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TV 'Matchmaker' Shreds Stylist a la Christian Bale

8/30/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Patti Stanger, TV's "Millionaire Matchmaker," went absolutely nuclear on a stylist who didn't bring nearly enough style to the table -- in Patti's opinion -- and the ballistic tirade was all caught on tape.

TMZ obtained a recording of the recent NYC meeting between Patti, her stylist Lauren Solomon, and a few other assistants. According to sources, Lauren was showing Patti possible outfits for upcoming TV appearances ... including a "Today" segment with Elle magazine's Joe Zee.

As Patti shrieked -- in her best Christian Bale voice -- "This is Elle f**king magazine! This is the big one!!" Another must-hear gem ... Patti's rant about the proper way to take measurements. 

We're told Patti and Lauren are "best friends" and that Patti viewed this as "just an argument."

We're guessing a little Prada would've gone a long way to calm the situation.


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You morons need to grow up and get over the CB tape already. it's called taking something out of context. there is NOT A NICER guy in Hollyweird than Christian Bale. When was the last time you donated **** loads of money to help kids, the environment, whales, animals, cancer patients....etc etc? probably never.

as for Patti....she is as crazy and uncouth as one can be.

so don't compare someone's TRUE character to someone PLAYING a character.

1491 days ago


Patti is always nasty, except when the nice, hot millionaires are around her. This time she was her true self lol, only she couldn't mask it hehind her phony TV "air kisses" and fake smiles. Could she be any more full of herself? I think not.
And I believe SHE has uses the word ' KARMA ' alot lmao!!!
My condolences to her fiancee lol.

1491 days ago


i hate people that think they are famous and important to the world. People like this should be not even get air time. They make no positive difference to society.

1491 days ago


it's actually not that bad, i have to say. kind of a let-down, lol

her points where somewhat reasonable and she never really lost it with her tone

i can imagine a number of stars or rising/wannabe stars doing much much worse. would like to hear that.... madonna, houston, kanye west, dina lohan or someone else who truly has no respect for other human beings...on one of these rants...? now that would be gold

1487 days ago


Guess what? Working in this industry, we know that the stylist probably deserved her tongue lashing. She sounds totally incompetent, this is info even an intern should know.
Don't blame Patti, sack the stylist!

1485 days ago


I really don't see what the big deal is - it sounds like her stylist doesn't really know what she's doing. It's not like Patti was attacking her character or the way she looks, she was upset that her stylist/BFF had made a major mistake by not knowing the techniques of her industry, or even Patti's style for that matter (for example, it sounds like Patti doesn't wear Vnecks "because of her boobs"; her stylist should have remembered that...) Throwing in a few "****ings" here and there doesn't make her a monster. She could have been nicer, but again - not the worst in the world. Certainly not on the level of Mel Gibson or Naomi Campbell.

1484 days ago


It is illegal to secretly tape someone in most states. I neglected to mention that some jurisdictions have exceptions, but your blanket statement about New York being a "ONE-PARTY STATE" is also inadequate and misleading. You left out a little matter of intent, and God knows lawyers never argue over a little thing like that. The next time I post on TMZ I'll try and pretend I'm writing for the law review. Try not to skewer me with your learned reply.

Posted at 6:10 AM on Aug 30, 2010 by Production Assistant


"Intent" does not come into play here because neither a crime nor a tort is present. NY is a one-party state. PERIOD. Anyone can legally tape any conversation to which he or she is a party without need for obtaining the other party's consent. It is a blanket statement because in NY the law is "black letter" in this area. ONE PARTY CONSENT is sufficient. PERIOD.

Depending upon the cir***stances, the subsequent USE of the tape might be illegal -- for example, if there is an attempt to illegally extort money from the surreptitiously-taped party -- but the TAPING itself IS NOT ILLEGAL IN NY.

You know, the law is not learned by working as a Production Assistant on Boston Legal. It is a complex profession requiring years of education, training and practice. I have put in those years. You clearly have not. So where is the logic in your attempting to argue about an area in which you clearly possess ZERO knowledge?

1484 days ago


Whatever happen to beating the s**t out of someone? God... these hollywood people need to grow up or leave the country. Look at me... i'm hollywood and i don't know how to dress myself or feed myself or pay my bills or count my own money or even raise my kids that i bought from cambodia, russia and a surrogate mother.

1484 days ago

Melissa DubbleU    

Tranny with a TUDE.

I would have slapped he in the mouth. NO WAY would I ever allow someone to fire off insults over and over and over at me. Seriously...WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS. BEOTCH.

1484 days ago


What a ****.

1484 days ago


How self-important!!!!!!! I am sure she expects respect and manners! To bad she has none to share.

1479 days ago

Tina X    

if I showed up and had to be on TV and there were no clothes to wear I'd go off on someone too...Medicority is frustrating

1443 days ago

Jack Harris    

Big surprise....the nasty fat spoiled yenta is screeching at her underlings. Must have gotten a bad batch of gefilte fish.

1427 days ago


I actually liked Patti because she seemed real and self-made and that made me believe her show and her business was real as well. I like seeing people that are real and have flaws.. Everyone has flaws. But, wow.. I guess I was wrong. I really believe a person's worst moments and their worst behavior defines who they are. I would have forgiven her if she apologized but she just complained about the way she was caught. I feel like the show is a scam like the Jerry Springer show. I used to like Bravo too, despite some of my misgivings. But, I do not know how Andy Cohen could possibly defend this sort of thing. Until she apologizes and accepts responsibility for her actions I will regard her and Bravo as pretty much trash. Sorry :/

1426 days ago


Patti knows NOTHING about style or clothes or anything else.

She is and will always be loud mouthed lower class tri-borough trash.

I saw the video of this ages ago, it's worse.

1413 days ago
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