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Lindsay Lohan -- Back on the Scene

8/29/2010 4:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan and the Chateau Marmont are synonymous with each other -- and last night the pair were reunited for the first time since LiLo got out of jail/rehab.

Over the years, the popular Hollywood hotel has the been the spot of many of Lindsay's misadventures.

Old habits die hard.


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This is going to be a glorious train wreck. Keep heading towards the light Lindsay.

1479 days ago


Damn! I'm in the pool that it's going to be 30 days before she's in trouble again.

1479 days ago


Quit hanging out with your "friends" Lindsay. They're gonna suck you dry financially and possibly get you killed along the way.

1479 days ago


Ali Lohan is in NYC (for now). The girl in the front seat on the car is Eilat Anshel, her Israel friend.

1479 days ago


There is an old saying in the substance abuse recovery community and it goes like this: "If nothing changes... nothing changes."

1479 days ago


Remember .... all the professional doctors at UCLA could not find nor identify LL as being an addict or have a mental disorder. Therefore, what you are seeing is a woman who should know better, making the choices any other person makes and ultimentaly will reap exactly what she sows. Her problems have always been spiritual... willful sinning ... nothing new to normal non-addicted party people. We sin cause we like it. There is pleasure in it. Why else would one willfully do things that come back to hurt us? It feels good.. for the moment. However, the next day is always a drag. Think about the price!! The price one has to pay to do whatever you want .... Nope Lohan is not an addict... therefore she rides the rail ... chasing the dragon ... thinking she is immune to any consquences cause the docs say she is all right. The prison minister nailed it. SIN!

1479 days ago


In order to stay clean and sober one must change their playmates and their playground. She should be at meetings and coffee..fellowship if she is serious. This girl may not hit her bottom til death..So far she has hit bottom with insanity and institutions..all that is left for her is the final bottom. I do not understand how and why the reports have said that she was told that she is not an addict /alcoholic..somehow it has been blamed on doctors mis diagnosing her... the ultimate mis diagnosis is the one saying that she does not have a problem with drugs and alcohol. Seriously? The girl took the drugs and one forced them down her throat. I cannot understand how anyone at UCLA actually recommended she just go home. IF this is true, they truly have no clue about addiction and no one should seek treatment there until they get one. As someone who has been sober for 19 years and partied just as hard as Lindsey, I hope she gets it soon before it is too late and the inevitable brain damage and chemistry is permanent. There is such a thing as forever... forever brain damaged and forever dead. Praying for all the addicts that still suffer... good luck. It is a choice... one day at a time, one second at a time...its just that ... a CHOICE

1479 days ago


I don't believe none of the rich spoiled brats will learn,until they really do something bad,and then it will cost them a bundle...

1479 days ago


I think people are overreacting to this story, so she went back to her old hangout, what's so bad about that? Ok i'll admit hanging around someplace with a bar just after getting out of rehab wasn't the smartest thing to do-but it's not like she got in trouble or anything, and I can't believe some of the morons on here actually think that she took her sister with her, you people so depserately want Lindsay to fail that you automatically assume the worst for her without getting your facts straight. Also there might bemore to this story thne meets eye, this might sound ridiculous or crazy to alot of you but hereI go anyways: Lindsay's doing Psychotherapy now right? Well one thing most Psychotherapists encourage people to do is to confront they're own fears, and the Marmont has been the spot of several of her troubles, and because of all the bad memories associated with that place she probably wasn't too keen on going back there. My theory is that she was being encouraged to face her fears in her therapy, so maybe going back to that place was her way of confronting her fears, or maybe i'm just putting too much thought into this, either way the point is-nothing bad happened to Lindsay while she was at the Chateau, and that has to count for something, right?

1479 days ago


Who cares about this anymore? There are millions of people struggling with their demons, not just this brat with a strong sense of entitlement. WE can't help her. Only the people closest to her can try to help her and none of them even seem to care.

1479 days ago


@Ernie, UCLA made no such statements for these claims (not an addict, misdiagnosis, etc.). Lindsay and anyone representing her never made any statements on UCLA's findings either. These claims are solely that of an element of the media. There is no public record of UCLA's findings released to the public. Those claiming she is or is not an addict, she does or does not have a mental condition or personality disorder are giving their opinion or repeating unsubstantiated claims by the media.

1479 days ago


What are you all talking about? She went to dinner at the Chateau with Eilat and another friend. Lindsay is allowed to go out you know! She was released from UCLA on Tuesday and this is the first time she has been out to dinner. As long as she avoids certain people and places she will be fine. She is being closely monitored and attending her appointments, she has already taken alochol and drug tests. So let her have a life even if it is only going out to dinner.

1479 days ago


H-E-L-L-O Susan. That IS one of the places she should avoid. Old habits die hard, especially when you keep putting yourself into a bad situation.

30 days max before someone is selling a picture of a drunk/stoned Lindsay to TMZ...

1479 days ago


Back at it again, eh Linsay?

1479 days ago


HELLO BBBBBBRUNO!!! I am not a Doctor and neither are you. I'm sure if the medical professionals at UCLA think Lindsay shouldn't go to such places they would make it a part of her programe. No one knows what her therapy is as that is confidential. However, she looks better than ever and long may it continue.

1479 days ago
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