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Lindsay Lohan --

The Bloodsuckers Are Back

8/27/2010 5:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now that Lindsay Lohan has returned ... so have some of the opportunistic leeches masquerading as her friends ... and according to sources close to the actress, the "bad people" are once again up to their old tricks.

Lindsay Lohan
We're told the same people who helped steer Lindsay's life into a downward spiral smell new opportunities to take advantage ... and are desperately trying to "snake their way back into her life."

According to sources, "They have been calling Lindsay non-stop ... and she's been talking to them." One source adds, "It's scary ... they could take her off the right path."

As we previously reported, the price of Lindsay's treatment at the UCLA facility ran around $130,000 -- we'll see if the investment pays off.


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Thats all Lindsay needs, a religious freak managing her life. How much money will Lou have them donate to her christian causes.

the main blood sucking religious freak, Lou Taylor....

1496 days ago


This is a sad story that unfortunately is shoved down our throats day after day after day. Much of you say "who cares" among other hurtful things about this young lady. That is not a very christian or american thing to do. You spew your hatred of yourself onto others. If that is what makes you feel better, then good for you! Get it off your chest. Just know that no one really cares about your horrible comments, only you. You are like so many anti-americans who sit behind their computer and defend our Muslim President, defend atrocious views of this country and our religion. Tomorrow in Washington DC the world will change. This country will change. Millions of people will gather near the Lincoln Memorial. They will bear witness to the NEW DREAM. THE REAL DREAM. The future of the NEW United States of America will take away all of the hate. No one will be allowed to hide behind the internet. The internet didn't exist when our country lived in times of family values, trust, and strong christian ties. It is time to stop the armageddon of this country and return to the ways of our grandfathers, when times were easy and all of this hatred and anti-christianity was just a glimmer in some freakshow's eyes. Enjoy your extreme views while you still can. We will all work together to cure this country and get things back to the RIGHT point of view.

Posted at 2:07 PM on Aug 27, 2010 by TugboatTomJohnson
Dude, take your meds.

1496 days ago


Why does TMZ continually put this Lindsey Lohan garbage on here? She's a washed up has been. Who the hell cares what she does? I doubt many people do!You guys must be hurting for news to put this washout on here everyday, numerous times!Find something people give a shi_ about!

Posted at 7:45 PM on Aug 27, 2010 by perry
Because people comment, like you. If you dont want Blohan news, dont comment. The more hits they get, the more "news" you get.

1496 days ago


Who on earth says she's on the right path? Does it really help to blame everyone else on the face of the planet for your own problems? So, yeah, the "bad" people are back but the one at the center of it all never left - Linds herself.

1496 days ago


Just let the Bit-ch die, someone who had everything flushed it down the toilet. I bet she is so happy Paris got busted, maybe they can lay off of her for bit and pick on her.

1496 days ago


she looks like an ass that's what we do think here about her in algeria she's stupid idiot ...she got some money ***and became like a crazy girl "pour ne pas dire autre chose"...

1496 days ago


It is a pity that such nice girl can fall into life commun traps. She better outside, walking around and holding headphones, that going to tribunal. But, is there any good people to help her on the right way? Who is able to give advices to a girl who own Maserati? Probably not yet born.

1496 days ago


Good Gawd when is this woman going to stop with the blame game and take a hint of responsibility and when are You - TMZ - going to stop coddling her? Forget the canoe camp rehab and the psyche ward at UC (been there, it's not rehab or meant to be), the girl needs to sit her spa sloughed bum in a crappy chair at an AA meeting by order. 90 in 90. Sometimes it rubs off. She needs to walk to the front of the room and get her little paper signed with the other jail birds too deep in denial to get there on their own. She's a big girl now and chooses her own playgrounds and playmates. An alcoholic fresh out of jail and/or treatment with party pals calling with invites isn't exactly a rare or unusual thing ya know... That she has throngs of rich and famous self-destruction groupies is the only remotely unusual thing about this situation.

