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Paris & Hero BF Get Out of Dodge

8/27/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With no weapon but a pup in her hands, Paris Hilton and her gun-wielding, intruder-stopping buff boyfriend Cy Waits boarded a private jet out of L.A. on Friday.


The dynamic duo are most likely headed to Vegas, where Cy runs several nightclubs.


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Throwback kid    

I don't think Paris will ever get married and have kids even if she wanted to. At almost 30 she has not evolved into an adult, her life is the exact same as when she was 20. Shopping and hanging out at clubs is all she does, what happened to all that charity work she was going to do that she said on the Larry King show after she got out of jail? It also seems she can only keep a boyfriend for about a year. She is a to self absorbed to actually sustain a real relatinship. Deep down she probaly knows she is an empty person inside.

1480 days ago


I'm not a big Paris fan, but this is f'd up! Like her or not, I wouldn't wish that on anyone. That guy had two knives on him so I don't think he was just planning on robbing the place.

1480 days ago

Throwback kid    

I should have proof read my post before I submitted it, too many spelling errors while typing too fast. But I think I made my point. I don't dislike Paris, I just think it's time to grow up when you're 30. There is alot more that life has to offer than dancing on couches at nightclubs.

1480 days ago


Or maybe he's using her to promote his clubs

Yep, in the club promo business, they do anything to stay in the news, make headlines... easier with celebs and athletes!

1480 days ago


her dog is overfed

1480 days ago


It looks great on the outside, but it must be a very odd existence to go through life with no purpose and use shopping trips, bars and drugs to fill that void.

1480 days ago


Jobs in Vegas do not pay well. He *manages* clubs, he doesn't own
them. That, by Vegas standards, does not make him rich.

His work can't be too stable either, because clubs come and go fast in that town. One night a club can be the *it* place to be, and the next night it's off the grid.

I still wonder why he was not detained for brandishing a firearm. They guy was carrying knives not waving them around in a threatening manner. Therefore Cy had no reason to point a gun at him. A cop once told me you cannot shoot someone for merely breaking into your house, but if you do, make sure you plant a weapon in their hand and swear up and down that you were being attacked. Mess the house up and stick to that story no matter what. Or you can go down for manslaughter. Even if you shot the intruder in your own home. If you shoot them outside make sure you drag the dead body in and plant a weapon in their hand claiming self defense. He might have a gun permit to carry in Nevada, but that doesn't mean he can draw it in California. If he doesn't have a California permit, then he should have been arrested.

1479 days ago


Where did all that clevage go??

1479 days ago

Donald Ray    

wtfk is it that everytime you see this ugly-ass woman, she's carrying a fkn' dog?

1479 days ago


Seriously, how old is she now? The pouty, dog-toting, change-my-boyfriend every 90 days lifestyle is long past it's expiration date. All she ever does is jet set with her dogs & boy toy-of-the-moment. Get a purpose in life, chickadee. This whole act is damn old.

1479 days ago


Cochino~ you are a moron. Cy and his brother Jesse are self made millionaires many times over! They are both wonderful guys and she is lucky to have him in her life! Too bad Jesse is dating that whore Jayde Nicole because she is the star f*cker!!

1479 days ago


can u say douch?

1479 days ago

who dat    

Don't listen to cochino he is a J.O. & will land you in jail. The test applied to this situation in known as reasonable force.

The amount of force must be proportionate and reasonable given the value of the interests being protected and the harm likely to be caused by use of force. The classic test comes from the Jamaican case of Palmer v The Queen, on appeal to the Privy Council in 1971.

Another case on point: The modern law on belief is stated in R v Owino (1996) 2 Cr. App. R. 128 at 134:

A person may use such force as is [objectively] reasonable in the cir***stances as he [subjectively] believes them to be.

1479 days ago


most of the guys who are with her are in it for the $$$
she earned by hard working NOT

1479 days ago


Cochino, your cop friend is most likely a figment of your imagination. However, if by some chance a cop actually told you that then he isn't your friend as moving a body and then lying to the police about what actually happened will cause you to end up in jail.

It is quite legal in California to carry a gun without a CCW at your home, on your property or at your place of business. Using lethal force to stop an immediate threat to your life is quite legal. Remember this was an armed intruder. The intruder is lucky Paris' boyfriend used a great deal of restraint. Personally, I would have just shot the intruder as soon as I saw he was armed.

1479 days ago
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