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Playboy Model Accidentally Jacks Nozzle

9/1/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Playboy model Kara Jo forgot to do one little thing when she left a gas station in San Diego the other day ...


**Hint** ... she forgot to unplug the f**king gas nozzle!!!!!


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In Kara's defense this happened in the wee hours of the morning after a night of partying and knowing her she was probably on her phone. This happened in Santa Fe, Texas not SD. It was a good laugh. She didn't know it was there till the next mornig when her brothers girlfriend seen it at her house and called her to come down and look. She probably drove 3 or so miles with it attached to her car.

1480 days ago


You people need to get a life. We think this is funny. It was not staged just a dumb moment. Of course all you ass holes that have said crude and rude remarks have never done any thing dumb. You probaly have no sense of humor either. Kara is a little bit blonde but her parents are proud of her.

1480 days ago


Kara's family and friends that truly know her can get a laugh from her silly events. This was truly funny. It is unfortunate that the negative species in our society today feel the need to behave so badly and of course, publicly post their ugly comments. Is it a lack of self-worth that causes those to make such horrible statements?????

1480 days ago


Yes, she´s blonde..

1480 days ago


lmfao! I think that confirms the amount of brain power most playboy models possess... pretty sad.. hahaha

1480 days ago


Now, what is the old saying. . . if her brain was a big as her t!ts she would be a freaking genius. . . maybe it's all silicone?

1480 days ago


Gotta love the bunnies. ha

1480 days ago


OMG!! I did the same thing when I was 15 years old, However back then the hose wasn't designed to break away. So I dragged the whole Gas Pump about 15 feet and the residual gas in the pump and hose ignited leaving a fire trail. Luckily the attendant had shut off the main pump. She probably got distracted... that's what happened to me. Awesome!!!

1479 days ago

Vote NO Meg Whitman    

So staged. TMZ why do you fall for things that anybody can see is phoney?

1479 days ago


Okay all you idiots out there that think you know everything...I am Kara's mother & this was NOT was noticed at 7am the following morning, we woke her up to come down & see...her brother & I were ready to take a picture of her expression. Kara is a very beautiful person both inside & out...she also has southern manners...unlike some of you rude people out there. To all of us that know Kara...this was funny & we appreciated the laugh ;-)

1479 days ago


Hey Umm TMZ u might want to get your facts Straight You know because you always tell the True and do ur Research and everything right. Cause if she did do that in San Diego that is one heck of a drive she made to get where this pic was taken. I know Kara Jo went to school with her and that is not San Diego. Like always The Media cant get anything right.

1477 days ago


If you jackasses knew ANYTHING (which you obviously don't), you'd know that pump hoses are now required to have "disconnects" that not only avoid damage when people forget to 'unplug', but also ensure that there is a minimum of vapors and/or fuel spilled when it happens.

And you'd be amazed how many 'normal' people do the same damn thing.

Now step away from the computer and go try to make a real life for yourselves, ya buncha losers!

1477 days ago


Just to clarify, I've worked at a gas station in my young days and this happens more often than you all can imagine.

As far as damage, you wouldn't have damage on your car because of how the hose is made. It won't sling shot back at your car because of the safety socket at the end of the hose in the picture. It prevents people from ripping out the whole gas pump. A little tension on the hose and a little pin just breaks. Not even enough to feel it when u are driving off. Basically, you could rip the hose out of the pump with your hands that easily.

Judging by her mirrors, theres no way to see that she's dragging something by looking in them. What IS surprising is that she's driving a newer model car which most of sensors telling you that your gas cap is open...

1476 days ago


She's drving that POS car because she recentaly went through a bad divorce. Her EXhusband bought her a hummer and then found out she was *ucking all his friends so, he DIVORCED her and with the little money she got for taking off her clothes, she bought that fabulous car. Oh, and thats not is SanDiego, thats at her parents house where she lives now in the garage apartment.

1468 days ago


Well, its not staged because i know her like a book, she didn't have far to go, maybe a few miles at wee hours in the night, drunk as a skunk, not knowing till she was woke up in the morning. so don't be haters on her, shes a funny girl!! Take it easy on her, what do you do when your drunk?

1460 days ago
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