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Levi Johnston -- Takes Back Apology to Palin Fam

8/27/2010 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Levi Johnston claims the apology he issued to Sarah Palin and her family back in July was total BS ... and he only begged for Sarah's forgiveness to make Bristol happy.

Levi Johnston Apology
Levi appeared on the CBS "Early Show" this morning -- where the dude who once posed for Playgirl claimed the only regret he has in life is issuing that apology ... because "it makes me sound like a liar."

Levi had originally issued the apology to the Palins -- in which he admitted to saying things about the family that "were not completely true."


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Sarah Palin Rocks!! Levi Johnson? Who the hell is he?

1524 days ago

Proud American    

This fool only surfaced because of The fool that thought he would be president of the US with a woman that don't have any idea of what the world is really about. If he wins the mayor sitting their are a lot of uneducated people in that city. Yeah I said it. Promoting teen pregnancy and high school drop outs. I am not impress with with the people coming out of Alaska. Hey, Alaska speak up.

1524 days ago


Well said, I can certainly not concur additional along with you on this concern. I'm sure your own web log is incredibly popular on this topic just by the rest of the remarks placed with it. I simply wished to depart any opinion to comprehend your hard work that have to include absent straight into this blog...

1523 days ago


#47 Proud American Aah, you mean all of the other statutory rapists, teen pregnancies and illiterate, ill educated, unable to read or write teens with kids from as early as 11 in the other 51 states of the dear old US don't count lol?!! The drugs, the gangs, the drunk, sex addled teenagers of the rest of the US impress you - I'm shocked by your anti - Alaska racism lol!!
BTW I'm not from Alaska lol!!
Alaska calling, when Levi turns up to touch hands when running for Mayor in Wasilla, d'you have a sweet little ol' lady who could give him a nice hat with antlers on and then if someone shoots him you can claim mistaken identity lol!!! Levi is a nobody and if for once people stopped treating him like a celeb to use as a political battering ram against Sarah Palin and more like the loser he is he'd disappear lol!! He doesn't choose to see his kid regularly (he'd prefer to party), he didn't want to pay child support, without Sarah and Bristol Palin's name to use to remind everyone just who the hell he is NOBODY would know or care lol!!!

1523 days ago


What a tool!

1523 days ago


What a complete moron. Why would the Early Show or TMZ give him any air time. OMG he is a complete fool. And guess what.......he apologized because he lied. Now he's worried about looking like a liar. He is worse than that. He is only kept in the limelight because of the Palin haters out there. He isn't even smart enough to graduate from High School people. What a dope!!!

1521 days ago

Not Kidding    

Why does anyone even talk to him let alone listen! Stop paying any attention to him and he will once again fade into the nothingness he came from and was always meant to be. He should never have had even one minute of fame why DO you pay attention to that idiot??

1519 days ago


No matter what your politics, this guy is a horse's rear end.

1515 days ago


Less than classy. Turns out this guy is a jerk. The fact that he posed for "Playgirl" is evidence enough. Levi, crawl under a rock and disappear before you embarrass you and your family even further. Ugh! The Point? It takes more than a cute face to make a relationship. Remember that, ladies. Most guys are jerks. I should know. I are one!

1458 days ago


I could be wrong, but I forsee that Levi will go further in life than Bristol ever will. I think Levi has been getting the short end of the stick from everyone. I have never heard Levi use bad language or say anything mean spirited. He only spoke the truth about Sarah Palin. Now, Bristol and Willow, they have shown on Facebook just how fowl their mouths are!!

1444 days ago


Also, I had the gut instinct that his original apology to Palin when he and Bristol got re-engaged (for 3 weeks) was bogus. I bet Bristol and mommy planned it all out and planned to dump Levi after the apology which she did. Oh yeah, that should have been 'foul' and not 'fowl'. Oops.

1444 days ago
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