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Kim K vs. Eva Longoria

Who'd You Rather?

8/29/2010 9:35 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Brunette babes Kim Kardashian and Eva Longoria-Parker both looked flawless at the Emmys tonight.

Question is ...


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Professor Chaos    

Kim is starting to look like her ugly ass Mom too much in the face. No thanks.

1513 days ago

the truth    

Kim has been getting plastic surgery. well it looks like it anyways. i just dont care for the shape of her face. Eva is pretty and shes not popular over some stupid sex tape. shes (Kim) also getting to skinny.
but i do hear shes a good person but who the hell knows?! i dont care but i had to comment on that face.
but the kardashians are alllll over the place! they need to tone it down. we had Khloe and Kourt in Miami and when that show goes off now we have all the kardashions on the reality show MY GAWD there is such of an word called ENOUGH! overexposed! and if that clip was real about Scott hitting the window CPS would have gotten involved. ANDDDD Kourt has Nannys! she acts like she doesn't but she does.
she is not being a working single mom. dont let these girls fool ya

1513 days ago


Hmm a classy girl or a slut who is a nobody cause of a sex tape.....

Not a hard choice.

1513 days ago


They both look wonderful. and on of the reasons that Kim's face looks 'long' and 'thin' is because of the camera. Come on it is possible to tell that photoshop has been used here..

1513 days ago


Sand-blast all that makeup off of them and they probably look like Beaker and Dr. Bunson Honeydew or Statler and Waldorf from The Muppets Show.

1513 days ago


Met Eva in person, not very nice to put it in nice words period. Kim is much better person period.

1513 days ago


You need to make "Neither" an option

1513 days ago


i think kims next part in a movie should be jigsaw for saw 7.

1513 days ago


Good god, that Kim K won't even go take a sh/t without first making sure to cake a bunch of makeup on that mug of hers.

Kim's about to learn pretty soon, when your sole occupation in life is being a party girl and pornstar, things get pretty bleak once you hit your thirties.

1513 days ago


I've got nothing against Kim, but I've gotta go with Eva if I had the luxury of choice. Absolutely. I find Eva to be very hot and beautiful.

1513 days ago

Throwback kid    

Eva has talent, Kim made a sex tape with a loser named Ray J. If Kim puts any more botox in her face she is going to look like her pathetic mother.

1513 days ago

Throwback kid    

On tonights Kardashian's episode they talk about how picky Kim is in finding a guy (he has to have a 6 pack). But before Kim became famous she dated Ray J? He is short, has no manners or class, dresses like a 17 year old wannabe gangster, and his grammar is on the same level as P Diddy. Anyone who would date Ray J would go out with anyone! who is she kidding?

1513 days ago


Neither. But I chose Eva. How and why did the Kardashians come into existence. It seems as is they appeared like roaches and there is no getting rid of them. Along with Speidi, Jersey Shore and anything else taking up space in my brain that I am ashamed to admit to even knowing exist.

1513 days ago


Kim is gross. That fat ass is disgusting. And she talks like she's a five year old.

1513 days ago

Trooper Tom    

I wouldn't do Katrashian with your pecker, what an over rated over exposed skank

1513 days ago
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