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Sam Ronson -- Focus of Criminal Investigation

8/31/2010 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a criminal investigation underway in connection with the fatal attack involving Samantha Ronson's dog.

Sam Ronson's Dog

Officials from the County Department of Animal Care & Control tell TMZ there is a criminal investigation underway to determine cause of death for Tiger, the 3-pound Maltese that was killed after Sam's bulldog, Cadillac, got out of her apartment unit yesterday.

We're told Ronson -- who was sleeping at the time of the attack -- is the subject of the criminal investigation.  

An Animal Control official tells us they will be looking at the circumstances of the attack and Cadillac's propensity for violence.  As we first reported, Cadillac had attacked another dog a while back and had actually just come home from a 3-week socialization program.

Animal Control tells us this could be a 2 to 3 month investigation.


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yadda yadda    

although her dog is obviously dangers can't help but think "at least one less yippy, fru fru ankle biter to be annoyed in this world." My mom has one of these rats, I mean wanna be dogs, and they are an embarrassment to real dog owners.

That said, Sam shouldn't be allowed to own any more dogs, obviously she isn't a responsible pet owner.

1461 days ago


If you dog attacks or kills another dog, then in most places your dog has to be taken in, observed, and officially tested to see how aggressive he/she is. You have to prove your dog has it's proper shots. If she shipped that dog off, she could cause some poor woman to have rabies shots, when it is not necessary. How selfish!!!!

1461 days ago


If that Maltese was roaming alone without a leash just as the bulldog, it should not be anyone's fault...

its the natural instinct for Cadillac to attack another female dog then it was only doing what his mind was naturally telling her...

it is terribly sad but both dogs were out without their owners...IF the Maltese was out without her owner... without a leash, then no fault of anyone.

IF the Maltese was out with her owner but still not leashed, wouldn't that be also against the law? so it would still be no fault...

these types of events are very sad but i am so tired of people playing the victim all the time and having to blame someone of an accident...sometimes, you just have to morn then move on. tired of all stupid lawsuits!

1461 days ago


I'd say Cadillac has run through his three strikes. Owned 2 of the mutts and Bulldogs are dominant but not usually dog/human aggressive. An aggressive little **** created an aggressive little bulldog. SamRo is a waste of oxygen, thumbs down to everyone involved.

1461 days ago


Haven't guys ever watched Animal Cops? If they don't take an animal in when they first come out and the owner moves the animal, they can't do anything about it.

The victim can sue for the value of her dog.

1461 days ago


Sam was sleeping at the time, and her dog knows how to open the door and get loose?
The dog not only attacks and kills the dog, but attacks the lady. And this Crazy dog just got release from a program 3 weeks ago, for attacking another dog?
What will it take for these MORONS to Put this Dog Down? A Small Child who is Killed?
Where I live this Dog would have been Put to Sleep Already. It is a Animal that Obviously has Mental Problems. It Needs to go to Sleep Already.

1461 days ago


I can't even imagine how she feels, being a dog lover. OMG. Both were in the hallway without leashes. But, damn, I'd rather that the little one lived....sooooooooooo cute.

1461 days ago


I believe if she were not a "celebrity" animal control would have immediately taken the dog and probably put him down. It's disgusting they did not. Wherever the dog is he will probably end up killing another dog or biting another person. I am glad Ronson is under criminal investigation. She needs to be arrested because she is at fault for the dog being killed and a person being bitten. She knew the dog had already bitten a dog and maybe a person in the past and she let him come back which was wrong! If it were her dog who was killed she would probably be demanding the dog be put down. She is disgusting.

1461 days ago


Hopefully that mutt gets put down, STAT.

1461 days ago

dirty diana    

i have an idea! let's let ronson's killer dog, tila , kate and jon, the situation, snooki, lohan. paris , all go on survivior AND MAKE SURE THEY NEVER COME BACK!!!!! really, sucks about the dog, but yes dogs need leashes. my neighbors dog just got hit by a car, not on a leash and had to be put down yesterday. my 10 week old shihpoo STAYS on a leash at all times outside. it has to be that way for their own safety!!! dumbass owners!!!!

1461 days ago


I figured the dog would have learned to eat a *****CAT before a dog lol!

1461 days ago


Thats no woman, thats a dude.

1461 days ago


think SamRo will be spinning any Baha Men? you know "who who who let the dogs out?"

1461 days ago


Maybe if the lez paid more attention to what was going on with her vicious dog and got her head out of someone's crotch this wouldn't have happened! Don't blame the dead dog. What is wrong with you? If this happens to you, you won't be bending so far over to love a lezzy.

1461 days ago


Havent seen Lindsay hanging out with her lately. Maybe Lindsay is trying to stay away from slippery people. Maybe Lindsay is a different person now and take care of herself.The people you hang out with is very important in recovery.Keep up the good work Lindsay.Maybe this girl will see how much Lindsays changed and decide to make some changes herself.Lindsay diffently needs new friends that will better her life.Maybe she will desire men now thats she sober. I think shes had boyfriends in the past and it would be great if she could have her own family since her family is so messed up growing up. Her Dad burnt his bridge but if Lindsay wants to stay sober she will need to forgive him.

1461 days ago
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