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Kelly Ripa & Hubby: Still Happily Married ... with Abs

8/30/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Showing off their tone and tan physiques together, Kelly Ripa and her hunkband Marc Consuelos cooled off at the beach in the Hamptons this weekend.


After fourteen years of marriage, the 39-year-old couple's relationship is still in amazing shape.


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I'm sorry I know Kelly Rippa is busy and would probably be on the thinner side due to her schedule, but pleases doesnt anyone see she has a terrible eating disorder? Aside from loving herself and mugging the camera on the Regis show, she is not very talented. I dont know why such a big deal is made of her. Kudos to a long marriage, but really Kelly you should go get some help. The Kate/Twiggy look is oh so over! On the other hand Marc looks Fantastic! Keep it up Marc! Find time to help your wife though.

1423 days ago


Wow TMZ, you guys actually think she looks good? Her legs do, sure, but from the neck to the hips, it's just gross. Somebody needs to tell Kelly how sick she really looks.

1423 days ago


Kelly Looks Gross!! That is Not Healthy looking and the Outie Belly Button is totally Gross!!

1423 days ago


"Showing off their tone and tan physiques together" - are you kidding me!!! You all are just as sick as she is if you think she looks good. She needs to eat. She looks like a bag of bones. She use to be so cute. Now she's just plain scary!!!

1423 days ago


I feel so bad for her. This is NOT healthy or attractive. Why would you post this? She is CLEARLY in a danger zone. So many other stars you could have put up there in her place without perpetuating these anorexia photos.

1423 days ago


Kelly - please, what are you doing to yourself, enough is enough. This is not a good look, its not a healthy image that I see. I see someone that has some personal issues here, like growing older gracefully. I am sure Mark will still love you with a few pounds added onto that body. Has your Mother sat down with you at all and told you to stop it right now. Consider if you should ever become ill, what are you going to fall back on.

I am deeply concerned for you and hope that you will get the help that you need as you are obviously suffering inwardly about something.

1423 days ago


This is not a good look at all

1423 days ago


OK if this was a picture of Nicole Richey they would be blasting how thin she looks. Why is it ok for Kelly to look like this but not others??? Double Standard at it's best. I like Kelly Rippa but she does look sick in this picture.

1423 days ago


omg!!!!!she looks sick.ugly no cute at all.

1423 days ago


Its one thing to be small and petite but she now looks like a little boy. Seriously men actually like curves and for TMZ to say she rocks? They must be blind or worried about backlash. I wonder what she will tell her daughter when she grows up and see's pictures like these. Its just as bad to be underweight as it is to be overweight. Marc must like slapping bones :) haha

1423 days ago


Why show this as a 'ripped ab' shot... why don't you all say the obvious? She looks like she needs an intervention called food.

1423 days ago


TMZ it's obvious that you knew what the responses would be. No one in their right minds would agree that Kelly look good. She's 39 going on 79 with that horrific body. Betty WHite looks better than Kelly Ripa.

1423 days ago

Ozzie X    

those aren't abs thats a gut. still an attractive guy regardless.

1423 days ago


She was such a pretty woman. Then she got the Regis job and lost weight. Now she looks horrible. All bony and scary. I agree with everyone else here - she needs to eat and stay out of the tanning beds. Mark looks hot, tho.

1423 days ago

kim black    

Oh my God, she looks like she's annorexic! Her chest looks caved-in and her bathing suit bottom looks like it's barey there; it has nothing to hang onto!! I think TMZ should be commenting concern for her health rather than giving her appearance a high-5!! TMZ needs glasses if you think she looks "hot"!!!

1423 days ago
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