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'New Jersey Housewife'

Double My Pay

or I'll Quit!

9/1/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Giudice is "ready to walk away" from the show unless producers cough up "Jersey Shore money" ... and fast!!!

Sources connected to the show tell us "several of the women are no longer satisfied with their deals" and will not show up to begin shooting Season 3 on September 3rd -- unless they get new contracts worth significantly more moolah. 

We're told Teresa -- who's financial issues have been a major plot point on the show -- is the most adamant about the contract situation ... asking for a cut of the DVD and merchandise sales ... freedom to make more paid appearances ... and her salary DOUBLED.

A source extremely close to Teresa tells us, “She would like to be paid more equivalent to what the 'Jersey Shore' kids are getting" .... adding, "If she’s not treated better by Bravo, she’s ready to walk away.”

FYI -- the "Jersey Shore" kids are reportedly pulling in around $30k per episode.

A rep for Bravo tells us they don't comment on contract negotiations.


No Avatar


I sure won't miss ANY of these reality show people!!! Cancel all that sh*t!!!

1515 days ago


I do see Theresa's point. The show has become very popular, and as shows grow in popularity the salarys need to grow also. It has nothing to do with her bankruptcy,or who dumb or smart she is. She's absolutely right, the Jersey Shore kids did it, so why shouldn't she? If Bravo doesn't like it, they just won't resign her. so what?

1515 days ago


Ok, quit!

1515 days ago


BTW, Danielle and Dina were the stars of this show and now that they are gone so are the viewers.

I sure as heck won't watch "tick as teeves" hang out with "prostitute whoore with a 2head".

1515 days ago

Brie's Mom    

They are such Faux Catholic's too. They make a mockery of the baptism which is a sacrament in the church. Thank God the Priest did not allow his picture to be used. The Arch Diosese of NJ should sue them for using the footage they shot inside of the church and showed on the show. As the Arch Diosese of Atlanta does not allow you to vidio tape the Sacrements, you can only have an approved Photographer for the Catholic Sacrements.

Absolutely, no good Catholic throws a big wedding like 200 person Wedding like party for a babies baptism. It is a small family party at home maybe 20-50 for lunch or brunch in a Resturant in you have a large Catholic Family. I have a large Catholic Family with 25 first cousins on one side and 22 on the other and we celebrated every sacrement but never had a ridiulous showy party like this. Catholics do not have big Bar or Bat Mitzva like party's for Baptisms.

Teresa has got to go.

1515 days ago

Voted 4 Obama and Completed my Census    

Let her azz go. Time for some newbies anyway. Danielle's gone where will the drama be?

1515 days ago

The Mink    

Bye Bye!

1515 days ago


Give it to them Bravo!!
They give up their privacy for you, so you need to
pay them. They are worth the entertainment to me.
All of them except Danielle. Good for you to fire her.

1515 days ago


Is her house really "Under Foreclosure?" Learn to speak English honey---you're not in Paterson anymore!!

1515 days ago


I agree with POSTER 11. IF YOU DON'T MAKE A FAVORABLE POST TO THERESA'S BLOG, THEY WON'T POST IT. Danielle may be a nut job but she looked like a saint next to Theresa's FILTHY mouth the other night. Andy let Theresa get off with her answers. Asked about the auction she knew nothing. He didn't have the b@lls to ask her then how did all the pixs get taken of your gaudy garbage for the internet? She said in an article Joe controls her credit cards??? How in the world can you have a credit card with a $11 million dollar debt? Andy is REALLY afraid of this crazy woman. No one talks the way she does and can say with a straight mouth, "I never talk that way and her buddy Jackquline and Caroline say they never seen her talk like this. This show needs to END. They are worse than ATL. The poster about Jacquiline being an ESCORT? Is that true????

1515 days ago


What makes her think that she will get this deal when the other housewives don't get those kind of deals. You are not that special to keep on the show.

1515 days ago


Let em walk!!!!!! Tired of her more than the others! Jersey is old & boring now - bring on Beverly Hills!

1515 days ago


I think it's just rude to call her daughters ugly. Grow up people. She is a sweet person who made a mistake, and spent money she didn't have. I'm sure over half of the people who have commented on this have some form of debt. I love Theresa and all of the housewives, except Danielle. I'd get in her face too if she tried to talk about my family. You get your money Theresa. Also, really anyone who talked about her kids, you're a lowlife yourself.

1514 days ago


This woman looks like a bad tranny and has no class. Her family is the worst example of new money. Now it's gone money. She's not entertaining enough to keep around. We all knew her family had financial issues, yet, they paraded around like it wasn't an issue. Could this be the reason her husband was such an a$$ in Italy? He knew they were about to lose it all.
Another thing... I have lived in south Florida with people from Jersey and New York, as a rule, they think they are smarter than everyone else and I found it to be the opposite. They are pretty dumb and have no class at all.

1514 days ago


I agree that if she gets the money, it should go directly to her creditors, or to the government for taxes she owes. She already has more clothes and furniture than many stores have.

1514 days ago
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