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Demi Moore

Dirty Dances with

Snoop Dogg

8/31/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Moore didn't just get up on stage at the Snoop Dogg show in Las Vegas this past weekend ... she got down and dirty!

Demi Moore Dancing Video
And in case you think her hubby Ashton Kutcher might be jealous -- he was right there, cheering her on!

Demi clearly hasn't lost her "Striptease" moves.


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dirty diana    

you call THAT dancing!! she must have learned from k. gosslin hahahahahahahahahahhahaahhaha poor girls, they MUST be embarrassed!!

1515 days ago


She's very close to making a classless joke out of herself.

1515 days ago


LOLOLOL... #45 you could not have said it better. Snoop almost ran out of stage trying to back off away from her.

1515 days ago


She seems like an insecure woman scared of losing her sexuality. 2 weeks ago she was drunk w/her ta ta's falling out of her bikini at some party and now she's trying to dance w/Snoop. She's becoming rediculous and obnoxious. She is NOT 20 or 30 no matter what she looks like. She's 50-something w/daughters and acting really immature. I don't think people went to that concert wanting to see her vie for attention. They went to hear Snoop Dog!

1515 days ago


She is what 45 or 47? She acts like she is 18. Grow up.

1515 days ago


Yeah just what i wanna see.A 50 something year old woman dancing........yikes...

1515 days ago


She's not dancing with him, she's dancing at him.

1515 days ago


LOL, funny thing is, if Ashton didn't tell her to come over to him, she would have been grinding on Snoop, not that snoop would've let her from the way he was backing away from her, LOL. Ashton was embarass, notice he didn't hug her back when she hugged him...

1515 days ago


OMG!!! I was embarrassed for her. What was she doing?! Someone should've thrown her the beat!!! HORRIBLE...TOO OLD TO BE ACTING LIKE THAT!

1515 days ago


Nothing worse than a 50 year old trying to act like she's 20 !!

Note to Demi: Try acting "age appropriate" for the sake of your embarrassing for them.....I guess when you married Ashton, you talked yourself into thinking you were 25 years younger than you are......I admired the way you took the high road in the past when you "found yourself" in Idaho.... but between you getting sloshed at the beach last month (also caught on camera) and this.....aghhhhhhh....patheic !! GROW UP !

1515 days ago


Grow up Demi and act your age! Just because you married a man young enough to be your son doesn't nean you shouldn't act your age. Her moves were all stiff and unsure...face it honey, you are amost 50 and no amount of bumping and grinding will make you younger.

1515 days ago



1515 days ago


NOW, I do NOT like her. Dancing with a rapper that disses women and always says the n word? no thanks, I will not go see her in a movie again, if she ever makes another one, yuk to Ashton, too.

1515 days ago


I have to admit that I am a tad embarrassed for her. Not because she looks like an old hag or that she can't dance, but because she thinks that looked sexy. But, to be fair, she did this kind of stuff when she was married to Bruce, while he performed on stage as "Bruno". She just had different moves. She is still beautiful and has a body most 20 year olds wish they had, but there's just something a little wrong about seeing her do this, and it looked, to me, that Snoop was trying to be accepting but couldn't. It also looked as if Ashton was trying to get her tho leave Snoop alone and let him do his thing without her trying to steal the spotlight. I could be wrong, but I think most performers are wanting the focus on them, not some cougar in a tight dress, no matter how sexy she may dressed. The only person I can see enjoying that would be Ice T, and that is with CoCo. It seems clear that she is fighting the aging process with every ounce of her being, instead of embracing it and doing it gracefully. Ashton also appeared to want her to stop. Demi, we can all be sexy when we desire to turn it on, it's just not the same type of sexy as when we were 20. I would be embarassed if I were her daughter.

1515 days ago


Was she on drugs? WTF? I think she's losing it. Not pretty!

1515 days ago
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