!

Either way I feel sorry for his son. He is an BOOB!

1525 days ago


Levi, KARMA is going to come full circle and bite your dic, you liar! Get a job or get arrested.

1525 days ago


What a publicity whore! If his lips are moving, he's lying. Please fade away and earn a REAL living to support your son. Stop smearing the mother of your child and her family in an attempt to earn a money. Not cool, D-Bag!

1525 days ago


The son-in-law from hell.

What a douche.

Hey, if everyone gets 15 minutes of fame, the timer on this loser says "14:59".

1525 days ago


Levi - 1 lie

Sarah Palin - 1001 and counting...

1525 days ago


He's a nobody with zero personality and seems dumber than a bag of bricks. Stop reporting on him!

1525 days ago


He's Joran Van der Sloot minus the murders: CLUELESS EGOMANIAC DUMBASS LOL. Does the guy realize just how much of an idiot he looks to the public??? And I HATE Sarah Palin!

1525 days ago


Next, he'll write the "Tell All" book. No, wait...someone will write the book for him, in his most desperate hour.

1525 days ago

Green Eyes    

What a publicity seeking, bereft of all morals, douchebag SLIME BAG! What a shining example of faeces! Go back to the gutter where you belong!

1525 days ago


This guy is an absolute LOSER. Please, TMZ, if you care about us at will never report another thing on this idiot. He is no celeb, he has NO claim to fame (just about anybody can knock someone up or be knocked up), he is a liar, you have no idea if anything he says is the truth or just something he made up in his head, he is not intelligent (seriously, how could you be to date that filthy red headed homely woman) and has NO business in any type of celeb mag. You will notice the only shows that will have him on are Liberal Left Wing-nut shows - aka the Early Show, the Today Show, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and the list goes on. There is a reason he never shows up on Fox. The guy's a phony. Take a step up in the world, TMZ. Quit reporting on Wannabe's who aren't, don't have and never will be anything.

1524 days ago


What a dirt bag!! Are you out of celebrity news TMZ? This High School dropout is definitely not a celebrity. Unless you call banging Kathy Griffin graduation into the celebrity world.
I think not! It is called Escort Service!!

1524 days ago


this guy is so low i have to wonder if he got that girl pregnant just to become famous himself,
there is no way he is anything but a snake,
wish the media would just stop talking to him,
why on earth does he get TV for anything,
he is even worse of a loser than the jersey shore people,
trash, all of them, media ho´s, deserving no respect, famous for nothing stupid people

1524 days ago


what a pathetic LOSER. get a life ****head, or turn into another Joey Buttafuco.

1524 days ago


Levi, an obvious lying idiot..who will say anything for 15 seconds of fame..and CBS who will promote him to obviously go after Sarah Palin.. Let's just say Levi and CBS are playing to the dummies of the world!!

1523 days ago
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