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Paris Hilton

Arrested --

Photos and Video

8/29/2010 4:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained photos of Paris Hilton as she was being arrested by Las Vegas police last night.

Paris Hilton Arrest Photos
Hilton and her boyfriend, Cy Waits, were arrested a little before midnight last night. Waits was booked on charges of DUI, while Hilton was busted for possession of a controlled substance ... cocaine.

Paris was released on her own recognizance shortly after her arrest and has hired Vegas legal eagle David Chesnoff.

UPDATE: We've also obtained video of Paris as she was talking to cops. The crowd can be heard muttering about Paris -- one person even remarks she looks better in person.


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Please do us a favour, lock her up and throw the key away. some people will do anything just to stay in the spotlight. She is anoying!

1524 days ago


Oh wow, what a shocker. NOT

I guess after the last jail stint she re-evaluated her life and found it lacking...lacking drugs anyway.

1524 days ago


Oh Paris, not again. You know that crap isn't good for you. Please rise above.

1524 days ago


Time to grow up. Or possibly, her gun toting BF is being watched by the Police. Club owners not always the most fair playing kids in the sandbox.

1524 days ago


can they fingerprint the baggy?the purse,if it was identity lacking?seriously though if her attorney can (and im sure he will)exploit any technicalities i'm all for it,that is the game of the law,and he looks to be a bad ass,i do hope the da gives it a good fight back,the ridiculous partying lifestyle needs to end,we are losing soo much .

1524 days ago

Bitemeh Beotch    

DNA you obtained from the mouthswab you did on me is proof that the contents of the purse were mine? Oh no, that's not my DNA.

1524 days ago

Giz Mo    

lol, remember when she was on Larry King, she couldn't even communicate and became upset. We don't need no education... guess she took Floyd seriously. roflol

1524 days ago


She's a disgusting excuse for a human being. Every advantage in the world. And she's a total screwup! Pathetic beeyotch.

1524 days ago


You both have enough money to get a limo or a ****ing taxi cab. It's disgusting that you would drive around drunk there's is no excuse. No one is saying don't have a good time, but if you are going to do it make sure you don't drive. Idiots. I'm the king when I'm in VEGAS and I party my mother ****ing ass off BUT I MAKE DAMN SURE I don't drive, and am CHAUFFEUR driven every. Shame on you Cy your dumb girlfriend may not be able to learn her listen, but you should know better you fuggin douche bag... Yesh... everyone that's the future. peace.

1524 days ago


Oh, that's not my purse.... WTF!!! Well, if I lived a life of "nothingness", doing nothing productive and continuing to pursue the very same nothingness every single day.... I would do cocaine, too. At least!!!

1524 days ago


I would probably have more respect for her if she admitted the purse and drugs were hers, admits she has a problem and got in rehab.

One of the things that pisses me off about these rich, entitled people is that they always try to blame it on someone/something else. Take responsibility for your actions and deal with the consequences. It's called being an adult.

1524 days ago


Money can't buy you class...Paris is the epitome of this. This is what the second third time this year she has run into issues surrounding her and drugs? Hello...this woman has a problem...

1524 days ago


I was looking at that picture of Chris Brown over on the side while reading these comments, and it came to me that a lot of people still bash and made snide comments about him.

At least he (to my recollection) never tried to say he didn't beat up Rihanna. He took responsibility for his actions. He sought help, and he appears to be doing a good job on his road to recovery.

I think some of you should think twice become hating on him. That was his first offense, Paris and Lindsey repeatedly do the same tish over and over. Give the kid a break. Turn the other cheek. Move on and let him.

1524 days ago


Is that why she has such a strange long nose? Has she had work on her nose to fix problems from coke? If not her purse was it Cy's?

1524 days ago


@75 Initiate.....PREACH!

1524 days ago
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