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Danielle Staub

My Ex is a

Total Scumbag

8/30/2010 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Danielle Staub is going after her ex-husband with a vengeance -- claiming the guy is such a drug-abusing, violent, sexual deviant ... that his $5 million defamation lawsuit against Danielle should be thrown out of court.

Danielle just filed legal papers -- in which she states that Kevin Maher has "no evidence" that Danielle ever made several controversial statements about him ... including accusations that Kevin killed her dog, forced her to play Russian Roulette ... and even raped her. 

As we previously reported, Maher filed a lawsuit against the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star -- claiming she did make the alleged statements ... and in doing so, she damaged his reputation to the tune of $5 million.

But Staub claims Maher has admitted to being such a scumbag in the past -- that even if she did make the statements, his reputation couldn't suffer any worse than it already has.

In fact, Staub lists several examples of Maher's alleged scumbaggery ...

According to the docs, Staub claims it's all spelled out in Maher's infamous biography, "Cop Without a Badge" ... in which Maher admits to using cocaine, has "overactive sexual proclivities," and once shoved a gun into the genitals of a man he thought was sleeping with Danielle.

As TMZ previously reported, Maher and Staub are attempting to settle their issues through mediation ... but in case that fails, the case is set to go to trial in February.



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Why can't New Jersey Child services investigate this piece of trash and her ex and get those kids away from them before its too late.

1480 days ago


He looks like a s***bag. I really would not put any of this past him. It's so sad when a people convince theirself another person is automatically good based on the perceptions of the main person involved in a situation. These are two different people and just because you don't like her does not mean this man is not a creep and her claims are invalid.

1480 days ago


She's the biggest piece of **** on all of TV! And her sex tape was horrible and showed her nasty floppy huge p lips hanging down while she smiles like she's hot ****! She's **** all right!

1480 days ago


Drug abusing, violent (and crazy), sexual deviant tranny ho say what???

Pot meet Kettle.

1480 days ago


She is Garbage....Caroline said it best. Her children should be taken aways from her she is an unfit mother. Her eyebrows cant get much higher. She is just s***, how she ever got on that show I will never understand. I love watching the others, Danielle needs to go away and never be seen again and Dina should come back....

1480 days ago


i would mount her and have wild sex with her i bet she is a freak in the sack. what a good girl lol

1479 days ago


he's admitted to hitting her. he's toast. it's garbage. he said 'i don't ever remember a time I didn't hit her in self-defense'.

this guy is not quite bright. this is going to be dismissed. so will the other one which is apparently equally spurious. next.

1479 days ago


She was engaged 19 times!!! What! sounds like she was ripping them off for the diamond rings. What a scank! Prostitute,bitch
You go Theresa!!! I love you

1479 days ago


I just think more you write and pass time with her and her sh.. more she loves it, bravo is doing a big mistake with her, get rid of the trash, nobody wants to hear about that person or her ex, ...the kids will suffer for the rest of their lives, so sorry children, you already lokks so sad and used.......

1475 days ago


I always thought she was kind of weird and mean looking but someone said she looked like a bad drag queen and now that's all I can think of every time I see her picture. Her poor kids.

1475 days ago


I feel so awful for her two beautiful daughters. They don't have a choice for who their mother is and they have to live with her every day. Who is standing up for them? Who is protecting them? NOT Danielle, that's for sure!

1460 days ago


oh yes, ...what can be said anymore?.....lets put her away like trash, dont spend more time on her.....but remember the court is not stupid,...It could be funny to see D in Judy's court ha ha ha , judge Judy will wipe her out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1460 days ago


She Is Really a Pathetic Skank Who could not tell the truth She Really is Bad news Thank Gosh They Fired her Off the show... The new Network that hired her Wasted their money no One Will Be Watching.. How she got lucky (Or Slept With) Some one to give her the money She Has Is Beyond Me... She Is Nasty/Gross

1458 days ago

karen stine    

you hating women she had a very abusive chid hood give her a break there but for God go I it could be any of you !!!!! Caroline is a hater !!!!!

1457 days ago


I got a nasty comments this morning from a "commenter", .....where she also excuse D's behavior because of her childhood???....okay IF (we dont know if she is telling the truth) she had a bad childhood, she should think and NOT let that influence her life , especially with 2 young girls? revenge is a bad thing, and it will come back to harm you Danielle.......she should be smart enough to move away from that, but I guess she prefer to go after other women????

1456 days ago
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