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Do As I Say,

Not As I Do (Or Say)

8/29/2010 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fantasia Barrino admittedly took a whole bottle of aspirin because she "wanted it to be over with" -- but in a Las Vegas club Friday night, she made the whole incident seem like something that was done to her ... not something she did to herself.

It's been three weeks since her "suicide attempt" and Fantasia has gone back to shooting her reality show and promoting her new album. She performed at Rain nightclub over the weekend where she told the crowd, "They thought I was finished, they thought I was done, they counted me out. But I will never, ever stop. I don't care what nobody say about me ... Don't let your haters stop you. Don't let nobody stand in the way of your destiny."

Just a few days ago, Fantasia told VH1 (the network that airs her reality show), "I wanted to go to sleep and just be at peace. I knew exactly what I was doing. You can't accidentally take a whole bottle of pills."

She knew what she was doing all right.


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WTF? If she really tried to kill herself, shouldn't she be getting counseling or something? I'm just not buying it! If she isn't writing her songs or coming up with some better ideas, I've lost interest. Guess that TV show is supposed to be her comeback, publicity. Fantasia lamest chick on the earth!

1493 days ago


Isn't this the ugliest human you have ever scene ? REALLY!!!!!
American Idol is rigged for ratings anyway! That is the only reason she won. That ugly red head super white kid who sang sanatra was 10X better than her in Season 3... And , Im sorry I made it to season 3 wathing, but I stopped after that!

Please forgive me for going that long.

Win American Idol, and get foreclosed on..... Sounds like no brain in her head!!!!!

1493 days ago


This woman didn't want to kill herself, but she made damn sure that everyone would THINK she did by declaring that it wasn't an accident. I wonder if she was admitted to the psychiatric ward and if she'd undergone a battery of psychiatric testings. That's the norm. Is she getting psychiatric treatment NOW? Or is she stupid enough to think that anyone would believe that if you've actually had that deep a depression that they would just turn her loss without any support. By support I mean TREATMENT.
She's going to be top busy with her Reality show and Touring for treatment. Oh, she really doesn't NEED treatment, the fraud. She just wanted to deflect the extremely bad press, get sympathy and promote her show and music. She was shooting her Reality show the day after she got out of the hospital with her married boyfriend. She 'claimed' that this guy lied to her about being separated from his wife; why would she want to go back to him?
It all was a game to her; it's as if she considers an attempted suicide no big deal. To people who have attempted it, it's a VERY bill deal; one that they're not proud of as she seems to be. The dingbat is sucking it for all it's worth. She hit the promotion circuit like nothing had happened, like it had NO emotional impact on her. She's a FRAUD. I'd rather save my sympathy for someone else.

1493 days ago


I'm reposting from earlier because no one seems to have noticed or has mentioned it but, it's being mentioned by other sites that she's pregnant now too.

Well, it just got better. just posted she's pregnant with married BF Cook's baby!! 3 months along. I hope this is not true. She needs serious help. She's not fit to be a mother to the child she has now and if she's getting ready to have another....and yet, she tried to commit suicide while pregnant? This baby ought to be taken away!! Please, don't let this be true!!! For the sake of this unborn baby.

1493 days ago

Joe Jackson an illiterate child abuser    

Did someone say Rihanna was better than her!! I guess Since Rihanna is 1/2 or 1/3 white with green eyes, she is prettier by your warped standards. Rihanna is all around town with her tired her#es va-%-j, after she gave it Chris Brown and he lost her temper with her; RIri is too liberal with her Va-j-j. She is nowhere better than Fanny! She is a wh*&^e.

1493 days ago

Proud American    

Lust to Lost, this is the phony girls sin. She always talking about being blessed with what she got. Well, is she blessed because she is sleeping with someone husband. Isn't their was a word for that. She is a contradicting fool. And, she sound like a cartoon charater.

1493 days ago

Proud American    

That saying she is trying to preach is bull sh--

1493 days ago


Hey Joe Jackson,
If someone is wrong they're wrong, and it'll do no good talking about everyone else to get your anger out. If Fantasia wasn't working a publicity stunt she wouldn't be coming out with this dumbass reality tv show. HELLO! And she's not that good a singer c'mon.

