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Demi Moore

Dirty Dances with

Snoop Dogg

8/31/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Moore didn't just get up on stage at the Snoop Dogg show in Las Vegas this past weekend ... she got down and dirty!

Demi Moore Dancing Video
And in case you think her hubby Ashton Kutcher might be jealous -- he was right there, cheering her on!

Demi clearly hasn't lost her "Striptease" moves.


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She has become a parody of herself.

1481 days ago


I don't care how good you look at a older age,there are just thing's you shouldn't do.You end up looking foolish.

1481 days ago


This was one of the dumbest things on TMZ yet. Also, not sure if they are who you say they are given the poor video quality. It's just silly.

1481 days ago


You are only as old as you feel. Good for you Demi, but please cut back on the drinking. You can tell that Ashton was trying to get her to come over to him and stop her from getting into the guys face while he was performing. Over drinking gives some the confidence to do something that they might not do when sober. Demi wake up before you loose Ashton to some younger sober chick. A guy does not like to be embarrassed in front of his friends.

1481 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

I didn't see any "dirty dancing---just bad dancing!

1481 days ago


People, ladies, and defenders, the woman is almost 50!!!!

We are not suppose to be at a Snoop concert, we are not suppose to be behaving like a stripper on the stage while all the BOYS are hootin' and hollarin', we are not suppose to be dressing like a MTV video girl. We aren't suppose to have a husband whom needs a car seat to ride in the car with us, we aren't suppose to wearing our daughters clothes, we are not suppose to be the ones in the spotlight, that is now for our daughters to take a turn.

At 50, esp. a woman of almost 50, we expect respect. We have earned it by than, some of us are Grandmothers whom are to set an example.

I guess Demi has missed that lesson. She has made a fool out of herself.....and theres video to prove it. Great. Clearly she will spend the rest of life attempting to appear younger to please her infant husband...gee, sign me up for that.

Oh, and ya, I'm sooooooooooooo jealous don't ya know.

1481 days ago

Beauty Queen    

Wow! Demi needs to go sit down. She's dying to get back in the spotlight! Haha!

1481 days ago


of course ashton was jealous

no man likes her woman shacking like that on another man

NOONE likes that

in fact he called her in the middle of the shacking , and made her shack on him instead. look at the shacking-movie again , look what really happened.

1481 days ago

Fran Reno    

Simple explanation - tacky.

1481 days ago


Ashton and Demi, looking for attention. Smells like desperation, just like some 'friends' of theirs lately. ja and ch.

1481 days ago


Not a good decision Demi, next time take the kids with you it'll look better.

1481 days ago


So pathetic and sad to watch this going on.
Did they have a threesome afterwards while listening to Kayne song" Get down girl, go 'head get down. "

1481 days ago


Why is Demi so famous? I don't have anything against her, but there are actors and actresses with much more on their acting resumes, and people hardly know their names.

1481 days ago


Attention 'ho. And her husband too.

1481 days ago


Demi is not old--just too old for Ashton. That was embarrassing to watch. #34 said it best: "she looks so silly and deperate." Can't stand either Demi or Ashton--they are both conceited, totally self-absorbed twitter nobodys.

1481 days ago
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