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Jesse James & Kat Von D -- Swappin' Spit

8/31/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

New couple Jesse James and Kat Von D packed in some serious PDA during a romantic weekend in Texas -- taking walks, holding hands, kissing  ... and riding on motorcycles without helmets.

It's always a risk to ride without protection. 


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1451 days ago


Sandra really deserved so much better. Now she can find a real man that will respect her and her little cajun cookie!!

1451 days ago


Good Riddance! Sandra is so lucky to be rid of this jerk....Kat talks like a man....Guess that is how he rolls....

1451 days ago


I feel Jesse has love/hate feelings towards Sandra. He still can't believe she did not stary with him. As far as him being with Kat, what other well known tattoo skank is out there that he can get publicity with and her new season of LA Ink just began. Their both using each other to be in the press and scratching an itch at the same time. They have been working behind the seens and came out in public to get the most attention. Vegas when Sandra was in New Orleans finalizing the adoption and this past weekend when Sandra was in New Orleans again for her first interview since the divorce. Jesse is still jealous of the attention Sandra receives and will never be above or more well liked then her and he can't stand it.

1451 days ago


Is it just me or is KVD now sporting SB's hair? Creepy.

1451 days ago


He is the epitome of a narcissist. Not in that way where someone is selfish or people say Hollywood people such narcissists but in that clinical Narcissistic Personality Disorder, needs therapy kind of way. The kind of guy that reeks havoc on women's lives just to stroke their ego and then moves on to their next target. I hate people like him...ugh...

1451 days ago


Eyes open....he doesnt love her...Guess she'll be on the list soon. Wake up girl, youre next!

1451 days ago


Why are they smashing their noses? Couldn't one of them have turned away from the camera for just a second?

1451 days ago


I wonder how long it will be before she moves on to Slash?

1451 days ago

Lenn K.    

If these two stay together and grow old I would hate to see those old bodies with all those nasty tats in there 60's. Nothing says nasty than an old person with tats.

1451 days ago


I would really like for someone to answer this question. It is not just a cliche. What do women see in this guy?

1451 days ago


You said it "Publicity"!! Feel sorry for his kids though. What they must think!!!

1451 days ago


I was never big on tattoos. I mean, I have a couple but, not like these two. Yet, I used to think Kat was so much prettier. Is it me or has she let herself go? I haven't watched her show in awhile but, I used to remember her as being more beautiful and these pictures make her look...blah. Oh well. Maybe, Jesse has that effect on these women except for Sandy. She still looks stunning to me but, then again, she's not plastered with tattoos. Oh well, to each their own.

I wonder if Jesse regrets his move yet. Funny, he makes this decision to take his kids to Austin to have them closer to Sandy when all along I wondered if it wasn't more for him to be closer to Sandy and as soon as that is a done deal...wham, he and Kat hook-up and now, they have to go through this long distance love affair. He should have just stayed in CA. I hope he doesn't uproot his kids again for a woman until he plans on marriage, at least. I guess, everyone deserves a shot at happiness and love so, good luck to them all. Jesse is going to be a prime example for his kids to learn and grow from. He needs to get it together for their sake.

1451 days ago


OMG! these two are a joke.

Jesse went from Class to Trash. Kat went from Nikki to Jesses.. wow.. big step down girlfriend.

I wish you both the happy every after.. also remember, safe sex might be something to think about, opps.. too late.

1451 days ago


It never ceases to amaze me how men tend to move on from a break up so fast..just like that dude from Frasier and his new pregnant piece. Just a few months ago Jesse was doing television interviews about how sorry he was for hurting Sandra Bullock and how his actions were horrible and such like, now he's somehow "gotten over" the divorce and is already moving on. I wonder why he even married Sandra cuz he clearly has a type and she wasn't it.
I will say this all the time, when women start to behave like men things will be definitely even and I hope men can deal with it.

1451 days ago
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