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Sam Ronson -- Focus of Criminal Investigation

8/31/2010 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a criminal investigation underway in connection with the fatal attack involving Samantha Ronson's dog.

Sam Ronson's Dog

Officials from the County Department of Animal Care & Control tell TMZ there is a criminal investigation underway to determine cause of death for Tiger, the 3-pound Maltese that was killed after Sam's bulldog, Cadillac, got out of her apartment unit yesterday.

We're told Ronson -- who was sleeping at the time of the attack -- is the subject of the criminal investigation.  

An Animal Control official tells us they will be looking at the circumstances of the attack and Cadillac's propensity for violence.  As we first reported, Cadillac had attacked another dog a while back and had actually just come home from a 3-week socialization program.

Animal Control tells us this could be a 2 to 3 month investigation.


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to comment #91 - if you read previous posts the dog has attacked another dog before and allegedly a human as well, also if they were both in the hallway together unsupervised in the apartment building it would mean they were both off the leash from their owner and in a common area... either way i think you are being way too defensive over a dog which may not got the attention and exercise it needs due to the breed of dog it is and maybe becoming aggressive becos of this. We have dogs in my family (not small ones) and if mine had bitten/attacked on three occasions I would seriously be looking at protecting others rather then the dog by the least means putting a muzzle on it. otherwise next time it might be a small child and that would certainly not be good. besides she will probably get away with it because shes shipped the dog of to the east coast, which probably proves her guilt more then anything to get the dog away so it is not put down.

1514 days ago


I agree, Karma. I noticed how fast your fame disappeared when you broke up with her. Then suddenly, you`re little miss concerned, going to see her, texting, etc. Missed the cameras I guess. It couldn`t have been good for your drawing power. Tough.

1514 days ago


call the dog whisperer!

1514 days ago


This is an all time low... Saw You on TV - Come on TmZ...making fun of a dog that was slautered? *******s

1514 days ago


First off 91. HAWinLA, your an idiot.
Any violent attack by a dog is the responability of the owner.
Your theory is much like the provacativily dressed woman deserves to be raped.
The little dog prevoked a fight?
Again you are an idiot.
Hope truely you dont have a dog.
As You do not know anything at all about dog behavior and training.
Good night Creepy whoeveryouare

1514 days ago


No wonder California is broke. I took my cat to the vet the other day, and she tried to attack a Mastif. Let's see, 16 pound cat v 250 pound dog. No contest and had I not caught her, she would probably have been killed right in front of me. Is that cause for legal action? Because the cat is so fearless she doesn't realize how close she came to being dog food? I wouldn't try and file charges over that, and I don't believe it's warranted. The investigation would have lasted about 5 seconds. Dumb cat v huge dog, equals dead cat. Case closed. This situation is just that simple, small dog v bulldog, no contest, game over!

1514 days ago

Nolan Prunty    

Samantha Ronson is the ugliest girl I have ever seen. She looks disgusting in that picture

1514 days ago


Dogs are like children... they have to be trained to be taught to be sociable and obey instructions or the dog becomes the pack leader and does what it wants.

Sam was a useless dog owner and is responsible for how the dog evolved into the mean creature it was. Bulldogs are usually sociable dogs but her's was neglected and did what it wanted to.

Too many folk get dogs because it's a fashion statement. If you look at the photo, Sam's dog is pulling her... her control of the dog is minimal other than tugging the lead.

She should talk to the dog whisperer and get some advice before getting another dog.

1514 days ago


Throw her ass in Jail till the dog is produced and she sits in there till the dog is turned over to the proper authorities.
She is liable as a pet owner and her dog attacked another and bit the owner of the dead dog.

1514 days ago


From the tone of the comments, I gather most of you people are not dog owners. What happened is a tragidy for everybody - both the owners and the dogs. I have always owned big breeds and I have had a similar experience where my bloodhound accidently killed a Peke - while they were playing together and both owners were present - my dog just got too rough and broke the other dogs back. We were all heartbroken and I helped bury my neighboor's dog in their back yard - nobody sued, nobody got carried away and we are still friend with these people 34 years later - and the lady, a widow no, loves my rottweiler and American Bulldog. If you have animals, sometimes unfortunate things happen and it does not need to be blown out of proportion simply because the dog belongs to a "celebrity" - Unless this Ronson person is a real moron, she feels bad enough without all your snide comments and hateful remarks - let's save our vitrol for people who at least can defend themselves if they choose and let the little dog rest in peace and the big dog go live in the country. They are, after all, animals and have bred into them instincts for thousands of years. Back off and give all parties time to heal. And if you have never owned and loved a dog - please shut your pie hole, we don't need your uninformed opinion.

That is great! So the rest of us with small children should tolerate big dog owners parading your dangerous dogs (beasts)around us? How about keep your dog leashed and don't let it play with small dogs or anywhere around children. Stupid big dog owners that have no respect for others, and for some stupid reason think having dangerous dogs is "cool". The rest of the world does NOT need to hear your opinion

1514 days ago


I agree with Lola

I have a big dog (a Pyranese) and have had German shepherds in the past. They all went to obedience classes and are/were safe with other pets and children.

I have never owned a dog that attacked another and would certainly not brag about it.

One bite is too many.

Sam should be ashamed and should give the dog to the authorities.

1514 days ago


The only way she is even listed as a celeb is because of who she slept with.

Throw her skanky ass in jail till her dog is brought back to the proper authorities and put down for not only killing another dog but also the dead dogs owner.
Sleeping is not a good excuse for a pet owner, does she normally sleep with her doors unlocked and open?
What a dumb ass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1514 days ago

Jim Beam    

Her face looks like a catcher's mitt

1513 days ago


in civilized parts of the world, dogs usually only have a 2 bite policy (1 bite you get a warning, 2 bites, you're dog is for all intents and purpose: DEAD). This dog should be on the chopping block right now.

1513 days ago


WTF??? In my local paper, this week alone, there has been at least 5 dog attacks - against other dogs, children, babies, and pregnant women - and the attacking dogs have all been taken from their owners and euthanized. Why the HELL isn't Cadillac receiving the same treatment?? Stupid Hollywood bullsh*t!

1513 days ago
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