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Sam Ronson Dog Attack -- The Alleged 'Victim'

8/30/2010 8:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained this photo of little Tiger -- the two-year-old Maltese pooch that was allegedly mauled by Sam Ronson's bulldog, Cadillac, earlier today.

As we first reported, authorities received a 911 call from a person who claims Tiger and Tiger's owner were attacked by another dog near Sam's L.A. apartment.

Tiger later died as a result of his injuries.

R.I.P. Tiger
2008 - 2010


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GA shutup and realize that most people love their small dogs more than your parents love you.

So sorry for your aunt, Mike A...just a horrific, senseless thing to have happened. My heart goes out to her. RIP Tiger.

1481 days ago


@Michelle and anyone else with a little dog - NO!!! You shouldn't pick the dog up when a big dog is within 10ft. THIS is why the little dogs owner is likely to be bitten also. NOT because the big dog is human aggressive, but because the big dog is trying to get the little dog (uh, DOG aggressive).

Like the truth or not, IT'S A DOG FIGHT. Something that has happened in nature for centuries. Only in the past year has this become associated with an 'attack' with a 'victim' named.

Stop 'humnanizing' your dogs, TRAIN THEM, LEASH THEM, and be responsible for them. If you allow a dog fight to occur, prepare to either get bitten for stepping into the middle, or for some dog to win and some dog to lose. It's nature people.

1481 days ago


Sad incident, but I don' think the dog should be put down. What happened is a a natural event for this type of animal. It should be relocated to someone who knows how to handle it. It's the owners who should pay for being irresponsible, and they should receive heavy fines. This is the only way people will stop keeping these animals unless they can treat, look after and keep these dogs responsibily.

1481 days ago


what a sad story. this dog is so cute :( . Ronson will go down, not just on lindsey...

1481 days ago


RIP Tiger:-( Such a little cutie! I wasn't a huge dog person, but now that I have my Sasha I would lose my mind if something like this happened to her.

1481 days ago

DogLover in Jersey    

Once again another tradegy could have been avoided. People, keep your dogs on a leash. Ronsan, your old enough to know better. As a dog owner, my sincere sympathy to the owner of the little dog. May he RIP.

1481 days ago


I have a Maltese...they are not vicious dogs. This baby had no chance if a pitbull got ahead of him. My sympathy goes out to Tiger's owner. And the pitbull, should be removed.

1481 days ago


**** you sam nobody! i cant even remember your last name thats how irrelevant you are! you are only famous because of Lilo and i think your such filth because of it. especially since your disgusting dog killed that poor animal. hopefully you and your dog will be put away so NOONE has to look at ur fuglyness

1481 days ago


The real crime is leaving the dogs hair that long in the California heat! Do people have no empathy for their pets?

1481 days ago


I really don't think people should have aggresive breeds of dogs! Or if they choose to they should be under strict guidelines. My husband who is a police officer had to shoot one of these aggresive breeds when it attacked a man at a park while walking his dog "on a leash." He managed to climb up on a brick wall trying to escape the attack and the dog was still jumping trying to bite the owner or his dog.
To the owner of Tiger, I'm so sorry for your loss. Please read the poem Rainbow Bridge if you have a chance!

1481 days ago


That dog looks so poorly groomed and was allowed to roam around. Shame on you.


1481 days ago


Bet that vicious dog is a pit bull, not a bull dog

1481 days ago


DogLover in Jersey:

CAN YOU READ? Or do you just look at the pictures!?

Ronsons dog is NOT A PIT BULL!!!

This story has nothing to do with a pit bull except for typical media bias misreporting events/facts, as usual.

Had this not been a D-Listers dog involved, they would've reported it as a pit bull and NEVER printed the correction -- now we know why, it doesn't matter if its printed because ILLITERATES like NJ Doglover doesn't bother reading!!


1481 days ago


In my experience, literally thousands of dogs in all situations, I think the maltese breed is one of the sweetest smartest dogs I have known. Even crossbred maltese pups are love muffins.

1481 days ago


i love how someone said "i dont know who this GUY is" ....sam ronson is lindsay lohan's on again/off again girlfriend...

i feel really bad for the owner of Tiger :( so hard to lose a "family" member. RIP tiger!!!


1480 days ago
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