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Octomom -- From Stretched to Stretching

8/30/2010 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom is famous for pushing out eight babies -- so it's no surprise she's good at push-ups.

Nayda Suleman took a break from wrangling children to do a little fitness in a park near her home in La Habra.

Perhaps she's getting fit for an appearance on "Dancing with the Stars." We shall see ...


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Those are not breasts look a bit harder. Looks like those silicone bags you see on tv for breast implants covered with really loose flesh. Those are just old gross implants. I have never heard of a more vile and disgusting person than Her and hope in my life time she is the last. Just pathetic ...

1512 days ago


Kills me she got all that Workman's Comp money and she can work out like a pro, with her bad back and all...*eyeroll* carry all those kids in her belly, which is extremely hard on your back. Amazing!! By the way, everytime she leaves the house, she CALLS the Paparazzi to let them know. They do not live outside her home waiting for pics. Trust me, I live nearby and no one is she leads you to believe. She is such a can see the implant bags hanging in the second pic and she says she does not have implants..OMG!!

1512 days ago


WTF, is she ever with her kids? I have one kid, as a single mom and I never have any time alone. She has 14! what a great mom!not

1512 days ago


midnight toker, how many babies have you had?

The World Health Organization says half a million mothers and 10.6 million children will die during childbirth each year if governments do not increase their efforts to reduce maternal and child deaths.

Sounds like a lot of dead women to me, half a million every year. But you don't think there's any danger or significance to half a million women, I'm sure. Disposable.

1512 days ago


This woman is nothing more than your typical welfare ho! Had one kid, got a check, had another - even bigger check! She learned how to work the system just like every other uneducated, lazy azz useless waist of space. What person in their right mind thinks it's their selfish right to take away any child's choices? The choice to have a father who lives in the home and earns a living to support & love his family. You welfare bimbo's who continue to have child after child, namely those with 4 different "baby daddy's" ought to be spayed. And the state of california needs to come up with a law against these drains on society. These people do nothing but abuse the system and take away their children's choices to have a normal life free of poverty & ridicule!

1512 days ago


that sh*t is crazy! text/call anyone? 401-684-3038

1512 days ago


Ya right. Why go to a public park to work out, and who works out with full make up, and fresh blowout? What's with the fake boobage ALWAYS hanging out. [the implant line is pretty obvious in that push up shot...]

Why does she keep staging this bunk and all of the other desperate self promotions? Does she think that what she looks like will somehow diminish the public's disgust for what she has done?

I want to see a photo of her kids SMILING with SHOES on, and her son with his CLEFT LIP repaired.

1512 days ago


The one and only thing this IT could do to redeem itself, would be to finally put her 14 CHILDREN FIRST. Motherhood is a selfless job not a SELFISH one. Final comment

1512 days ago


She looks good. Hopefully she'll get the gig.

1512 days ago

Snow White    

So who's watching those 14 kids while she's preening for the cameras with her "bad back" miraculously healed? Is she fishing for another offer from Vivid?

1512 days ago


What I'd like to know is why TMZ is suddenly involved in the business of pimping for Nadya Suleman? Much to everyone's relief, she was fading into a richly deserved oblivion until her lawyer called the tabs to beg for the DWTS gig. And now TMZ is trying to cram this irresponsible fame whore down everyone's throats. DWTS never indicated any interest in her and the public hates her. What's up with that TMZ?

1512 days ago


Go head Nadya, work that body! LMAO she look damn good for a mother of 14. Y'all stupid, telling Nadya she need to be home with her kids when she lives with them and is with them 24/7 caring and providing. She deserve to take care of her mind and body too. I know some of y'all probably have kids and look where you all are. On TMZ telling Nadya to be with and pay attention to her kids, when y'all not practicing what you preaching to her. Nadya look darn good for her age and considering everything she's been through. Hope she is gearing up for DWTS. This should be interesting and fun to watch.

1512 days ago


IGNORE HER and she just might go away...

1512 days ago


Which of you gay men knows nothing about childbirth? She did not "pusn out" eight babies. She had them by Caesarian section, surgery. It would be very rare for a woman to delivery eight babies any other way, because of the risk to the infants and the mother. You need to stick to the gossip you know about and leave the technical details to the pros, and that is not you.

Anyway, stop showing no respect for women. Childbirth is not a joke. A woman goes "into the valley of the shadow of death" to bring back life. It's not a picnic, and women die every day around the world bringing new lives into being.


Posted at 2:54 AM on Aug 30, 2010 by Lola

Just wanted to say excellent post, totally agree with you Lola.

1512 days ago


I wish someone could get thru to her that she is not nor ever will be a star. She's old, ugly, no talent, not too bright, and has too many kids at home that she had to have, she'd stop her life for,,,yea yea yea,,,BUT has she taken the time to fix the babys lip??

1512 days ago
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