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Michael Douglas -- What Cancer?

8/30/2010 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looking cool, calm and collected -- Michael Douglas rolled through NYC today ... the first time we've seen him in public since he announced he was battling throat cancer.



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My mother had the same type/location cancer. The cure was brutal and almost killed her, but it didn't! She did indeed beat it and lived well in to her 80's. Mr. Douglas surround yourself with love and humor, keep the faith and know you too can beat this! My sincere prayers are with you.

1458 days ago

B Lerner    

May this battle be a long stock hold for which you are the victor.


1458 days ago


I am very sorry Michael Douglas has cancer. But I totally understand what’s going on in the Medical world. I have been to a world of Doctors for a throat problem and NO ONE Doctor ever as much swabbed my throat! The whole medical field is dysfunctional. It’s all about red tape! If one try’s to research an ailment then speak to a doctor the doctor becomes insecure and put off. If you don’t research a condition your chances of dying before the disease is diagnosed is huge! Many times it’s the autopsy that gives the proper diagnoses! That is just morbid, literally! And if you have pets, you better believe they get better medical treatment than humans! I believe its going to take a huge change in the system to change the convoluted medical field! On a personal note, I diagnosed my own chronic ailment and then spend years trying to convince doctors of it. I told them, "It was a process of elimination". I started with symptoms and found the right medicine. And how could I tell it was working? Right..…I felt better! Tell a Doctor that! Oh and if you happen to have a “so called” controversial illness, OMG…you will never get help! Basically the doctors in America would rather do nothing to help a patient than to do nothing than take a risk of God know what…lawsuits? Like average Joe could afford to sue anyone! And then, their attitudes are; “I'm right- you’re stupid”! So, for over ten years I have been my own doctor. My personal feelings about cancer are basically “live and let die”. If I ever have cancer I hope to deal with the pain but never spend the rest of my life doing chemo and radiation. Everyone has their own opinions, but after loosing my Mother to a wicked and horrid for of cancer I thought hard about it. I watched my Mother do all the "right" things. My parent’s generation believes doctors are “God-like”. For six long and grueling years she fought illness. She could not go back to her home land, England even to visit or say goodbye. Hooked to tubes and lines and wires and tests all trips were canceled. Chemo therapy treatments and radiation become your life. What kind of life is that? Not for me! I have thought long and hard and what I would do. And becoming a toxic and sick individual saddled with visits to the chemo lounge is not for me. I already live as if I’m going to die; I have no and never will have any regrets.
But Mr. Douglas has young children. I hope with all my might he recovers. God knows those Children need him as well his wife. I am a 30 year Hair Art Professional I have worked with hundreds of people working through cancer. And just recently Jennifer Saunders (English Comedian- Absolutely Fabulous) reveled she had just beat breast cancer! It’s too bad the medical industry won’t find the” magic pill”. And if they did I’m definitely sure “Big Business Pharmaceutical” would never let it happen! Maybe one day the lackadaisical medical field will pull their heads out and begin practicing again. There again, if they actually began to practicing again it would take away from their gossip time!

1457 days ago


To those few with negative comments...I say, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. We have all done things in our youth that we are not proud of.
I think Michael Douglas is one of the greatest actors of all time,he is also gorgeous and posesses a outstanding personality.
He has come out with this illness, I for one will pray for his
speedy recovery every day......good men and women should so the
same. Life is very fragile and we never know what it holds for all of us.

1455 days ago


I am from a family that has been ravaged by Cancer...Michael Douglas appears to have a ****y attitude to him. Maybe this is not the case. But Mr Douglas please if you can as a movie star help those who are facing the same thing you have with treatment that are just starting. Mr Douglas all your money and fame cannot take this away. Wishing you the best.... Hopefully you will help others who are just starting this treatment and be an inspiration and hope to them .........God Bless

1405 days ago


Peace be with you Michael! Michael, I have come to tell you that you are not along, and to stay rooted in your faith. Also, there is a wonderful book called "Embraced by the Light", by Betty Edie, please read the Book, it will help bring you comfort, and understanding about God's true purpose for each of us.

1404 days ago

Norma Isness     

Michael, You Look Terrific !
We Wish You All The Best In Health, Happiness, Love,
Abundance And Prosperity.

I Watch For Information
About Your Recovery Every

Say Hi To Kirk Too ! From Norma

To You And Your Family,

1403 days ago

Cherrone Peterson    

My prayer for Michael and his beautiful wife and children is that he will receive a miraculous healing from God.
In the recent years, I have been blessed to work with a thirty year tenured holistic doctor, Ward Joiner, of Granite Bay CA.
Dr. Joiner was diagnosed with MS and had twelve brain lesions in 2005.
His collegues sent him home to die. He never lost faith and
worked on his ailment until 2008, when he received a clean bill
of health. Only a little plaque remained on his brain. He has
worked with other celebs and countless others, achieving amazing results. Whomever reads this message, please forward this vital information to him, (916)791-5555.
Wishing the Douglas Family a Merry Christmas and Many Blessed New Years.

1362 days ago
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