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Lindsay Lohan --

The Bloodsuckers Are Back

8/27/2010 5:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now that Lindsay Lohan has returned ... so have some of the opportunistic leeches masquerading as her friends ... and according to sources close to the actress, the "bad people" are once again up to their old tricks.

Lindsay Lohan
We're told the same people who helped steer Lindsay's life into a downward spiral smell new opportunities to take advantage ... and are desperately trying to "snake their way back into her life."

According to sources, "They have been calling Lindsay non-stop ... and she's been talking to them." One source adds, "It's scary ... they could take her off the right path."

As we previously reported, the price of Lindsay's treatment at the UCLA facility ran around $130,000 -- we'll see if the investment pays off.


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joseph mukina     

To me she needs to wise up the next judge might say jail for five years without a chance to get out early and if its crowded let someone else out.She needs to tell them to get lost why let them drag her to hell?

1494 days ago


I think Lindsay needs to give herself a break from "those" kinds of people. I think Lindsay could completely trun her life around if only she would focus on all her amazing qualities. She needs to start believing in herself. To hell with everyone else!

1494 days ago


Stop talking about her. She is a nothing, a druggie actor who is so self absorbed. She needs to go someplace far away with Parish Hilton andnot have the media cover everything she or Hilton does. These are noboodies.

1494 days ago


Poor Lindsay Lohan, she will never learn. She will keep on drinking and drugging. There will be a day that we read in the newspaper that Lindsay has died from an apparent overdose.

1494 days ago

paulette king    

Hopefully she will learn and not repeat if she does,well guess she deserves whatever she gets!

1494 days ago

Linda Sturdivant    

Why does she continue to get away this all this mess. The Girl CLEARLY NEEDS HELP, and why would your lawyer, let alone the Juge set her free once again. My step daughter is doing 4 months in jail, away from her children, for testing dirty for POT, 4 months, & Lindsay just continues to live her happy drugged out world. She needs help.

1494 days ago



1493 days ago

Lady Carolyn    

She need to be put in jail for 3 months she be clean. Tell you the truth she just need to get away from them so call friends of her. All that talent wasted.

1493 days ago


I think tugboat is tugging on one thing...and far to much, possibly blind at this point . Who in here said Lohan was a talented actress? That dillusional and inflammatory to opine such a ridiculous statment knowing full well shes nothing but an ongoing train wreck that people keep watching only to find out where all the pieces will end up and who else will get hurt in the path of her derailment. after the dust settles there will be no story, only a posssibly short ending career at VIVID entertainment. then its "ALL ABOARD"

1491 days ago


Rant Re: Mr. Tugboat... Is that what the kids are calling it these days? If the internet is so evil, why are you on it? You Anti-American thing you! As for your man, Glen Beck... Which is worse? That he didn't know it was the Anniversary of MLK's historic speech (as he's stated), or that he did? Admittedly, I get a kick out of this crap. You're here to defend the honor of Lindsey Lohan (!?!) and yet the Tea Party types you so admire would have nothing to do with her and her bisexual ways. Or, does she get a pass for her abilities to help Rush score? The best part is that they have to MAKE UP stupid crap about President Obama. Muslim, not born in the States, Socialist... And the popular refrain "If it was [insert right wing flunky here], the media would [insert garrulous tangent indicating media would be all over it]... News Flash! Mainstream media is by and large run/owned by Republic Party types. Witness near non-existent coverage of Iraq compared to coverage of Viet Nam. God forbid we should actually be informed! Moreover, in a country founded on Religious Freedom, what damn difference would it make if Obama were Muslim, or Quaker? Just for a day, I'd like to stay safely in my little bubble of San Francisco, read mindless media, and not be hit over the head with the thinly veiled, angry,apoplectic racism and all around idiocy of Sarah "Lock and Reload" Palin and her equally ill informed cronies. If it's not racism, why can't you come up with actual facts to object to? By saying "lock and reload," in defense of Dr. Laura's use of the "n" word, she blew your cover. I feel better now. Sorry for that:)

1491 days ago


Catch an episode or two of the "Kardashians" and then try to pass the mensa exam one more time ! But seriously folks - Everyone knows Kenny Boy Lay never died and is living happily in South America with all the other exiled schills that ripped off good hard working Americans pensions - I hear they have quite a nice facility down there in Paraguay !

1491 days ago
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