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Paris Hilton

Mug Shot --

So Pretty

8/28/2010 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the mug shot of Paris Hilton following her arrest Friday night in Las Vegas.

Paris Hilton Mug Shot



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For those that are not sure - that is 100 percent "High on Cocaine" face. It just is. And ugly too. Ha ha! What a fool.

1519 days ago


Too bad she's gotten with that Vegas tool. She was starting to become a bit human back in her phase not too long ago when herb was her drug of choice. Now she really is going down the cokehead path. Yeah, it was probably inevitable given her essential character makeup. (Or lack thereof.)

Good point from the person who said their eyes would be swollen from crying and Paris just flows along in a state of mega-entitlement like it's no big deal. She really is such a terrible "role model", to whatever extent she is influential on younger women.

1519 days ago


She looks pretty confident. Confident these charges won't stick. She reminds me of Lindsay Lohan showing up to court with F U on her nail polish. I imagine this means, no jail and no rehab.

She's going to walk and she knows it. I wonder if they were filming an episode of Las Vegas Jail House for TruTV? Reason for no tears and the so-called pretty smile? Come on, who has a mug shot that looks like a glamour shot? Innocent or not, most people who are even wrongly convicted for a crime usually are upset not, smiling for a mug shot! Only Paris. Unreal.

1519 days ago


That's one of the best photos ever taken of her!

1519 days ago


Look at them puplils

1519 days ago


What,has TMZ turned into "All Paris Hilton,All The Time"?I can see covering the arrest but only ONLY covering her arrest,mug shot,parents reaction,etc ia a little much.

1519 days ago


I had just heard that her lawyer is saying that the cops did not follow procedure when they took her inside away from the scene to check her for contraban, and thats their angle.

1519 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

Stupid smile of a rich brat that thinks she is above the law like all the other rich idiots, yes you too Lindsay! but that stupid smile will turn into a smile of horror in jail!

1519 days ago


If this weasel could only reverse her cranial rectal inversion!

1519 days ago

hung and dashing    

She doesn't have anything in life. And so she doesn't care if those around her are left with nothing either. Notice how everyone either stays away from Paris Hilton or is somehow left in ruins once having contact with her? She's TROUBLE. Cy Waits had just been given his new job by Wynn. And now? Who in Las Vegas wants a DUI druggy to manage his Strip nightclub? I wonder if according to Gaming regulations if a casino-hotel can even have such a DUIer in a job like that?
And since Paris has nothing, she doesn't risk losing much. Even a couple of weeks in jail mean nothing to her since one day is like any other to her.
You can already see that she's only going to be a skinny, drugged out older lady very soon. No education. No friends. No ability to make money other than to make a return to "movies" (on cell phone, I mean).
Paris is only famous for epitomizing the WORST that American consumerism, capitalism and consumption can produce. She doesn't get that yet?

1519 days ago


ummmm what's wrong with cocaine?

Did anyone not party in college? It's a huge sad lie to say that if you buy certain drugs, you're contributing to evil deadly drug cartels.

...not all substances come from them.

1519 days ago


Why is she smiling?

Because she knows this arrest will get her a couple more million dollar endorsement deals and interviews instead of jail time like anybody else with her criminal history.

1519 days ago


I just found the following from another saying she will only get PROBATION?!?!? Go figure!

Police Officer Marcus Martin characterized the cocaine as a "small amount," or a package of the size usually associated with personal use. Police would not specify the weight of the cocaine or whether any marijuana was confiscated.

Hilton was arrested on suspicion of felony cocaine possession. If convicted of the low-grade felony, she would get probation, but any violation of that probation would be punishable by up to one to four years in Nevada state prison.

1519 days ago

Tom Kavett    

She's smiling because she knows she'll be out in a day or two.

1519 days ago


Here we go again.

1519 days ago
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