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Paris Hilton -- 'It Wasn't My Purse'

8/28/2010 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton wouldn't be caught dead with the purse that contained cocaine -- and that will be her defense in her Las Vegas cocaine arrest ... TMZ has learned. 

Paris Hilton Cocaine in Purse
Sources who have spoken with Paris since her arrest on the Vegas strip late last night tell TMZ ... she insists the purse -- with what we're told contained a small amount of cocaine -- was not hers.

As we first reported, she's hired powerful Vegas lawyer David Chesnoff to handle the case ... and he already got her sprung without posting bail.

You'll recall Paris used the "the-drugs-weren't-mine" defense in South Africa last month, after being detained by police. No charges were filed against her.

As for the Vegas case, as far as we know she was the only woman in the car that was stopped, but she had been partying at a club prior to the bust where other women and purses were present.


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Author: Kevin
So when she reached in to get a tube of lip balm, did she intend to use it or just look at it? I find using other people's beauty products with come in contact with the body to be one person use only. Please Paris, don't get the Herpes by using other people's lip products and what are you doing going thru someone else's purse. Bad Paris, didn't your mother teach you privacy. tsk tsk tsk Paris.

Good point Kevin - and others who mentioned the extreme grossness factor of using a strangers lip balm. I don't know what kind of purse it was, but I can't imagine an heiress - however ditzy - mistaking one of our purses for hers! And yeah! The audacity of going through supposed strangers purse. We're supposed to believe she was looking through for what?
I mean really. We're supposed to believe that she was took a strangers purse, thinking it was her own; then holding said purse, opening it up and looking inside, and rifling through it all without realizing it wasn't hers until the bindle fell out...
Mommy make it STOP!!!

1524 days ago


That's what you girls get for buy these tiny tiny little purses that make's you think your body's tiny, tiny too!!!

where you can only stuff ONE SOCK

Buy a mother purse and that SUCKER WOULD'A NEVER BEEN FOUND

1524 days ago

point A.    

Daddy & Grandpa war bucks should just cut her off financ1ally and send her to work at the bottom of the corp latter like in the laundry room or washing dishes in the kitchen. She has too much time and money on her hands.$1300 cash in her hand bag...yea! Let her know what is means and feels like to work for a dollar. With all the money given to her...She had no real understanding how to make money, save or how to make it on her own. She could go to school anywhere and make something special of herself and help so many people but this is a ME ME ME selfish woman. She is slowly killing herself and hurting her family with her bad behavior. I, personally will no longer stay at a Hilton becoz I do want to contribute to her lifestyle expense off my dollar and help her die from drugs. Wake up parents and do the Tough Love!!!!!!

1523 days ago


The girl has more excuses than Obama's economic advisers.

1523 days ago


Paris: "It's not my coke, it belongs to Tinkerbell. It's Fairy Dust."

1523 days ago


1523 days ago


Haha - Maybe she can go to rehab with Lindsay... Oh wait, she isn't there. Do you think Paris will do any real time for this one? Check out my poll -

1523 days ago


It doesn't really matter if it's your purse or not honey! As far as the law is concerned you were in possession of cocaine PERIOD! I think if I was pulled over by police and I was in possession of someone elses property I'd let them know immediately, also it was reported that she pulled lip gloss out of the purse soo how did she know there was lip gloss and where to find it if it wasn't her purse? I hope they give her the maximum sentence she obviously isn't a productive member of society.

1521 days ago


busted maybe you will get the same cell landsay had .you bitch oh it was not mine ok we all believe that

1514 days ago

Ceasar Claudius Nero    

Does she ever watch the News and the problems we are having in our Border City from Mexican Drug Lords killing and kidnappins,while this Blondie doll everything is LALA land and stuffing her nose,while the streets are bleeding.We punish harshly Drug traffickers,but Druggie consumers.Nothing.They are just "Victims".If we Punish harshly the consumer as well.We probably would solve the drug problem and destroy the Drug Cartels.Well informed citizens make wise choices where they throwing their money at.

1512 days ago


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1370 days ago
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