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Sam Ronson -- Focus of Criminal Investigation

8/31/2010 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a criminal investigation underway in connection with the fatal attack involving Samantha Ronson's dog.

Sam Ronson's Dog

Officials from the County Department of Animal Care & Control tell TMZ there is a criminal investigation underway to determine cause of death for Tiger, the 3-pound Maltese that was killed after Sam's bulldog, Cadillac, got out of her apartment unit yesterday.

We're told Ronson -- who was sleeping at the time of the attack -- is the subject of the criminal investigation.  

An Animal Control official tells us they will be looking at the circumstances of the attack and Cadillac's propensity for violence.  As we first reported, Cadillac had attacked another dog a while back and had actually just come home from a 3-week socialization program.

Animal Control tells us this could be a 2 to 3 month investigation.


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She is so ugly!

1516 days ago


I had a GF that had Maltese dogs. Always had to be careful because they were so small they would be easy pickings for other dogs. Leaving a Maltese out alone like that was asking for trouble. Although its tragic the bulldog killed the little dog you simply don't let tiny dogs out of the house unless its into a private fenced yard. Thats Pets101.

1516 days ago

Chun LI    

LMAO #12

1516 days ago


I don't think Samantha should own a dog she travels to much the dog was prob always in a create or cage it not far to the animal. Im not saying she not a good pet owner but you have to spend time with your animal,they should check out the breeder of the dog alot of people just breed dogs without getting them checked out.

1516 days ago


Tiger's cause of death... well, I've given this a lot of thought, but I'm thinking that the cause of death was injuries caused by a large set of jaws.

1516 days ago


Everytime I see pics of this skank, I think I know where Lohan gets her drugs! At the very least, seeing Ronson explains WHYS Lohan was doing drugs...

1516 days ago


The investigation is open and shut since Ronson went onto her Twiter account, a public domain and admitted her dog killed the Maltese. Then, she shipped the dog east to avoid having her dog put down. How much proof do these investigators need? Her dog attacked other dogs, went through rehab, it didn't take, because 5 days later it killed the little dog. She should be charged with hampering the apprehension of her dog, obstructing justice, failing to supervise a violent dog, she should be fined heavily, receive a jail term, and she should be banned from owning another pet. Period! That's what 'normal' citizens have happen when their dogs kill. She is not an exception.

1516 days ago


Why is everyone assuming that the Maltese was running around loose. This is what was reported :

"When local police arrived at the scene, Tiger was dead as a result of his injuries and its owner suffered only minor injuries from the incident, TMZ reports

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that someone called 911 just before noon on Monday, claiming a "pitbull" attacked a smaller dog, and then attacked the pet's female owner outside of a Los Angeles address that was found to belong to Ronson.

It was later revealed that the attacking dog was not a pitbull, but the celebrity DJ’s bulldog Cadillac.

TMZ has learned that the officials believed that the aggressive dog belonged to Ronson because the home address on dog's collar corresponded to her apartment".

It sounds like Cadillac attacked the little dog and the owner had some injuries trying to stop the attack. If this is the case, then Ronson is totally at fault.

1516 days ago


This is stupid. She was asleep. How can she be held accountable for what her dog did?
Sometimes tragic accidents happen.

Does everything have to result in being sued?

1516 days ago


The shame of it is a little dog is dead. It is possible the other dog was the aggressor. We just don't know. We do know the bulldog was out without a leash or a human, so this does not bode well for Ronson.

1516 days ago


I don't know the first thing about dogs, but just some observations. What kind of female wants a dog like the one Samantha had??? No female I know of. I've noticed before that Samantha has really changed for the worse looking from a picture of her with a guitar approximately 10 years ago. She's abnormally thin and strange looking. She is the flattest chested girl I have ever seen. Is she undergoing some type of operation to be a man like Chastity (now "Chaz" Bono)? I believe Samantha and "Chaz" needed long term therapy, not dogs or gender reassignment surgery for whatever is their problem.

1516 days ago


He should really keep an eye on his dog.

1516 days ago

Phil Osopher    

Hmm, the dog fled the jurisdiction....


1516 days ago


So were both dogs off leash?

1516 days ago


both sides lost pets, or will soon, that is sad. there are no winners here. I volunteer in a shelter and the price these animals pay because the owners are not behaving responsibly. get a dog, let it go out w/o a fenced in yd, get a cat, let it roam free. yes, things happen pets get loose but one time should be enough warning your failing them. you wouldn't let your child run loose w/o boundries...wake up pet owners. this dog will pay the ultimate price, because she failed him.

1516 days ago
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