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TV 'Matchmaker' Shreds Stylist a la Christian Bale

8/30/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Patti Stanger, TV's "Millionaire Matchmaker," went absolutely nuclear on a stylist who didn't bring nearly enough style to the table -- in Patti's opinion -- and the ballistic tirade was all caught on tape.

TMZ obtained a recording of the recent NYC meeting between Patti, her stylist Lauren Solomon, and a few other assistants. According to sources, Lauren was showing Patti possible outfits for upcoming TV appearances ... including a "Today" segment with Elle magazine's Joe Zee.

As Patti shrieked -- in her best Christian Bale voice -- "This is Elle f**king magazine! This is the big one!!" Another must-hear gem ... Patti's rant about the proper way to take measurements. 

We're told Patti and Lauren are "best friends" and that Patti viewed this as "just an argument."

We're guessing a little Prada would've gone a long way to calm the situation.


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Patty is guilty of exactly the same bad things she tries to accuse clients of - she doesn't get along with other females because she is an alpha male trapped in a females body. She harps on her millionaire females that they need to be more feminine, when she is a linebacker in a dress herself.
You can be smart, confident, and bold without being a bull in a china shop Patty.

1514 days ago


Also Patty, you need anger management classes and to get laid. Just saying.

1514 days ago

george clooney    

I would totally be so embarrassed if a tape recording like this surfaced on me. I guess I do not have to worry about that because I treat others like I want to be treated. Who would work with this type of person? I do not care they are greatest of friends, that type of behavior coming from a woman? Ugggg. Choke me please!

1514 days ago

AC Kane    

what a dumb bitch, her show sucks also, lol

1514 days ago


how nice a gold digging pro who sets up millionaires with other gold diggers. on top of that she looks like a plastic surgery nightmare. note to patti YOUR STILL UGLY AS HELL AND YOUR SHOW IS A JOKE JUST LIKE YOUR JERSEY TRASH SELF. GOT HOOD UP THE SITUATION UP HE'S A MILLIONAIRE AND FROM JERSEY(ANOTHER TRAIN WREAK LIKE YOU)

1513 days ago


Hey, Sounds like Patti might be a bit high maintenance. As a very nice Jewish boy, her age, I could never deal with that tzoris. You Hollywood people need to lose your sense of entitlement and get real before the world loses interest.

1513 days ago

who dat    

This chick is a slob. It's laughable that she thinks she's qualified to find mates for others. Yet she isn't able to find one for herself. If she blew as well as her show, she'd have suitable guys lined up.

1513 days ago

who dat    

This is a great tape. It exposes what a real CUN* she is. Can any guy imagine having to put up with her. I wouldn't do it for 10 seconds.

1513 days ago


Dear Patty,

What a HEINOUS WOMAN YOU ARE... and I suspect your fiancé KICKED YOU TO THE CURB once he realized how much of a HAG you really are... and the mere THOUGHT of spending the rest of his life strapped to you gave him just cause enough to gnaw off his own arm just to get away from YOU!! Honey... some advice... GROW UP!

P.S. I'll bet your parents and family are VERY PROUD!! Way to GO!!!

1513 days ago


Well folks, there is a reason why this woman can not keep a man. Now we can see why she is not married and does not have children. She will die single, fat, old and alone with her pipes clogged up.

1513 days ago


This chick is trash! How can you talk to someone like that? It is only a matter of time till a female steps up and cracks her one in her Big Ass Jay Leno chin of hers?

She needs to let her knew life begin and call 1-800-GET-SLIM

1513 days ago

Strawberry Clock    

Sorry ugly Patti, I guess your 15 minutes are up.

1513 days ago


Please tell me why I should care anything about this ugly arrogant overbearing obnoxious bitch. Because I don't, not even in the slightest. Her alive or dead means absolutely nothing to me or anyone else who has a brain...

1513 days ago


W O W...That was so uncalled for. I always had the feeling that she is this way. It makes me look at all "stars" differently. It serves them right when stuff like this leaks out. True colors.

Funniest part is that she will surely NEVER grace the cover of a mag again after the sales of this one! Ha!!

1513 days ago


some one needs to bitch slap her

1513 days ago
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