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TV 'Matchmaker' Shreds Stylist a la Christian Bale

8/30/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Patti Stanger, TV's "Millionaire Matchmaker," went absolutely nuclear on a stylist who didn't bring nearly enough style to the table -- in Patti's opinion -- and the ballistic tirade was all caught on tape.

TMZ obtained a recording of the recent NYC meeting between Patti, her stylist Lauren Solomon, and a few other assistants. According to sources, Lauren was showing Patti possible outfits for upcoming TV appearances ... including a "Today" segment with Elle magazine's Joe Zee.

As Patti shrieked -- in her best Christian Bale voice -- "This is Elle f**king magazine! This is the big one!!" Another must-hear gem ... Patti's rant about the proper way to take measurements. 

We're told Patti and Lauren are "best friends" and that Patti viewed this as "just an argument."

We're guessing a little Prada would've gone a long way to calm the situation.


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tom callahan    

What a **** that Pattie is.

1516 days ago


that sh*t is crazy! text/call anyone? 401-684-3038

1516 days ago


she looks like a cross between a sasquatch and a diseased stricken cow.

1516 days ago


Wow, I can't believe she acted like that! NOONE deserves to be talked to like that. NOONE! Even though I love her show, I'm not going to watch it anymore. She just lost a fan!

1516 days ago


WOW PATTY!!!!! Could you be any more of bitch. That yelling and screaming was totally uncalled for. Have you never made a mistake in your life? Geeze you went off on her like a total crazy bitch. You didnt need to yell at that poor gal like you did. You act as if you are such a diva that no one can possibly make a mistake. Your true colors really came out on that tape. I think Bravo should take a look at your contract and really decide if they want a raving bitch on there t.v. show. You already come across as a women who knows exactly how women want to be treated, Well news for yah sister. it isnt. I have been happily married to the same man now for over 25 years and it didnt take me to belittle a man on tv or belittle a women on a tape. Bravo should take you off your show. I would be real interested to know did your hubby to be drop you like a hot mess that you are because that is how you treated him.
belittle him as you seem to do to others on your show and on this tape. Bravo do us all a favor take her off tv.
she doesnt deserve it. You raving bitch!

1516 days ago


She's a disgusting bitch. Nobody should be treated like that...especially by this piece of sh*t who should be thanking God every minute of every day because she has a job on TV. As far as I can see, her face should never be on a TV show or in some magazine!

1516 days ago


wow...i enjoy her show...but this makes me not like Patty.
Patty sounds like a very mean and unhappy person, poor stylist.

1516 days ago


that was difficult to listen to. i would have hated to be the recipient of that rage.

1516 days ago


This common piece of trash should graze in private. No more chewing your cud within human earshot. You are "udderley" disgusting.

1516 days ago

Bee Sting    

Patti has absolutely no class whatsoever, as copiously demonstrated by that ego vomit on tape. The thing that gets me is that her style sucks the big one anyway, so perhaps she should listen to the stylist. Her style the sartorial version of black lacquer, gold lame, and animal prints. She'll be history soon a few years at most. Then it'll be "Whaever happened to..."? shows.

1516 days ago


Patti has a penis!
Now it all makes sense!

Butt ugly and a bad attitude are not a great combo.

1516 days ago


Wow...glad I am not forced to deal with beoches in Hollyweird like her! I will continue to be happy making my humble wages as a teacher; the more that shiz like this comes out, the happier I am that I am not rich and famous. More often than not, it ends up ruining people. Clearly she is an unhappy person because happy people treat others with kindness. She is fugly -- inside and out -- and I will no longer watch her show. (My husband has often said that my I.Q. drops every time I watch her show portraying women herded up for a cattle auction.)

1516 days ago


This is old stuff but didn't this mess make hateful comment about Bethenny being pregnant. Something like "any cow can have a baby". I don't think so Patti, you can't. Karma, it's a blast.

1516 days ago


Sorry the stylist is in the wrong here. Patty hired this woman to make her look good and I'm sure she pays her decent money to do this. A stylist should know their clients choice of style and dimensions and what it takes to make them look top of the line. Apparently this woman doesn't know how to style properly and she got her ass chewed out. If people would do their jobs right in the first place they would not get yelled at. End of story.

1515 days ago


Totally turned off.

1515 days ago
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