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Octomom -- From Stretched to Stretching

8/30/2010 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom is famous for pushing out eight babies -- so it's no surprise she's good at push-ups.

Nayda Suleman took a break from wrangling children to do a little fitness in a park near her home in La Habra.

Perhaps she's getting fit for an appearance on "Dancing with the Stars." We shall see ...


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Peanut Santiago    

In photo she PREGNANT again or is that just a BIG pot belly?

1482 days ago


Who the hell works out without a bra on??? I guess she was hoping one of the "girls" would fall out again and give the camera guy a thrill. Whoopsie (my azz)?!!!!

1482 days ago


This was CLEARLY staged with hair & makeup done between "shots".It's amazing that a woman with 14 kids has time for photo ops, shopping, mani/pedis..well, everything & anything to stay away from those poor kids she just HAD to have! Now she wants to be on T.V.? Seriously, get over yourself Nastily..only person that wants you is that creepy, creepy ambulance chaser..the rest of the world, well, we're just waiting for you to just go away.
Last but, not least..I WILL NOT BE POSTING ANYMORE..If we stop posting about her, They'll stop doing these RIDICULOUS staged photos & she'll be forced to give up & stay at home where she belongs!

1482 days ago


Kate Gosselin looked AMAZINGLY sleek & good on that red carpet. While Toxomom-the serial child abuser-- was photographed trying to do weird thngs to a tree in her local park .
And mssarcia/nadya was blogging desperately that paparazzi had herded around NS at the LA airport. Actually, she called them and then got them really POed when she started playing hide and seek with them and refused to cooperate with them.. It also marked the last time they showed up anyhere near her. All these TMZ photos are desperately posed.

This is what it looks like when you are a serial child abuser and you are so over and donedonedone.

1482 days ago



your comments from the article yesterday don't belong on a gossip site. They should be in a letter to child protective services. you sound like you are a close enough neighbor to do a video of the noises coming out of there and have it timestamped.

If enough of the neighbors showed they were concerned about the kids and got the media involved in the obvioussigns of neglect, CPS would have to do something about it.

It's about time the media began to look more closely at this story and see that it involves 14 children being exploited and mistreated by a mentally ill sociopath.

1482 days ago


does she have a job yet?

if not, who are the idiots paying for her and her children and the house and her plastic surgeries?

1482 days ago

Snow White    

At least we won't be forced to watch her on DWTS. Thank heaven for small blessings.

1482 days ago


I live near her lawyer & this was a STAGED photo shoot near his home...hahahaha....happened to walk by & see her doing these funny poses! All while her babies were on the beach with an army of nannies!

1482 days ago


Octomom is a criminal that commits major fraud against various Government Programs and Criminal Psychologists without seeing her stated she has characteristics of a criminal mind.

1482 days ago


Hey Kimba - did you happen to catch Kate Gosselin on the Emmy Awards show the other night? She looked fan-tastic! She's so pretty and her taste is just classic and elegant. She was wearing a gorgeous designer gown and jewelry and her hair and makeup looked perfectly lovely! I also heard that she went to a couple of the after parties to hang out with some of the other celebrities. She and her handsome body guard are probably heading back to her amazing mansion by now but I sure hope she had lots of fun while she was here. Hopefully, she was able to work in a little shopping on Rodeo Drive before she left. What a great life she has, huh?! Oh yeah, one more thing: the DWTS roster has been announced and Nadya Suleman's name isn't on it. Maybe she should reconsider that porn offer?

1482 days ago


PicklesLaRue, why was Kate on the red carpet anyway? Are they giving out Emmy's to reality TV mom whom exploit and sell their kids for fame, attention and money these days or what? LOL

She never went to those things before, wonder whose idea was it to this time? I'm starting to question this bodyguard of Kate relationship. Who uses a bodyguard to go to concerts and to the Emmy's? Celebrity's doesn't even use bodyguards at Emmy's. LOL

As for her black dress, It's a little to funeral-ist for my taste and definitely not Emmy material. But it was nice dress, just a little tacky on her.

