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Octomom -- From Stretched to Stretching

8/30/2010 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom is famous for pushing out eight babies -- so it's no surprise she's good at push-ups.

Nayda Suleman took a break from wrangling children to do a little fitness in a park near her home in La Habra.

Perhaps she's getting fit for an appearance on "Dancing with the Stars." We shall see ...


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She's looking good and her body looks great.AS i sit here checking out the pictures of her showing off her nice big boobs makes me wish I was under her so she could do some push ups on my hard ****.

1454 days ago


She can't possibly appear on DWTS - aside from the fact that she isn't a "Star", it's much too physically rigorous for someone with a permanently disabling back injury. Her injury is so severe that she has been unable to work for the past 11 1/2 years. Well, at least that's what she said. In fact, she just recently accepted another $40k to settle her injury claim.

1454 days ago


Nadya, quit posting dirty things about yourself under assumed names, we know it's you.

1453 days ago



1453 days ago


There is absolutely nothing wrong with Nadya working out at the park. Everybody does that, not just celebrity's or person of interest. Why just this summer, Radar Online had a picture of Kate Gosselin jogging down the city street WITHOUT HER KIDS!

1453 days ago


4. Stop giving her press!!!!!!!

Posted at 1:07 AM on Aug 30, 2010 by Ione

I agree!!! Let the crazy bitch go away!

1453 days ago


Kimba, Kimba, Kimba (MsSarcia/Lynn). No, there is nothing wrong with normal, healthy people working out. Most do it at home, however. Anyway, the key term I use is "healthy". Since you go by every single word Nutso says, then fathom this: SHE said she had a disabling injury FOR 10-1/2 YEARS! Never has she said "ohh, it's all better now". This is exactly what she told doctors and just received another payment from W/C. Now, why would DWTS take on a person with a bad back????? Or, ahem... was your idol lying?????????

1453 days ago


BTW, Kimba... since when does someone from Wales say, "Y'all"?

1453 days ago


Oh, and one more thing Kimba. As the ladies of the South would say, "Well bless your little heart!" LOLOLOLOLOLOL

1453 days ago


Helloooo Kimba! Wake up and smell the toast burning! Kate was running FOR A WORTHY CAUSE. Nadya called the paps to the park for this ridiculous photo shoot for her own favorite charity, HERSELF.

1453 days ago


This creature is a serial child abuser. Anyone viewing this while rating her as a piece of meat should remember that about half of her 14 kids will likely be mentally or physically DISABLED FOR LIFE. And there is proof that she KNEW IT WOULD HAPPEN--the doctor had her sign waivers absolving him of the responsibility of the outcome-- and decided to do it anyway simply because she might have a changce of getting a TV show.

If you attacked and disabled 7 or 8 kids for their lifetimes, wouldn't you be put in jail? Why isn't she behind bars?
And why haven't the three doctors who let this happen been arrested?

1453 days ago


Boy that MsSarcia has been busy..Look, you can post under a hundred names if you want..who cares. Octo-scam is still a famewhore, still a skank, STILL HAD PLASTIC SURGERY, STILL has defrauded the gov't, the state of CA & anyone stupid enough to donate a dime to her..and STILL is the most worthless piece of trash to ever crawl out of a sewer! Mother? She's no mother..those children are just props to pull out when there's financial gain for her to GET MORE PLASTIC SURGERY! Looks like she's added a chin implant or something else weird..she doesn't even look normal anymore. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Bad staged photo!

1453 days ago


So here she is in the park stretching.
An hour ago someone tweeted that she was at La Puente Mall.

1453 days ago


This woman makes me sick. She's famous for giving birth to 14 kids WITHOUT a BABY DADDY while REMAINING on GOVERNMENT AID. If she were black, the media would be less kind. FuQQ her.

1453 days ago


TMZ, why don't you show her in a bikini, without photoshopping?
That way everyone can see the lap band implant, and the tummy tuck scars.

1453 days ago
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