1493 days ago


Here we go again with the racist card. Why does it have to be a black vs white issue? I am so sich and tired of black people using this excuse! Please, what? Do you want your 40 acres and a mule too? Get over the race issue! This has nothing to do with race! It has everything to do with selfishness! She has a daughter who she didn't think about when she tried to take her life over a man now, did she? A man came before her daughter? Please! Get over yourself and your hate for white people and get yourself an education! If you did you would know that LeeAnn Rymes didn't try to KILL herself over a man! Nor did any of the others that people keep mentioning.

Fanny, as you call her, choose a man over her child, family and career over everything! She needs HELP and THERPY!! Not to be out parading around as if nothing happened. Get over yourself and quit defending TRASH! Unless that is, you are TRASH? Hmm, takes one to know one! Fanny, take a little bike ride through a place called Hidden Valley. I think, you know what I'm talking about. With any luck, you'll go in but, you won't come out. That's where you belong!

1493 days ago


And yes, there are spelling errors in my last post because you had me soo mad, I didn't double check as my fingers were vs white. I am so sick of black people making it a race issue. I have had black friends all my life and it makes me so mad when it has to be a racist comment because a white person says something bad about a low life, black, trashy person. Give me a break yet, a black person can trash white people all the time and yet, we can't throw in the racist card? Please! You want equality then you got it!

1493 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Hopefully someone will screen these posts for Fantasia to read. Calling her names and speaking about her looks, and how she should not be a Mother is just something that has eaten at your own lives and you find your problems to be minor when you can publically rag on someone. So what if she is pregnant? With God there are no little sins and no bigs sins. He forgives, you people talk.

People are not born knowing. People don't always do what's right after they become adults. There is no proper school for people who all of a sudden become famous.

Yes, this child is blessed. God thought her life was worth saving, and fyi, aspirin can lay you down. You really should do some research before you speak.

I wish to God I could correct some things in my past, but I know I have been forgiven by the one who holds my future.

All this chit chat sounds like jealousy, ignorance, and a wish for a human being to fail. We are not all strong. Fantasia has really done a lot in just a short time. So she did some things wrong. what happen to helping your fellowman get back on the right track?

The thing is, when we read these comments, we KNOW you all have had wrongs in your life. Just because it was not the same as Fantasia's, makes it wrong, right on.

So many talented young people in our world, but we will never see them act on that talent because they cannot handle so many small minded people who refuse to share their joy and pass along helpful advice.

I am so hoping all the ugly comments are from children who has not had proper training and have yet to still experience upsets in this world.

If the comments are coming from adults, you have my sympathy.

1493 days ago


@Gsharon 710

In my case, it's called, lived it and experienced it and I know that without help....she's setting herself up for self destruction. I want her to succeed but, with her actions...she won't. She can't. It's not that I don't want her to. I really do. How do I know this, I know from experience. If you don't help yourself then you will set yourself up for failure and she's young and I'm older and wiser and well, failed and learned. I had to finally admit, I needed help. Help to identify these behaviors in men so, I don't keep repeating the same mistakes. She's setting herself up for continued failure. Maybe, living in the same city as she does, we hear more about her in the local paper, news. I don't know but, she's not getting the help she so needs and it saddens me that here a talented young women who COULD have throwing it all out the window. It breaks my heart to stand by and watch and yet, can do nothing but, watch her self destruct. What a waste of talent. What a waste of what could be a good mother, daughter, family member. What a waste of a future wife, etc. She's throwing everything away. Without help, she'll never be anything and it's sad to watch. Just my opinion and I hope, the rumors of her being pregnant with this married man's baby are NOT true. Especially, if what she's saying is true. That he'll have to marry her then. That's no way to think. Just a waste of good talent on so many levels.

1493 days ago


She's such an attention whore. Her career has dwindled so she pulled a publicity stunt.

1493 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Dani saying you care can mean all the difference in the world.

I wish I had advice for her also, but we don't know the whole story. Yes she put herself in a difficult situation that affected others, but this situation can be righted.

Prayers continue for Mrs. Cook and her family as well as Fantasia and hers.

1493 days ago


Can someone tell me if she's still famous? cause seriously... I don't hear her music on the radio... she almost lost her home to forclosure which means she must be financially strapped, then she made that embarrassing american idol appearance I think the year before last year... that even made simon's mouth drop (and not in a good way)

She's not even that good of a singer. She sounds like she's screaming, and she does so many runs it's almost as if she can't find the note and just hopes that she'll eventually hit the right one...

and she's a coward... to attempt suicide when you have a baby girl who depends on you? What kind of mother is that? over a man whose home you're helping wreck?

I just never understood what Simon Cowell saw in her.

1493 days ago
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