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Sam Ronson Dog Attack -- The Alleged 'Victim'

8/30/2010 8:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained this photo of little Tiger -- the two-year-old Maltese pooch that was allegedly mauled by Sam Ronson's bulldog, Cadillac, earlier today.

As we first reported, authorities received a 911 call from a person who claims Tiger and Tiger's owner were attacked by another dog near Sam's L.A. apartment.

Tiger later died as a result of his injuries.

R.I.P. Tiger
2008 - 2010


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I think this is the only time Samantha Ronson hasn't been a smart ass on Twitter, she knows she's in trouble and she should be!

1515 days ago


OMG Bulldogs are not mean dogs. This was a freak accident.

1515 days ago


I was an Animal Control Officer for 20 years, and have responded to this type of tragedy too often.
This attack could have been acted out by a labrador. People are lulled into thinking they own a sweet domesticated doggie.
But folks, it can happen to your own child, or someone else's. Dogs are predatory animals. No amount of socialization will guarantee that you pet won't be triggered by something and follow natural impulses.
I fear Samantha has lost her pet. That dog will likely be euthanized.
That is the prevailing law, if the dog was aggressive to a human.

1515 days ago


I rescue dogs-but I say destroy the bulldog and I hope Tiger's owner's sue Ronson-whoever the H**l she is-yes I know she is "whatever" to Lohan, but honestly who cares-so over it and all the Hollywood has beens--Gag---

1515 days ago


poor little pup..Tiger is at the Rainbow Bridge.. to soon.. Sam should be ashamed of herself..i would feel so bad if i were her.. i hope she apologized to Tiger's family and i hope she can help them in their grief.. very sad indeed...

1515 days ago


Did the bitch have time to call Gloria 'I'll sue you' Allred before dying? GA chases ambulances, and I'm sure she'd pick up the case for a little white bitch of a dog.

1515 days ago


Poor little dog. That idiot sam ronson was probably too wasted to pay attention to what her dog was doing.

1515 days ago


Tiger was so cute...this is horrible! Sam Ronson's dog has probably been trained to attack because Sam is a dumb ass bitch (I know this beacuse of the fact that she associates with Lohan). I hope she is charged and blacklisted from owning anymore animals.


1515 days ago


very very sad.. SamR needs to be held accountable for her dog doing this.......RIP Tiger and prayers go to Tigers owner

1515 days ago


#79 should read about the lady from England who put a friendly cat that walked up to her into a trash bin and left it there.

That is just psycho. About half the people in England think she's a total s***bag who should be thrown into a trash bin herself somewhere.

Here's what the "Mary Bale Hate Group" on Facebook thinks of her:

"Animal lovers have been channelling their anger through the social networking site, with alarming results. One group, Death to Mary Bale, was taken down by moderators after members called for her to be "repeatedly head-butted" and "flogged to within an inch of her life, the evil bitch". There were still several groups dedicated to her at the time of writing, including the Mary Bale Hate Group, which had 7,649 members.

Samantha better lie low around L.A. for awhile too. There's a bunch of actors and actresses in Hollywood who are animal activists in PETA. They'll probably want to yell at her for being a bad dog owner.

1515 days ago


I've been around a number of different types of dogs in my life and the only time I've ever been bitten was by one of these Maltese purse puppets. In my opinion they're ill tempered and, to be frank, quite stupid. I love most dogs but I bet this one instigated it's own death. Darwinism was at work here, folks.

1515 days ago

Princess Jackson    

Poor thing. May justice be served.

1515 days ago


I stand corrected and the dog is a English Bulldog. So sad, the poor little dog was only 2-5 lbs. Poor thing didn't have a chance against a 60lb dog. Sam's dog should have been confined or leashed. Just a shame.
Love TMZ!

1515 days ago


Bulldog or Pitbull? Not likely an actual English Bulldog did this.
People call Pitbulls, Bulldog to make them sound nicer.
Pitbulls have been breed for generations to be vicious and killers. It's in their
genetics and much different than a English Bulldog.
Please clarify.
Thanks I love TMZ. You guys always try to be accurate and I believe people appreciate that.

1515 days ago

Lisa Johnson    

I hope she gets prosecuted!

1515 days ago
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