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Paris Hilton

Charged with

Drug Felony

8/30/2010 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton will be charged with possession of a controlled substance -- .8 grams of cocaine -- this according to documents obtained by TMZ ... and it's a felony. 

We're told the D.A. filed the case today.  You can read the criminal complaint and the police report in this post.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, the cop who stopped the Escalade pulled along the passenger side of the vehicle and smelled "the strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle."

The cop writes he noticed immediately the passenger was Paris.  He then observed her trying to roll up the window.

After the traffic stop and a crowd of 100 people gathered around, Hilton said she was "extremely embarrassed" and asked the cop if she could go to the bathroom at the Wynn Hotel.

At the hotel, Paris told the cop she needed lip balm so the cop handed Paris her purse: "As she began to open it, I saw a small bindle of what I believed to be cocaine in a clear baggie begin to fall from the purse and into my hand."

The cop also says ... inside the purse was a "broken tablet of Albuterol" -- a prescription medication used to control wheezing.  And cops say they found Zig Zag wrappers ... commonly used to roll joints.

Paris then admitted the Albuterol was hers but she said the cocaine was not and claimed the purse was not hers -- that she had borrowed it from a friend.  The cop questioned Paris about the cocaine and according to cops Paris gave an odd answer: "She said she had not seen it, but now thought it was gum."

Note:  Paris has changed her story with friends, saying the purse was hers but had been in the possession of a friend.  Paris claimed to cops several cosmetic items in the purse were not hers, but she copped to $1,300 cash and some credit cards.

Cops say they found .8 grams of coke in the purse.



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i only hope and pray that she goes to jail, enough is enough with these rich people, if it was anyone else they would have been arrested right there, but once again cause this is a rich person she and her company got to go home and laugh about it. please send her for a long time she needs a real wake up call, and to a real prison, with real criminal inmates, not a vacation spa type place.

1477 days ago


She wanted to go to the bathroom to flush the coke.. Dumb Blonde did she think they were gonna let her take her purse to the bathroom? I always thought she wasn't bright but this just proves my point...

1477 days ago


Throw the book at this Cupid Stunt!

1477 days ago


I really hate it when my friends put cocaine and zig zags in my purse without telling me.

I wonder which BFF is going to have to go to jail for Paris.

1477 days ago


So let me get this straight....

You (Paris) borrowed a purse from a friend (highly unlikely since you are an "heiress" and can buy anything) you put your possessions in it because, that is the whole point of a purse. When you were putting said possessions in it(lip balm) before you went out that night didn't you notice a baggy containing white substance? Did you think it was carpet fresh?

Your move Paris.

1477 days ago


Hey Amber, is that how you use your Valtrex? Tee hee yep, I know you gots the Herp!

1477 days ago


So let me get this straight. If her purse had been closed the cop would have just handed her her purse, after escorting her to the restroom, thus allowing her to dump all of the drugs down the toilet? But because her purse was open, and the cop had the amazing foresight to glance downward, she got busted?

My question is this. Why the Christ do cops completely lose their frackin minds every time they deal with celebrities? Why can't JUST ONCE the same standards that apply to everyone else apply to these over privileged, undeserving, group-think, narcissistic twits?

1477 days ago


F-I-N-A-L-L-Y,......pizz SOLID proof, it fell out of her purse, here is the question,....will she get away with another felony? Will this be her 2nd or 3rd count? I have a real issue with people that think they are untouchable,.....ideal situation,would be, drinking/driving, buck naked, smoking a joint, lines of cocaine in front of her on her dashboard; AND she would still blame Lindsay. When is this girl, and I do mean girl (not woman) truly get busted, us real folks would have been. It is beyond me, someone like her who is a celebrity,.....has such publicity, she can't act, she can't sing, least Lindsay has talent. Let's just watch and see if the justice system truly works with this moron.

1477 days ago


Looks like Paris is rolling out her usual "dog ate my homework" excuses. She's praying that her high priced, bigshot attorney will be able to feed the Las Vegas D.A. this pile of "stuff" and they'll buy it.

Paris Hilton's Top Five Excuses:

Everyone knows that Paris has been busted with drugs over the past few months in other countries. Somehow these darned illegal drugs keep magically appearing in her purse! She never seems to notice the illegal drugs until the police find them. Paris is just an innocent little princess. Heaven forbid! She'd NEVER snort up piles of cocaine and go act crazy at a nightclub! People are just conspiring to "get her". :)

I'm sure that Paris has gotten quite good at lying over the years. I'm sure she'd fail a lie detector test after the first question or two. Paris is just going to have to face it. She did the crime so she's going to have to do the time. She needs to "man up" and take her punishment like Lindsay Lohan did. She's not some special character who's exempt from the laws of the state of Nevada.

1477 days ago


If you're a woman, going out at night with a small purse, you carefully pack it, to make sure you have absolutely everything you will be needing for the night of partying. Comb, the right shade of lipstick,ID, mints, mirror,money, credit cards, and a small perfume. You don't want to be caught without the necessities. Even if it was a purse that a friend had borrowed, she still would have had to check it, to see if she had "her" own basics.
I don't even trust my own bags, if I'm switching them. No girl wants to be without her own right stuff. If you forget to do it just once, you swear, you will never be caught in that position again.
So I argue that anything that was in that purse, was put in there by Paris.

1477 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

This is great news! Hope the DA gives her the O.J. treatment!!!

1477 days ago


jail thats hot!!

1477 days ago


Regardless of her excuses, this is why there's a doggone drug war raging in Mexico about to spill over to the U.S. because of these white "heirs" who have all this money and are fueling drug use. She should be ashamed as well as all the privileged white hollywood stars....we have to build fences and fly drones over Mexico to keep the drug dealers out of America...we have a raging war in Chicago because of all the white kids that are on drugs fueling the profits of the drug trade. I hate the Paris Hilton's of the world.

1477 days ago


In a few years she'll be saying, "those aren't my kids"! Hate her. Hope she goes back to jail...

1477 days ago


So why do we care about this girl? What - besides being a rich Hilton - has this girl EVER done to deserve such infamy/fame?!!

1477 days ago
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