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Octomom -- From Stretched to Stretching

8/30/2010 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom is famous for pushing out eight babies -- so it's no surprise she's good at push-ups.

Nayda Suleman took a break from wrangling children to do a little fitness in a park near her home in La Habra.

Perhaps she's getting fit for an appearance on "Dancing with the Stars." We shall see ...


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Put on a bra already! Geez! This is clearly a PR moment. I understand her trying to earn some money to take care of her children, but why not try a normal job? She's so set on being in the movies it's disgusting. A job earning some money would make her seem more respectable, and I'm sure the state would still help her even if she got a job. I'm sure everyone in the state would be happy to see her earning anything so it's less the state has to pay her. Instead of sitting on her a$$ in a park why doesn't she get up off it and get a job??

1483 days ago

Wombat photo's for Mike to whack off over. I hear his wife is hot...but she must be as frigid as the iceberg that sank the Titanic if he pops wood over this hag.

1483 days ago

The Judge    

She is the girlfriend of Jack Nicholson's joker...

1483 days ago


Can you please stop giving this skank press? She is popular because she is irresponsible that does not qualify...what a retard..

1483 days ago


People say she looks better than other women having just one child. She has had work done to her stomach. That's how she got thin. She is a fool.

1483 days ago

Joe Blow    

The most staged photos since the last time Heidi and Spencer were spotted together.

1483 days ago


The most staged photos since the last time Heidi and Spencer were spotted together.

Posted at 8:56 AM on Aug 30, 2010 by Joe Blow

LOL so true!!!

1483 days ago

Peanut Santiago    

Jeez....what a blank stare. She is NOT all there, yet she is responsible for FOURTEEN unfortunate kids.

----------The title of the pics should be.....Welfare Queen Gone Wild.....Abusing the System to Have a Brood of Kids She Doesn't Take Care Of

----------That face is gonna give me nightmares!

1483 days ago


I'd just as soon see her on Welfare before seeing her on TV. The only time I'd support this POS on TV is if she paid back the State of California for all her scams!

1483 days ago


who come when she pops up you call her a famewhore you don't see her that much unlike kate we knew nothing of her untill she gave birth if she wanted to she could have made a show of the whole thing come on people give it up the press wiill print what it wants atleast she does not make an ass out of herself like Kate G does.

1483 days ago


My god! Those breasts are yummy! Nice!

1483 days ago


Looks like the only "positive" comments are from the guys who just want to use her as a pin cushion!

1483 days ago


Actually she looks pretty good for having 14 children. Not overweight at all. Not bad. She made some poor decisions but leave her alone already. No one is perfect.

1483 days ago


She really REALLY wants to be a STAR..all those kids and she works Full Time on her body..Her priorities are her Body..14 kids, go home fame chaser..She looks pretty some what..BUT, those eyebrows gotta go

1483 days ago


She does look good...but,
TMZ when are you going to talk about the newest artist that got signed?!!! I heard on 105.1 and a few other stations that this cat named S.B. Hollywood is going 2 b the hottest [EXPLETIVE] in tha game ... I had to peep him and his musik is tight work! MTO check him out @ and do the story cuz I wanna know how i can get put on 2.

1483 days ago
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