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This Is the True Story ...

8/27/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

The 44-year-old resurfaced at a fundraiser in NYC on Monday, looking real.

Kevin is currently attempting his third try at getting elected to Congress in New York's 10th congressional district.

No word if Powell is still in touch with Eric Nies, Heather B., Norm, Julie, Becky or Andre.


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Hey Now    

He's also a well-known journalist and author, TMZ. You make him seem like some loser who can't be elected. But that fact isn't nearly as important as Jesse James' dog.

1526 days ago


ouch, that guy aged about as well as a bucket of smashed clams

1526 days ago

ladee da    

this guy was a complete douchebag back in the day. i'm sure he's still on his "i'm a mighty black man" kick. eff you.

1526 days ago


Keven was also the very first editor of Vibe magazine. Don't forget that.

1526 days ago


Never knew Kevin Powell did the real world, would never have expected that. Though wats even more shocking is how TMZ trying to play him, same few weeks back when they described Montell Jordan as some nobody. TMZ u shouldn't even have to do research about Powell, u clearly have the wrong people working for u if u dont know who Powell is and even worse show him this lack of respect. Damn im in Ireland and i know who he is!!!!

1526 days ago

Mike Powell    

He's also a race bating, self important douche bag

1526 days ago


Very true "ladee da"...very true!!

1526 days ago


white people are the only ones bringing up the race ****. they think that just because Obama's in office, race is a thing of the past. It's kinda disgusting. I think that's the reason they voted for the guy, so that they'll be off the hook and can say what's really on their minds.

1526 days ago


He looks good if you ask me BUT he was a douche on the Real World.. I used to watch it before it became what it is now and he was an arrogant douche.. no matter if he was black or white.. anyone who walked around thinking he was superior to the entire human race was a douche!

1526 days ago


Wow, white folks are sure upset about Kevin Powell. Ok, lets use your logic. If Kevin is just like he was when he was 26, "a douche" as some of you say....Is it okay to lable John McCain as he was when he was around that age? Taking his best friend's girlfriend, marrying her, then cheating on her with several women after discovering she is crippled, leaving her for a young rich blonde? Is he still the same man? rationalize that!

1525 days ago


Right on, Nat Turner.

1525 days ago


Ummmm...@Tracie, Carolyn was only in support of the comment made before her post which was posted by... NAT TURNER! LOL!
I congratulate Powell for his courage!

1524 days ago


Now do you have an update on Julie from the first season? The girl disappeared off the face of the earth!

1519 days ago

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