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Lindsay Lohan -- Probation Office Chic

8/30/2010 2:15 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Wearing daisy dukes and thigh-high stockings, Lindsay Lohan made a visit to her probation officer in Santa Monica on Monday.

No word if she was cited for any fashion violations.


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Laffn Bear    

What the..........
She has proved she has very little or no talent and no common sense whatever. This should put the final nail in any one's belief in her fashion sense as well.
The probation officer holds her freedom in his/her hands and can violate her for a small infraction. She should be appearing in a mature and conservative manner.
This sort of disrespect for those in legal power will accelerate her downfall. It would seem she can't see beyond her own selfish and self-centered desires.
Why aren't Nicole and Delmar running to her rescue?
Perhaps all they can do is stand on the sidelines and cheer on her destruction?

1513 days ago

Vegas Wrestling    

Seriously, as long as she is trying to get her life in order, I could care less how she dresses.

1513 days ago


Okay,...Okay,..I'll take a chance here,...I'm willing to give her a chance (as if she cares), she has certainly been given a BIG one. THANYK YOU,...f-i-n-a--l-l-y, someone did drug levels on her while in jail and rehab,...and according to the news she was weaned off some drugs,...adderal, the others I don't know,...and put on a very strict regimen of appointments, probation officers, random alcohol and drug testing,....whic is positively wonderful. She may not see it,....but the judges are trying to keep her alive. Now, about the way she dressed,....prob officer,....not court, the hell what? She was sober, upright, and driving,.....OMG!
Come On People !! Let's give Lindsay a break for a while,....and we'll all go over to Paris Hilton and her laughable drug bust,'s another blaming everyone else for the cocaine that fell out of 'her' purse, front of 2 cops. Shortly after the car she was in, pulled over, she pleaded not to be embarrassed, in front of the crowds,.....and son of a bitch, they took her to a private room,....are yiu serious? is this a prediction of how comical this case will be?

1513 days ago


As far as what Lindsay is wearing goes ... somebody should tell Lindsay that there are times when she should try to BLEND IN instead of try STAND OUT all the time. There's a time and a place for everything. I bet she's trying to advertise her "leggings" that she sells by wearing them herself all the time. The problem is ... not everyone looking at these pictures knows that she's trying to advertise her stuff. They just know that what she's wearing looks out of place for this occasion.

If she's going to be around legal or business people she should look at what they're wearing and try to wear something somewhat similar. She should try to be professional looking but still a bit stylish like you'd expect from a Hollywood actress.

Surely Lindsay's mother or a fashion consultant could get her a few "business casual" summertime outfits that she could wear for certain occasions. She could just Google "women's business casual" on the internet if she wants to.

What you wear is all important in Hollywood and New York, so Lindsay should have the APPROPRIATE outfits in her closet to fit the occasion. On some occasions, she should try to look more like a professional working woman who's out in the world and working hard on her career.

Maybe if Hollywood producers see her wearing more professional looking clothes and acting more like a veteran Hollywood actress, she might get better, more sophisticated movie or TV roles like Angelina Jolie and other A-list actresses get. She can always wear her sexy looking clothes on other occasions like during the Emmy Awards like they had last night. If Lindsay plays her cards right she might could BE THERE in that audience with the other stars at the Emmy Awards or Oscars in the next couple of years. That's the kind of goals she should be trying to achieve. That's way better than trying to impress her friends at some nightclub or whatever.

1513 days ago



1513 days ago


Those thighs are going to be too chubby to do porn; time to get back on the coke! She is beginning to look middle age...low years, high miles.

1513 days ago

me not you    

Jeez, Soundgarden reunites and now grunge is everywhere again!

1513 days ago


What the hell is she wearing? That doesnt even look right to be wearing anywhere, let alone to meet with a probation officer. Normally, I dont think she dresses that bad but this is just horrible and completely laughable. Ironically I have a shirt exactly like that, same color and everything BUT I wear it to sleep in or lounge around the house. I just cant figure out the stockings?? They kinda look too tight on her thigh and well, they just look bad. Man, this outfit makes the see through braless tank she wore a few days ago look normal. lol

1513 days ago


I thought Lindsay was designing her own signature brand of clothing? I sure hope not.

1513 days ago


@laffn bear
The only reason Lindsay will be violated by the probation officer is if she fails or misses a test and the court would be informed of this within 72 hours.
It doesn't really matter what she wears as long as passes the tests.She has to stay in LA and attend all her meetings with SCH providing bi weekly compliance reports to the court.

1513 days ago


ewww....scary! Why are you still here? Aren't you too busy to be worried about such unimportant things? I'd meet you in your neighborhood, but I don't care much for West Hollywood.

1513 days ago


I wonder if they drug tests... Oh' Ya' her drugs are legal!! sorry forgot.

1513 days ago

Laffn Bear    

Maybe she can apply to Vivid for a position as fluffer.
Nicole and Delmar can write references for her. They can defend her legal position and testify to her sterling character.
Yeah, Delmar, I am using your name again. Catch me if you can.

1513 days ago


Atleast she is taking care of her probation I think she learned her lesson. Just think Lindsay keep it up and you will be free to do what you want for the Holidays. I hope you can stay away from the pills you really dont want to go down that road again. Next time you may not be able to do it. Thank God your free stay that way

1513 days ago


Tim Gunn needs to get a hold of her, STAT!

1513 days ago
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