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Do As I Say,

Not As I Do (Or Say)

8/29/2010 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fantasia Barrino admittedly took a whole bottle of aspirin because she "wanted it to be over with" -- but in a Las Vegas club Friday night, she made the whole incident seem like something that was done to her ... not something she did to herself.

It's been three weeks since her "suicide attempt" and Fantasia has gone back to shooting her reality show and promoting her new album. She performed at Rain nightclub over the weekend where she told the crowd, "They thought I was finished, they thought I was done, they counted me out. But I will never, ever stop. I don't care what nobody say about me ... Don't let your haters stop you. Don't let nobody stand in the way of your destiny."

Just a few days ago, Fantasia told VH1 (the network that airs her reality show), "I wanted to go to sleep and just be at peace. I knew exactly what I was doing. You can't accidentally take a whole bottle of pills."

She knew what she was doing all right.


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i think it was all for publicity

1514 days ago


I still would like to know where is Child Services and why aren't they investigating this so-called woman/mother?

After a failed attempt at suicide I would think, there would be an investigation, especially, when the mother seems more interested in her career then as a mother! Unless, did she already lose custody? Is another member of her family raising her daughter? Hmm, maybe, she already lost custody and I never heard about it. Maybe, that's why there's no investigation and maybe that's why she doesn't seem to care about her daughter. Makes sense now that I think about it. Good for nothing piece of trash. As for the other home wreckers....they didn't try to kill themselves one day and promote their albums the next while filming a VH1 Behind The Music and a reality show, etc. the next. Get real people. This has nothing to do with the color of anyone's skin. This has to do with selfishness to the 100th degree and then some and I have no respect for that! It's low class and trashy! Anyone falling for the "poor me" act is nothing but, low class and uneducated too!

1514 days ago

Gsharon 710    



1514 days ago

Michael Knight    

"I don't care what nobody say about me ... Don't let your haters stop you. Don't let nobody stand in the way of your destiny."

What an ignorant piece of trash. Got some money after she won Idol then spent it all but didn't have more money to back it up so she already filed bankruptcy. Can't form a single gramatically correct sentence.

And yes, I'm surprise no one in the press has mentioned this (besides #19 above) and I've wondered this all along: She has a small child and ADMITTED to trying to kill herself. Why isn't child protective services stepping in? Why hasn't she been placed under a psychiatric hold? Why haven't they taken her daughter away from her?

She's just a trashy publicity stunt that won't go away. Just days after her "suicide" attempt she was filming scenes for her fake reality tv show w/ her married boyfriend. Totally fake trash.

1514 days ago


In the first interview she also said that the person who she was with was one of many men that had wronged her in her life.

So I'm sure in the second quote, she was telling others to not let people abuse them the way she has been abused.

I don't blame her. Those kinds of men are really manipulative. They tell you they love you, they tell you that their marriage is over. They tell you how horrible their wife is. Any lie they have to tell you to reel you in, they do. And then when you fall in love, you're stuck. You try to leave, they chase after you and beg you to come back. But when you stay, they treat you like ****.

Sorry, but she's not trash. She's a victim. The real trash is that married man she was with.

And I hope she doesn't sit here and read comments left by you people. Some of you seem to have real issues putting yourselves in other's positions and relating. I'm sure if you had the capacity to do that, your comments would be very different.

1514 days ago



"ASPIRIN?? All that is going to do is give you a really bad stomach ache and diarrhea. If she really wanted to kill herself, she would have tried something a little stronger. Like Sominex or Gravol."

Um, yeah. You give them one, maybe two pills every 6 hours. You don't give them the whole bottle at once.

Aspirin overdose is deadly, and yes, that was a suicide attempt.

Too much of any medicine can kill you. Overdose on simple vitamins, and you can destroy your liver and die.

This probably wasn't well thought out. She probably opened up her medicine cabinet and grabbed whatever was in there, which for most people is Aspirin.

Your comment was by far one of the most uneducated I've seen. Seriously, what happened to your common sense?

1514 days ago



You just made my point...if she would take a time out and get HELP and THERAPY, she will learn NOT to get mixed up with these men who manipulate her and control her and she will learn to be a strong, independent woman who will see through these type of men and won't let them take advantage of her but, NO, she won't take time and get the help she so needs.

She needs help and people like YOU are not helping her but, enabling her!! See the difference now?

1514 days ago


I was over this mess before she even hit "stardom". She does not come off as very intelligent, rather stupid and uneducated if you ask me. She has made albums (I don't think they did that great), made a movie about her life (mine is more interesting and less tragic), and now a reality show... Hottmess and Tragic are two words that come to mind when I hear this ho's name.
I say take your muppet-looking face and shrill voice to Burger King and try to make something of yourself BB

1514 days ago


Well, it just got better. Perezhilton just posted she's pregnant with married BF Cook's baby!! 3 months along. I hope this is not true. She needs serious help. She's not fit to be a mother to the child she has now and if she's getting ready to have another....and yet, she tried to commit suicide while pregnant? This baby ought to be taken away!! Please, don't let this be true!!! For the sake of this unborn baby.

1514 days ago


First Fantasia needs to learn to speak properly, then people may listen and take her more seriously. Second, I can't stand Jolie or Pitt either. This Fantasia business sure smells of a publicity stunt that got out of control and now she is having trouble reining it back in. Two words for Fantasia - Grow up!

1514 days ago


A "suicide attempt" just in time to get her name back in the news for her new album promotion. I can't stand people who make up an alternate reality for themselves when everyone knows the truth. Now she's supposed to be some kind of victim of "the haters"?

What a total loser, she didn't give a damn about leaving her own child behind, if this was even a real suicide attempt.

1514 days ago


I would have nothing but sympathy for this girl if it wasn't for the fact that she is the cause of all her problems.

It's annoying when someone plays the victim and blames their bad behavior on their troubled past. Its even worse when that same person constantly talks about God and doing the right thing. But in her life she doesn't follow a single word of God and doesn't do anything right unless it gets her ahead in life.

If you want to date a married man and wreck a home I won't judge. But the moment you start talking about how you follow God then I have a problem. Do whatever you want, just don't be a hypocrite.

She's not a good christian as she like to claim. She's a home-wrecking, suicide attempting, bankrupt loser that will always have problems in her life because of the choices she makes. And she has yet to own up to any of the mistakes. Instead she blames others, plays the victim and invokes the word of God as she pretends to be better than others. She's no victim. She's had more opportunity than most people and yet chooses to live a trashy life.

I'm no saint. But you also won't hear me blame others, blame my past or tell people I am a good christian. I own my choices in life.

I'm also with others who have said child protective services should investigate. If the suicide was real the child needs to be taken away for the child's safety. If the suicide attempt is fake for fame the child should be taken away because she is taking extreme steps, potentially damaging the child, through her search for fame.

1514 days ago


I agree with you all. And it's very sad what people do for publicity. People who really want to kill themselves use a method that will really work not one where you know someone will find you and you will be saved. So stupid! I can't stand her now!

1514 days ago


Say what you will about Ms. Fantasia but her latest project, "back to me" is thee bomb. Granted, she has made some questionable (and unfortunate) decisions, and she can look a little sloppy at times, but she does have an incredible voice and I wish her nothing but the best.

1514 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

She is just a dumb dramatic b*tch. She is going to wish she ODed and it wasn't just drama when her kidneys fail in a few years. Aspirin Overdose is terrible.

1514 days ago
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