1496 days ago


With all kidding aside, if this story is really true then I am truly upset about it. I don't know Lindsay, I'm not a fan, but to think these "friends" are attempting to get her back out to the party scene just shows how messed up Lindsay's circle of friends were.

This is a life or death disease that she has, it's no joke, it's not funny, and while everyone can tease her with comments, and the pap's are following her every move then they will all be culpable if a tragedy does happen.

Call Lindsay whatever you want but remember she has a deadly disease and there are only two outcome's to her life now. Jails (she been there done that), Institutions (been there done that) and death ! So you can see her only option left is death if she doesn't take this seriously !

I personally don't want to have to continue reading these stories, people should just leave her alone and let her get well, otherwise everyone involved in her life will have blood on their hands if she dies. And that includes Dina, Michael, and these so called friends !

1495 days ago


Another little "I have it all" biatch! I wish she'd lose her money and find what life is really all about. Paris, Lindsey, Brittney all these little biatch's on their backs with their legs up in the air screaming God every night with some new sperm donor need a reality check.
I wish a major war, or some devastating catastrophe would happen over night and we lost everything materialistic. No phones, computer, cars, fuel. It would make everyone be on an equal playing field, we'd see how long this people last! Survival of the fittest, and none of these people in these magazines and tabloids would survive! None of them I guarantee you that! It may be just around the corner. I can only hope!

1495 days ago


OK - I see Lindsy says "The Bloodsuckers R Back" ?? HMM I think that the PAPARAZZI should BOYCOTT Lindsay shes UGLY and at best a B grade entertainer --I want to she her when nobody pays attention to her and the "BLoodsuckers" dissapear- It will be the beginning of the end of her "career" --please PAPARAZZI IGNORE HER she will vanish like a fart in the wind .It will happen sooner or later but sooner is better!

1495 days ago


re: "TugboatTomJohnson" whose comment is #14. Whoa, this is scary...a post about Lohan's friends suddenly and incomprehensibly morphs into a diatribe about people who think Lindsay is, perhaps, not doing the smart thing, are "unAmerican" and a rant about Obama being "Muslim" (er, he's not. And yes, he was born in the U.S.) Yes, a very intelligent and well-spoken half-black American is president of the U.S. and Jindal is an East Indian and Pelosi is an Italian-American Catholic female and you need to get over it and try to live in American in the 21st century... and give up your jingoistic, racist 19th-century ideas...AND read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. You'll probably be really surprised to find out what "American values" actually are. Oh, and by-the-way -- there's a reason why Jefferson and the Founding Fathers made SURE to separate church & state. They had far too much experience with the tyranny and craziness of (some) religious leaders and their movements...

1495 days ago


Bad Parents, Bad friends, Bad advice. If she is not going to take hold of her life and choices herself, then it will be a very short life, sorry to say.

1495 days ago


I am sick to death of this dumb whore. Everytime she gets caught doing something stupid, we hear the same old tired story: it's the fault of her "bad apple" friends, who are trying to "take her down the wrong path". BULLSH*T. This is just another way for BLOWhan to not take responsibility for her own actions. I mean, this dumb whore is supposed to be an adult, and being an adult means YOU make choices, not the people around her. If she's so weak an individual that she can't say no (and/or is a retard as well), then it's time to pull a sh*tney spears & get a conservatorship over her...

1495 days ago


I really want the people that are being haters towards Lindsey to go get a life . She is an amazing actress with a troubled personal life . Have you people an conception of a PERSONAL life outside your perfect existence ? I suppose you do not . She has been in the industry since she was a child , and has made a name for herself . What have any of you done ? Oh , did you get employee of the month at the plant ? Did you dig a ditch today ? Maybe one of you went to college ,and are pissed off a woman with no formal education makes millions ? Go be haters somewhere else ! Love you Lindsey !

1495 days ago
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