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Kim K vs. Eva Longoria

Who'd You Rather?

8/29/2010 9:35 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Brunette babes Kim Kardashian and Eva Longoria-Parker both looked flawless at the Emmys tonight.

Question is ...


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Yep I said that    

If any one thinks having vapid skank Kardashian turn up at A type events like this will give her credibilty they are wrong, she is an over rated, totally over exposed in every way, no talent and not likely to get any waste of time. Who in their right mind invited this knob polisher to this event

1481 days ago


If Kim wasn't so stuck on herself she just might be alright, but i would rather have the Beauty and Class that Eva carries so well.....Live a little Kim life is too short!!!!

1481 days ago


Kim has got to stop with the botoxor whatever facework she is having done, she looks like a statue.

1481 days ago

South Beach    

They both look amazing, and like it or no, reality tv has taken over the airwaves and anyone who thinks Kim K is irrelevant is misled. 2 Kardashian related shows and her own which aired last week "Spin" something.

1481 days ago


Kimmie can't even go to the Emmy's by herself! Granny Kris has to escort her, always, anytime they'll be publicity, Granny's there!

I would love to see Bruce escort her. At least everyone knows he's not in it for publicity.

Kimmie wants to date "a normal Armenian boy". Normal! How insulting to Armenians! I didn't know any of the black ball players she's dated were Armenian! How's she going to find one who's black and a ball player! . . . I guess it wouldn't be hard to find a 'boy' who would date her. A boy would be immature, and will be able to do whatever Granny Kris wants him to do for her daughter. He will be unable to have his own mind or make his own decisions as well, just like Kimmie. He will be completely under Granny's control.

1481 days ago


Hmmmm...let's see now...talentless total slut who is "famous" for having a big ass and a Grand Central Station of a hole...and a lady with manners, who is also very nice, has a great sense of humor who is devoted to her husband -- and doesn't have a mother who is trash and talks like a truck-driver and a family of sister-whores. Gee, that's a HARD call...

1481 days ago


Both can be used as *** dumpsters. I think I would use Kim to blow my load in even though she has been with mulignans.

1481 days ago


kim looks so PLASTIC-E

1481 days ago

big chris    


1481 days ago

Khate sucks    

Kim is just getting weirder lookin. Her eye brows keep getting higher and higher adn it lookslike their pullin up the side of her face.

1481 days ago

Khate sucks    

At least if you choose Eva, you get a REAL woman, not a fake knock off like KK! She's plastic from head to toe then lies about it! It's SO obivious! Eva did have a nose job, but totally admitted to it! She's totally beautiful. If I had KKs money I'd be that beautiful too without a doubt but I would NEVER lie about it! It's too obvious. fake ass bitch! Phoney with a nasty attitude!

1481 days ago


Eva is an easy choice. Kardashians are nothing but skanky ugly whores. Can't stand any of them including the 2 younger sisters... baby whores in my opinion.

1481 days ago


I think people need a tetanus shot just for looking at them.

1481 days ago

Erin Brockovich's Old Saggy Tits    

While my puney penis would look like a shrimp caught in a net screwing her giant crevasse.

Kim Kardashian has the pretty face.

1481 days ago


Kim is the biggest piece of trash on Earth! Her and her talentless, trashy, whore-producing family. Her mother produces sluts and trashy, disgusting kids. Armenian TRASH!

1481 days ago
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