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Kelly Ripa & Hubby: Still Happily Married ... with Abs

8/30/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Showing off their tone and tan physiques together, Kelly Ripa and her hunkband Marc Consuelos cooled off at the beach in the Hamptons this weekend.


After fourteen years of marriage, the 39-year-old couple's relationship is still in amazing shape.


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OH HOLY HELL.. I am all for being in shape and being thin but good god you can count every single bone in her body. That is just gross. Im sorry body image is very hard for woman but this is just not attractive.

1453 days ago


i love how people throw around the word anorexia without thought or consideration. the woman is NOT anorexic, not even close. she even admits to being "built like peter pan." she loves food and if you watch the show, the girl has seriously toned arms. if she were anorexic, you'd be seeing shoulder bones, not bicep muscle. not to mention her thighs would be sticks. she has muscle tone, not bones.

also, don't forget this is ONE photo at ONE angle! get over yourselves. like y'all have NEVER taken an unflattering photo!

1453 days ago


If you want to know what REAL anorexia looks like there are plenty of photos online... go look and see what anorexia really is. educate yourselves!

1453 days ago


Kelly probably hasn't eaten in years! she does need some food... borderline anorexic!

1453 days ago


..Kelly looks in my opinion VERY GROSS..hope she feeds her kids a little better than it appears for herself....good thing her jobs includes clothes because poor regis would be out of a job if we had to look at that....from her chin down looks like she just walked out of a coffin....ALL BONES.....UGLY UGLY something...looks like marc ate her portion..

1453 days ago


OMG Kelly looks deathly!! Yikes

1453 days ago


I love these 2...they are an absolutely beautiful couple...but pls. someone throw my girl Kelly a steak!

1453 days ago


'Strong' Bargin-Basement clevage Kelly! =/

1453 days ago


OMG, she looks HORRIBLE! Seroiusly? TMZ thinks this is attractive? Yikes. Her body looks like she's 70 or 80.

1453 days ago


I've been pretty thin in my life but never to the point I looked like I was starving to death nor did my bellybutton ever protrude like that. Yuk! EAT SOMETHING!

1453 days ago


If I was him I would run the other way. That is gross,she has no hips,straight as a pin and a bellybutton that sticks way out. Gross Kelly.

1453 days ago


Toned? No, someone needs to feed that woman a cheeseburger!!!

Yes, she looks good for her age, and it is very apparent that she works out incredibly hard and maintains a very low fat and low cal diet. Oh, but come on! She works hard, but she needs more calories! You can see every bone in her chest and her thighs are concave!

Why are you idiots in Hollywood so mesmerized by people who are bony? You only live once! Enjoy your food, but workout, too and whatever size that looks like, embrace long as it is healthy and you are enjoying life! If someone has to deprive them self of certain foods, restrict calories, and workout more than 10hrs a week, they are far too body conscious and care more about how "skinny" they appear, than anything else.

Throughout history, up until the 60's, women have always been curvy...what is now considered "fat". Why do men want women to have the body of a 10 year old boy, with huge fake boobs? Women naturally have more body fat, than men! Yet, we are expected to be curveless (skinny) and get implants to satisfy their natural attraction to "curves". I guess men want the best of both worlds, and we as women just need to put our foot down and say "NO!". A lot of women prefer a bigger penis, but I don't know of too many men getting penile implants!

We only live once! Let's enjoy this life! We can all be super thin and skeletal when we're dead! You can't enjoy a really good meal when your dead.

1453 days ago


Shame on you TMZ, you must need GLASSES if this is your idea of "amazing shape." She looks like she is dying from starvation with every rib bone showing,....this is not AMAZING,it is truly SAD!! If this picture was of Tori Spelling you would be ripping her apart......SHAME ON YOU TMZ!!

1453 days ago


wtf is with her belly button... it looks like a tumor!

1453 days ago


She's anorexic for schizzle.

1453 days ago
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