My question to you PicklesLaRue is; who's watching Kate kids since it's not Jon visitation and the kids has school? Why no one is on here saying Kate needs to be home with her kids instead of out there trying to seek attention and fame? Trying to play a celebrity which she is totally NOT! Oh but it's okay for Kate to have nannies raising her kids so she can run around California crashing and hanging around real rich celebrity's who can't pay their taxes on their mansion. Hey, come to think of it. If wasn't for TLC buying Kate kids, she wouldn't have a mansion either. That's okay in your eyes right PicklesLaRue? Just so long as Nadya isn't selling her kids or making a profit off them.

Don't get me wrong, I hate to admit it, but I too used to be a Jon and Kate plus eight fan. But Kate ruined all that for me getting the big head.

And as for Nadya Suleman being on DWTS. TMZ, Nadya, her attorney nor I never said she was going to be on it. Jeff and TMZ joked and suggested but never confirmed it. What I said was; if she is going to do DWTS I wish her well and hope she wins. She deserves it! Nadya as far as I am concern is good people and not seeking attention or fame. If she was; she would out there finding other means to get her kids in the spotlight making money off them like Kate Gosselin and the Duggars.

Nadya is just a real everyday average looking mom out there seeking employments to pay her bills. You can hate on Nadya all you want, that doesn't make her a bad mother and she's not a attention seeking wh0re like Kate Gosselin.

I don't believe you people, y'all think it's just dandy that Kate shops to she drops with the kids money, do plastic surgeries, tummy tucks, hair and spa, traveling around sometimes without kids and do concerts without kids, buying fake eye lashes etc and that's acceptable because she makes money off her kids. UGH!

Understand that, that is not the case with Nadya. She does not sell her kids, no longer on public or gov assistance and is out there trying to earn a living without using her kids. IMO; that's a better mom. So what she's taking good care of her body. Every parent out there should do that... she has 14 little ones to keep up with and look after. She needs to keep in shape and stay healthy. What good would she be if she's fallen apart, fat and sloppy, get so tired just picking up a broom stick? Good job Nadya!

1482 days ago


Octomom is a criminal that commits major fraud against various Government Programs and Criminal Psychologists without seeing her stated she has characteristics of a criminal mind.

Posted at 2:54 AM on Aug 31, 2010 by Donna

Donna. You made all these false accusations against Nadya Suleman. Now all you have to do is prove it. Can you prove she's a criminal and is guilty of any wrong doing? Can you explain why she isn't in Federal jail and has no criminal records?

ps. before the English professional wannabe arrive. Just wanted to acknowledge that in my last post to Pickle, I noticed after the fact that I left out a couple of words in my sentences, (not proof reading and typing fast.) Oh well **** happens! lol If this was a perfect world, you and I both would be perfect. Think about that!

1482 days ago

Snow White    

Why was Kate on the Emmys? Because whether Kimba likes it or not, Kate IS a tv personality. And that's what the EMMYS are all about- TV.

Betcha Octo was glued to her tv set, all the while crying because she wasn't there. Wonder how many skinny cow ice cream bars she downed while watching? How DARE they take Kate and not her. After all, SHE has more kids, SHE should be the 'star'. Not even a single picture of her in the gifting suites like last year. Poor baby, what a difference a year makes. Sucks to be her.

1482 days ago


I wonder why the Duggars, Hayes, Roloff, Masche families weren't there. Aren't they "TV personality" too? LOL

What, Kate wasn't a reality "TV personality" when she was with Jon doing J&K+8 for six years? Snow white may not like it, but I question why she never been to the Emmy's during those years and why now? hmm...

I won't even dignify the rest of your comment with a reply. Sorry, I find it too juvenile.

1482 days ago


"she has 14 little ones to keep up with and look after"
That's the first thing I agree with you on. She needs to keep up and look after those kids. So she needs to stay home and "be there for them."! Not on DWTS, not shopping in the malls (almost daily), not parading around so paps can stage a photo shoot. HOME!

1482 days ago
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