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Sam Ronson Dog Attack -- The Alleged 'Victim'

8/30/2010 8:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained this photo of little Tiger -- the two-year-old Maltese pooch that was allegedly mauled by Sam Ronson's bulldog, Cadillac, earlier today.

As we first reported, authorities received a 911 call from a person who claims Tiger and Tiger's owner were attacked by another dog near Sam's L.A. apartment.

Tiger later died as a result of his injuries.

R.I.P. Tiger
2008 - 2010


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Sadly, people (such as Ronson) buy breeds they have absolutely no idea about, and are daft to properly handle. Bulldogs were bred to fight. This is inherent in their nature. If not properly contained, they become a killing machine (as in this story). Problem now is, 2 dogs become a casualty for 1 human's negligence.

1424 days ago


Poor little doggy, so sad and so preventable. People need to keep their dogs under control, especially bull dogs.

1424 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

Why is it assumed that the bulldog was the aggressor? Those little dogs often have "Napoleon Syndrome" and go after bigger dogs.

And if you put yourself between two fighting dogs, don't beotch when you get bit.

1424 days ago


I hope Sam feels horrible about this. Poor Tiger! Sam Ronson should have that animal on a leash or properly secured in her yard. Losing a dog is loosing a family member. I feel for the owner. Sam Ronson, I sure hope you can sleep tonight..

1424 days ago


Man! That's ruff, (pardon the pun). Only 2 years old :(

1424 days ago


I just lost a cat to some neighborhood dogs that got out of their yard, both dogs huskies on had only 3 legs, yet my poor cat who bolted out of the house at the wrong time (indoor cat) I somehow cannot blame the dogs or the owners. It was basic instinct on the dogs part-i however should smack the **** out of the dogs owners-anyway life goes on TMZ WHY A STORY ON BASIC BULL****-LET ME GUESS, YOU'LL BEAT THIS TA DEATH CAUSE YOUR BORED.

1424 days ago


Sad story. Both owners are responsible. Owners of little dogs should always be aware of their surroundings just as owners of bigger dogs should have control at all times. RIP Tiger.

1424 days ago


Hmmmm x17 is saying exactly the opposite happened. That Tiger attacked her owner and Sam's dog and was put down. If Caddy killed some other dog Animal Control surely would have taken her, and they didn't.

1424 days ago

Mayor of Poodle Town    

People who own vicious dogs, that attack innocent dogs like Tiger, should be be forced to pick up dog poop as community service for the rest of their lives... I hope Ronson gets her ass sued off.

1424 days ago


Poor little Tiger. That owner must be devastated.

One of my small dogs was attacked by a pitbull one day out of the blue and he wasn't "asking for it" on any level. My dog was just sitting down, minding his own business, when this thing went after him like he was something to eat. The pitbull's owner was stunned because she was always "so sweet." I kicked the sh*t out of the pitbull's ears, which diverted her attention, and her owner pulled her off of my dog before he was killed. Sweet my as*!

Bulldogs CAN be very agressive - notice I said CAN not ARE -as they were originally bred to bait bulls (hence the name) and fight for sport. People that own dogs bred for fighting need to take extra precautions to keep those dogs away from others. There's no excuse for this type of thing. I hope Tiger's owner sues that Ronson dude for the maximum amount and gets it.

1424 days ago


Poor little Tiger, R.I.P. If the dog was off the leash, the owner should be in trouble and now the dog has killed it will need to be put down too!! Personally, if the owner (if it is Sam Ronson) was put down it would be better - if the owner had done the responsible thing and leashed the dog and held it back this cute, small dog would not be dead!! Nor would the bulldog be given a death sentence!! Not all bulldogs are aggressive!
The victims owner must be in shock right now, I know when my Golden Labrador was attacked in a park by a pitbull and another dog (can't remember the breed now - must be getting old lol!), her yelps of pain were horrific! The owner of the pitbull and other dog had to punch the dog in the nose to get it to finally release my poor lab, and although she was bigger than them she was terrified! The stitches she needed and pain she was in was horrendous, but luckily she survived and lived until she was 13! The owner had run off with his dogs while we were still helping our dog, no name, no address, no way of finding out who he was, although someone did mention it sounded like a pitbull that previously attacked another dog and a human!!
People who've never owned a dog or cat even, don't understand when you cry and grieve for them as a family member, they just think you've lost it!

1424 days ago


kill the ****ers dog too, this is ****. if it was my dog I would shoot the f'ing bulldog!!

1424 days ago


Awww....poor little cute dog. My sympathies go out to the owner.

As for sam ronson the victim's owner should sue her and the ACS should've picked up the bulldog!!!

1424 days ago


this is not the first time this dog has attacked another dog! It attacked another small dog in this building and bite the lady who was holding it. Bottom line, this is the owner fault! If you cannot control your dog then you do not deserve to own it. If Sam had only taken the time to get this dog trained none of this would have happened. I don't believe dogs are born mean, their owners make them that way. Hey Sam, where are you hiding the dog now??????????????

1424 days ago


How do we know it wasn't Sam herself who bit the poor dog?

1424 days ago
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