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Sam Ronson's Dog Cadillac Hits the Road

8/31/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Samantha Ronson's bulldog Cadillac has beat a hasty retreat from L.A. after a fatal run-in with a neighbor dog ... sources tell TMZ -- and we found out Cadillac has a biting record.

We've learned Sam sent her beloved bulldog packing for the East Coast to live with family  ... after the dog killed a 3-pound Maltese that was roaming the hallway without a leash Monday in Samantha's West Hollywood apartment building.

Sam -- who had worked the night before -- was at home sleeping when the attack occurred.  Some of her friends were in her unit.  We've learned the friends told Animal Control they heard a human scream and then opened the door and found Cadillac in the hallway alone -- there was no blood on the floor or on the bulldog.  None of Sam's friends are copping to allowing Cadillac to get out of the unit.


We've learned Cadillac previously bit another dog in the building and Sam agreed to send the pooch to a 3-week doggie boot camp for socialization.  Cadillac returned home just 5 days ago.

Neighbors tell TMZ Cadillac had also bitten a person in the building but we could not confirm it. 

Tiger is the first fatality.


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Shes a pathetic *******.

1480 days ago


I guess when this bitch was spouting off at the mouth about karma she didnt expect this **** to happen huh? To bad it had to take down someone elses poor pet ass well. Shes the true animal in the whole mess.

1480 days ago


@Swinson yeah but this is Hollyweird and if your a pseudo celeb you dont have consequence's for your actions.

Hiiiiii Jeffro11!!!! :)

1480 days ago


I'm not sure what type of dog that is, but it certainly isn't an English Bulldog, which is the 'bestest', sweetest, prettiest dog in the whole wide world!

I think the media is starting to refer to pitbulls as bulldogs. Get your breeds straight, please.

1480 days ago


I own an English Bulldog and they are known as one of the sweetest, friendliest breeds around. Also on our walks, on THREE separate occasions, LABS have attacked my Bullie. He stood there looking at me, waiting for me to help him. Not once did he fight back. Each time I had to take him to the vet to be treated for his wounds. I also own a Maltese. My Bullie and my Maltese eat, sleep and play together with no problems. I'm not sure who is at fault here but don't hate on an entire breed. So the precious Lab comments about how a Lab only protects the owner? We were attacked three times in as many months. The dogs all belonged to the same owner. Does that tell you something?

1480 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

Hiiiiii Jeffro11!!!! :)

Posted at 6:12 AM on Aug 31, 2010 by pammie8
Hey pammie, what's new?

1480 days ago


Not to much, whats new with you?

1480 days ago

Helen Van Patterson Patton     

The dog should be ordered back to Los Angeles and euthanized.

1480 days ago


@2,3,4 It's too early to make me laugh so hard.

1480 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

Not much here either, just working & keeping up with 'important' news, LOL.

1480 days ago

The Gorn    

If Ronson can't control her dog, she shouldn't be allowed to keep it.

1480 days ago


@Jeffro11 LOL yes very important news!

1480 days ago


Most of the comments on here regard banning the breed, or blaming the "meanness" of the dog. That is an English Bulldog, and they are naturally CALM, LOVING animals. They are listed in the top 10 breeds to have around children, due to their loving and patient nature. If this dog has aggressive tendencies, it is a result from lack of proper socialization skills from the owner. I've been around these dogs my entire life and have only seen 4 (FOUR) become aggressive-three were violently abused, while the last was given the 'run of the house' and was given signals that he was alpha to his owner.

It's not the breed, it's the owner.

1480 days ago


That adorable little dog was been killed because the fugly lesbo believed the community hallway in her building are her dogs private dog run.

1480 days ago


Sometimes it is not the breed it is the dog's temperment that is to blame. For example some pitbulls can be really sweet natured while some others fit the stereotype. In this case, Sam knew her bulldog had prior problems with biting and was aggressive. But, she did not take responsibility for the animal's behavior and "shipped it off." Sorry, but one would not blame the Maltese's owner for sueing her. Instead of another dog, the victim could have easily been a small child who managed to be in the hall of the complex, etc... where Ronson lived. Issue is the same an animal with past behavioral problems known to be aggressive and was unsupervised by the owner. Ronson is a horrible person to allow such an animal free reign. My sympathy to Tiger's owners.

1480 days ago
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