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Sam Ronson -- Focus of Criminal Investigation

8/31/2010 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a criminal investigation underway in connection with the fatal attack involving Samantha Ronson's dog.

Sam Ronson's Dog

Officials from the County Department of Animal Care & Control tell TMZ there is a criminal investigation underway to determine cause of death for Tiger, the 3-pound Maltese that was killed after Sam's bulldog, Cadillac, got out of her apartment unit yesterday.

We're told Ronson -- who was sleeping at the time of the attack -- is the subject of the criminal investigation.  

An Animal Control official tells us they will be looking at the circumstances of the attack and Cadillac's propensity for violence.  As we first reported, Cadillac had attacked another dog a while back and had actually just come home from a 3-week socialization program.

Animal Control tells us this could be a 2 to 3 month investigation.


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Wow, 2 to 3 months to determine how a 3 pound dog was killed by a bulldog? You obviously don’t have to be a rocket scientist (or even have an I.Q. above 70) to work for animal control.

1410 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    


After Tila's fake injuries for attention the last time around, that wolf-crying child gets no sympathy from me either.

What was the OTHER dog doing in the hall... no mention if that dog was alone... and if you were there with your dog and saw a bulldog running after it, would you not try an help it????

i thought so... either the owner of the maltese did NOTHING to stop this attack, or had allowed the dog to slip out, just like ronson's dog did.

I worked in a vets office and you wouldn't believe the things people try to get out of and away with when their animals get hurt. (one example was an UNLEASHED dog ran into the road after a squirrel and got hit, dog died and she wanted to charge the driver... blame game... it's all it is, no one ever responsible for their actions)

1410 days ago


Reasons like this is why Cali is broke... investigation? if the dog ****s out furballs, that's evidence he was eaten. Simple.

1410 days ago


Ronson looks like Wil Wheaton with AIDS.

1410 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

on the other hand... yeah kill the dog and jail the owner... good plan guys.

if the dog is violent, it should be put down... I don't deny that

but jail ronson for it?? i'm glad i'm not an american, because if my tax dollars went to pay for someone's jail time over a reason like that i would defect...

1410 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

don't forget, it's YOUR tax dollars that pay for the people incarcerated... if you have that much money to throw around, but the other woman a new dog

1410 days ago



This little boy isn't interesting enough to continue to post on, who cares?

1410 days ago

Helen Van Patterson Patton     

Cadillac needs to be euthanized ASAP!

1410 days ago


Her attempt to hide her dog that really needs to be put down is disturbing. From where does she get this sense of entitlement?

1410 days ago


That chick is so messed up on drugs -- i'm not surprised at this at all!!!!!!!!!!!! Get off drugs and get your life in order!!! Jesus!!!!!!!

1410 days ago


Maybe the people from the TV show "Animal Cops" will come to Samantha's apartment and investigate this dog killing.

I've seen other Hollywood stars on that TV show called "The Dog Whisperer".

I wonder what Cesar Milan would do with an aggressive dog that has already been aggressive with other dogs and killed one like Samantha's dog did.

If he didn't recommend euthanizing her dog "Cadillac", I bet he wouldn't want Samantha to be taking care of him anymore. Not in an apartment complex with lots of other people and dogs around. That dog might need to be put out on a farm with a big fenced-in yard or something.

1410 days ago


funny how she rags on everyone on tweeter,
i"d rather i got caught w cocaine then KILL ANOTHER CREATURE ON EARTH.

stupid bitch..
i hope she gets SUED

1410 days ago


People who own dogs that are capable of killing (whether their moron owners swear by them or not) should be forced to fence in their yard and never bring the dogs out in public period. When I walk down the street and some corn hole is walking his dog and it starts jumping at me (until the owner yanks the chain) it pisses me off. All you dog owners who have had your dog take a run at someone on the street (and that's probably all of you at one time or another whether you will admit it or not) How would you like it if I walked down the street all the time and pulled out a gun and pointed it at you, then put it away without shooting? Then when you complain that people shouldn't be allowed to walk around with hand guns I start lecturing you on how I'm a responsible gun owner and I never allow the trigger to be pulled and my gun is never loaded anyway yadda yadda yadda?
Sure you may find yourself staring down the barrel of my .45 every once in a while on the street but don't worry I have everything under control and you would never actually get shot.
Dogs suck ass (at least in the city they do) they are nothing more then a status symbol and I'm damn sick of idiots that own pitbulls preaching about how their dog knows better and the dogs that we're talking about just have bad owners.
And it's not just pitbulls. Any of these breed that are capable of killing a person should be banned from cities period. It's bad enough that parents have to be hypervigilantly watching for pedophiles and kidnappers. They also have to be worried that your demon spawn puppy might get over excited and yank the leash out of your hand and chew their kids faces off.
An owner of one of these dogs should not be allowed to report to the rest of us what his dog is and isn't capable of. You lose that right when you brought a dog like that in a heavily populated area. Every one of you idiots swears your dog is fine yet these things still happen.
Prisons are filled with *******s whose parents would have sworn under oath were good boys who would never hurt a fly. That's why courts don't put much stock in what mommy says at trial.
And I'm sick of seeing these lonely apartment dwelling bitches out at 6:00 AM walking these massive dogs they barely have the strength to hold keep up with. They think the dog will protect them and have their backs now that they've given up on life after the last 50 guys they've dated used them for sex and then ran off with their ATM cards. A big hairy 200 pound dog is not a substitute for love you silly skanks. It wont make up for all the bad decisions you've made. Either way your still left holding a big bag of ****..

Well now that I've offended pretty much everyone I'm out...

1410 days ago


This gal is obviously a slammer. She could find her fanny with a road map!

1410 days ago


This is complete bull crap (well, in this case..Bull Dog crap)! If Sam was just an average Joe (I would have called her an average Jane, but in this case I'm not sure if she really is female) her dog would have already been put to sleep! Especially if he has attacked another dog previously! I'm so sick of celebs getting away with everything! The cops keeps saying they never give celebs special treatment, and that is total crap too! I'm so sick of all these celebs who does nothing but go to bars and clubs every waking minute of every day and breaks the law because they think they are better than everybody else and they know they will get away with it. They don't care if they get behind the wheel all drugged up and they kill innocent people! How many times has somebody actually gotten killed by these psycho celebs because they are either drunk, drugged up, or just doesn't give a rat's a$$? I hardly ever read this website anymore because these celebs make me sick! I wish they would just get a real job already or disappear altogether!

1410 days ago
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