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TV 'Matchmaker' Shreds Stylist a la Christian Bale

8/30/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Patti Stanger, TV's "Millionaire Matchmaker," went absolutely nuclear on a stylist who didn't bring nearly enough style to the table -- in Patti's opinion -- and the ballistic tirade was all caught on tape.

TMZ obtained a recording of the recent NYC meeting between Patti, her stylist Lauren Solomon, and a few other assistants. According to sources, Lauren was showing Patti possible outfits for upcoming TV appearances ... including a "Today" segment with Elle magazine's Joe Zee.

As Patti shrieked -- in her best Christian Bale voice -- "This is Elle f**king magazine! This is the big one!!" Another must-hear gem ... Patti's rant about the proper way to take measurements. 

We're told Patti and Lauren are "best friends" and that Patti viewed this as "just an argument."

We're guessing a little Prada would've gone a long way to calm the situation.


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With her ugly face and even uglier personality, I have a match for her -- Godzilla!

1425 days ago

Make it stop    

I always wondered what makes her "qualified" to tell other people how they should and shouldn't act. She's ill mannered herself. She's just downright ugly. Her advice to her clients is absolutely out of control. When her show comes on I can't change the channel fast enough. One time watching was quite enough for me thanks.

1425 days ago


LOL and she, on Radar On Line, trashed Mel Gibson for how he spoke in his tapes - at least his was a personal issue and he was heartbroken, what is Patti's excuse?

1425 days ago


This was not a one time event. She called and screamed and cursed at a nice employee at my wife's restaurant because her salad didn't have the right kind of lettuce. Rudest person they have ever dealt with. Manager told her assistant that she was 86'ed from restaurant and the assistant appoligized and straight out admitted she was a raving b**ch! Rude people suck!

1425 days ago


This is a first class ugly b@!&$h...what goes around...comes around...and one day someones going to put her in her place and it's going to be all on tape. It's can be very lonely out there.

1425 days ago


She is a fat pig. A stylist can't help her. She is a match maker that can't find a guy. Isn't that like a surgeon that can't operate? Go Away! Don't come back.

1424 days ago


She's angry and miserable, because she knows she is b*tt ugly, and that will never change. Must be very frustrating. I once watched her show, and saw her sit her short skirted big ole *ss on the desk where people had to work - completely grossed me out.

1424 days ago


While Patty went somewhat over the top, I didn't find her reaction to the obvious incompetence of the stylist to be that far off base.

Stanger has a high profile public career and has every right to demand that the people around her know what they're doing. It's not their face on the tube, in the magazine, et's Patty's.

There's a little hypocrisy here, insofar as the vast majority of you Stanger-haters have probably had the same reaction to a situation in your own lives. It just wasn't featured on TMZ.

So, enough of your holier than thou...God knows we heard enough of that nonsense Saturday at the Lincoln Memorial.

For the record, I enjoy Patty's show.

1424 days ago



1424 days ago

Throwback kid    

She is lucky I don't work for her, I would punch this loud bully so hard I would knock those Frankenstein bangs right off her ugly face.

1424 days ago


Seriously? This ugly overweight amazon woman needs to chill. Like it matters if she is in a gorgeous Chanel gown or matter what she wears, she will make clothes look bad on her man body. Can Bravo please take this bitch off air? She is a horrible human being.

1424 days ago


This UGLY BIG NOSE ASS looks like a MAN!! She/HE IS FAT!!!!
She/HE is a "who de ah", no wonder the attitude, why does
HE think that HE'S all that????????? The fiance found out
she IS a HE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1424 days ago


She's a money-grubbing jew, what do you expect. Remember the episode when she kept badgering her employee to "Get the check...GET THE CHECK!" That showed her true colors right there.

1424 days ago


If they're "bff's" then why'd Lauren feel the need to tape record their encounter--and then go public with it!? Patty, you're a bitch. Face it.

1424 days ago


I always thought this woman was a gross,fat,too much makeup, whorey you can add foul-mouthed, mean, and disrespectful to that list. Why would ANYONE give her a TV show, date her, or plan to marry her? Her parents must be mortified. She needs therapy. Oh, and by the way....IF YOU BROKE YOUR ENGAGEMENT, YOU NEED TO GIVE BACK THE RING YOU GOLD-DIGGER.

1424 days ago
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