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Paris Hilton Tweets, Thanks Fans

8/29/2010 9:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF



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Ronnie Mexico    

thez haterz of Paris needz 2 get lives

1516 days ago

Bitemeh Beotch    

I still say THIS was a set up. "Suspicious Smoke" as a cause for search?! I say BULL****. Someone set up the "Boyfriend" to take a fall & Paris was canon foder.

1516 days ago


Why does Paris have fans?

1516 days ago


Oh plezzzzzzzz, NO one is supporting this JACK ASS, she's just sayin' that & this dumbo thinks everyone is gonna believe her, talk about a JACKAL!!!!!!!!!

1516 days ago


I thought Paris Hilton was alright up until I saw her in that one video a few years ago where she and some loudmouth drunk dude were trashing Lindsay Lohan and giggling about it in front of the paparazzi. Paris reminded me of a couple of super snotty, stuck up girls I remember from high school. They totally thought they were hot "stuff" when most people just thought they were just irritating to be around.

They wanted everyone to think that they had some sort of exclusive clique or whatever. It was all a big sham. Those types of girls are all about making appearances and trying to be the "cool kids" in school, etc. It's so obvious.

I'd rather hang out with the girls that had some brains and personality and were actually fun to do stuff with. Some of the girls I knew didn't have to drive a fancy car their daddy gave them and be all "dolled up" ALL the time in order for me and my group of friends to like them.

One of the coolest girls I have ever known was actually one of the smartest ones. I met her in a physics class in high school. She looked really good when she dressed up on weekends. She was one of those hard working "plain looking girls" who studied hard during the week and then she sort of turned into "hot babe" on the weekends. She was great. We didn't have to get wasted drunk or do drugs and go to loud nightclubs every weekend like Paris does to have fun. She could be cool to hang out with just watching some bad movie on DVD at home.

1516 days ago


Yes, Paris. We support you and hope you OD.

1516 days ago

who dat    

The staff at tmz has their heads soo far up Paris' ass its not even funny.

1516 days ago


Wow, to her fans? What fans? Boggles the mind!

I guess she's famous in a 'look at that freak' sort of way.
Stay delusional Paris. It fits you well.

1516 days ago


How many times can you get caught with someone else's drugs? It's never happened to me. But then again, I do not carry a purse. Anyone's purse.

1516 days ago

Ronnie Mexico    

2 many Paris haterz. putos need 2 getz livez manz

1516 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

She thanked me for calling her a Skank Druggie. Nice.

1516 days ago


Fans?? What has she done to deserve fans? Sleep with a different man every other month? Be associated with drugs? Run around the world spending her parents money? Such a role model. Let's all aspire to be like Paris. Empty headed, non working party girl. (not deserving to be called a woman yet)

1516 days ago


She always makes for a lovely mug shot!

1516 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    


1516 days ago


This DUMB high school drop out will be 30 in a few months. She's well past the age to learn anything from what she's been doing. This sorry generation of Hilton, Lohan, Britney, Snooki are all a bunch of alcoholic/drug addicts and sorry examples for young girls.

1516 days ago
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