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Octomom -- From Stretched to Stretching

8/30/2010 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom is famous for pushing out eight babies -- so it's no surprise she's good at push-ups.

Nayda Suleman took a break from wrangling children to do a little fitness in a park near her home in La Habra.

Perhaps she's getting fit for an appearance on "Dancing with the Stars." We shall see ...


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Why is everyone hating on this woman? She's got a smokin hot body! For having given birth to an entire football team, she's in better shape than most of the lazy bitches out there who've pushed out 1 kid. And those lips...OMG!!!! As far as being a fame pays the bills! So, stop hatin because you gotta go to McDonalds and flip burgers for a livin and still collect food stamps.

1482 days ago


I think Nadya is pretty. I thought so when we first saw her and I still think so. I for one like her laugh. To bad im just a normal guy with next to nothing in terms of the big world or I would ask her out on a date. (boobs don't hurt either, heck I thought her preggo pics where kinda sexy. So I'm wierd.)

1482 days ago


Yes, she's a fame whore. And, no, it doesn't pay all of the bills, chzman. California taxpayers are still paying the insurance on her 'football team' and that's costin' us a lot of money. Lip injections paid for by the fame whore - her children's health insurance paid for by hard working California taxpayers.

1482 days ago


I love most that the first thing she did was come out begging for money. Maybe if she'd would have held off of the lip job, nose job, forehead job and boob job she'd have her OWN money and might even be able to take care of her OWN children. I suspose being able to isn't the issue here as much as being willing. She was doing pretty well to afford all that living on the government's dime. Is the coin slot of a belly botton she has supposed to indicate that she returned to that shape by doing crunches or that she took more money that she didn't earn and continued to spend it on plastic surgery even after those babies were born ?! How very sad for all of her children, including and maybe especially, the ones that aren't babies.

1482 days ago


Not just California taxpayers, all taxpayers, Medi-Cal is just what Calif. calls Medicaid, half funded by the federal government.

If I'm jealous it's not because of the way she looks, it's because I don't know how to milk the system like this bitch does.

1482 days ago


Why does the media continue giving octowhore any attention? The only thing she is "famous" for is giving birth to a litter of 8 with the help of fertility treatments while on public assistance. Then expects the media to somehow support her kids. GET A JOB! And stop being a freeloader. How is she affording nannies for her 14 kids while she is out pimping herself? She is a disgrace to all mothers.

1482 days ago


So now she's trying to prove what great shape she's in? Bull****! If she can get into "shape" with all this exercise, what happened those ten years when she was "disabled"? I call it as I see it, FRAUD!!!!

1482 days ago


i'll hit that

1482 days ago


i bet all of u, who is against this poor women are rasist,they are thus who is worse then her who become famous, if she willing to work for it why stop her, she trying to feed her babies. dont forget, what make america is the combination all race, all i am saying give her chance, like u did for kati gossline.
ps i am french

1482 days ago


she's almost bangable .. not bad at all really

1482 days ago


First of all... she didn't push out ANY of the eight babies, they were all born via C-Section. And secondly, she doesn't just have 8 kids, she has 14 children, some of which I'm sure she pushed out, but likely had a C-Section with some of them too.

1482 days ago


she is so sexy im in love

1482 days ago


Second time this morning i've rubbed one out to this sexy thang, time to start the day! thanks Nayda!

1481 days ago


Who is taking care of those kids while this lowlife stretches?

Lowlife s*** welfare scammer.

1481 days ago


To all you dummies who say she is "hot". She is a psycho.

She has defrauded the State of California disability system. She has defrauded the welfare system. Why is this leech not forced to get a regular job? What makes her better than anybody else that she thinks she is too good to work for a living and that the taxpayer owes her cash, medical insurance and food stamps?
This POS has a kid who has a cleft palette, yet this psycho has spent whatever money she has on plastic surger for HERSELF instead of fixing that kids lip. I guess she expects that will "be taken care of" and that she should not have to worry about it since everybody around her had always paid her bills and not held her accountable.
Since she has so much free time to work out, she should be paying back the State of California by pickig up trash on the freeway, cleaning the restrooms at the beach, picking up trash at the swapmeet or working in a Goodwill. This lying, mentally ill POS needs to be held accountable for taking care of those kids. It is NOT the State of California taxpayer's job to feed, house and clothe those kids. Anybody with half a brain can tell she is nuts just by looking at those crazyass eyes of hers

1481 days ago
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