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Lindsay Lohan --

The Bloodsuckers Are Back

8/27/2010 5:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now that Lindsay Lohan has returned ... so have some of the opportunistic leeches masquerading as her friends ... and according to sources close to the actress, the "bad people" are once again up to their old tricks.

Lindsay Lohan
We're told the same people who helped steer Lindsay's life into a downward spiral smell new opportunities to take advantage ... and are desperately trying to "snake their way back into her life."

According to sources, "They have been calling Lindsay non-stop ... and she's been talking to them." One source adds, "It's scary ... they could take her off the right path."

As we previously reported, the price of Lindsay's treatment at the UCLA facility ran around $130,000 -- we'll see if the investment pays off.


No Avatar


its her fault- she needs to stay home!!!

1516 days ago


Forest Lawn will always have room for her.

1516 days ago


Weren't a bunch of these so called 'friends' sueing her for their car ride a while back? Wow, great friends!

1516 days ago


Can someone point me to the celebrity death pool? I'm curious where she and that speidi couple rank on the list. Can't figure out if the speidis will do a 'Star 80' on us or LL will do something nuts.

1516 days ago


If she is stupid enough to get back into this crowd, then her life is over. You are judged by the company you keep.

One last chance, Linds. Do NOT BE this STUPID.

1516 days ago


I think that as an adult she should take responsibility for her own actions. HOWEVER, I find it hilarious that TMZ posts an article about how once she gets out the bloodsuckers all appear again. Does TMZ not realize that THEY are one of the bloodsuckers?

1516 days ago


Og course, she's talking to them. She's an absolute idiot with NO self control.

1516 days ago


MOMMY, DADDY, AND ALI BLOODSUCKERS....who cares she's broke or close to it. JMO

1516 days ago


your are bad or good noob or not but people say that you make a good noob

1516 days ago


your a noob did you know that

1516 days ago


Thats all Lindsay needs, a religious freak managing her life. How much money will Lou have them donate to her christian causes.

the main blood sucking religious freak, Lou Taylor....

1516 days ago

why is she there ?    

43 , looks like dina blohan is back on here defending again, ahahhaa
who cares , i mean really ? come on ?
what is a blohan ?
waste of time, no talent leaching parasite .
she never did the time but she gets away with the crimes.
and told the judge to F.U. !!!!!!!!!!

1516 days ago


Uh, TMZ... don't you owe your entire existence to milking the "stars" lives for your own gain? Would anyone make a livelihood at TMZ if it weren't for exposing these people's lives publicly, especially their drama?
Isn't Lindsay Lohan one of the biggest sources of traffic for TMZ? Wouldn't you lose a hell of a lot of hits if Lindsay were suddenly to stop living the party life and get serious about her acting career?
TMZ is a major leech by definition and happily offering a forum for publicity-hungry starlets.
So, you gotta be talking. And me too, since I am here and reading this, guilty as charged. None of us has the right to judge. This is the same game, we're just on the other end.

1516 days ago

Alan Carver    

The odds are NOT in Lohan's favor. She has had 5 (FIVE) count them F I V E different attempts at rehab and each time she has gone back out to using again, drugs/alcohol and pills. She is determined to destroy herself and there is nothing NO ONE can do but just watch and let it happen. She is either going to kill herself or she is going to kill someone else by getting behind the wheel of a car intoxicated and take another life if not her own. Simply put 1 out of 10 out of rehab will make it a full year into sobriety and in Lohan's case, she is not going to be that 1. So whoever these people are or 'blood-suckers' as TMZ has aptly called them, they are hell bent on destroying what is left of Lohan. Will she make it until November 1st, without relapsing, the odds are probably not, and again these are just the facts for people freshly out of rehab, and in Lohan's case that is all she does know how to do in Hollywood is take drugs, pop pills and drink alcohol, and forget any resemblance of an pcting career. She is NUTS to think that Hollywood even would consider her for any acting role at this late stage of what is left of her 'co-called' career. She needs to get back to NY and leave that place so fast that the BloodSuckers heads will spin! Not feeling sorry for Lohan what-so-ever. She is BOUND back to jail for another 30 days within these next two months of ATTEMPTING something called SOBRIETY - which she clearly does not understand nor wants to!

1516 days ago


everybody wants a piece

including TMZ which is part of the business but still makes money with her troubles
including the doctors for da money over there
including the lawyers promoting rehabs

she's part of the wagon too , but she plays the leading part
after all her talent is not water, it's real

you go girl, you know what to do now

and come back to NYC as soon as possible

1516 days ago
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