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Stallone Trespasser -- I 'Knocked Out' An Attack Dog

9/1/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The schmuck who broke onto Sylvester Stallone's estate last week tells us he K.O.'d an angry pit bull so he could get onto the property ... in a bonehead attempt to prove that he can be an action star. 

The guy behind the plot is 22-year-old Damon T. Dana -- who was arrested for trespassing on Sly's L.A. estate last Tuesday.

Dana tells us he just moved to the U.S. from Germany to be an action star ... and thought it would be a good idea to just show up to Sly's home and attempt to "impress him" with his martial arts skills.

For the record -- Stallone ... and cops ... don't it see the same way.

According to Dana, dude jumped the gate to the neighborhood and was immediately attacked by a pit bull ... which he claims to have "knocked out" with a left hook.

Next, Dana says he hopped another fence or two before ending up in Sly's yard -- where he stood outside "doing martial arts and working out" ... until private security took him down. Dude was eventually tossed in the slammer for trespassing.

Dana tells TMZ he's really a "good person" and was just looking for his big break. Sources close to Stallone tell us Sly was definitely not amused.


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Yeah, he proved he's a retard that can't even bust into a home properly. I'll bet his bros down in da hood be ridin' him fo sho!

1510 days ago

sloppy seconds    

go back to your crap country you euro-trash bag wannabe.

1510 days ago

evil king    

ten min of fame is nothing

1510 days ago


go home....TOOL

1510 days ago


Hey, it's Hollywood baby. Good for him. Hope he is successful.

1510 days ago


I hope he is here legally from germany.
Too bad he hit a I could care less.

1510 days ago

sloppy seconds    

aaahahaha he's a short little man too! LMFAO! nothing he can do about that! haahahahaha

nice RENTAL lambo you TOOL! another douche who's trying to be something in life only to find out we have plenty of SHORT males out there with dreadlocks, so we definitely DON'T need another one, especially from some eurotrash country. hahahaha

INS - please escort this idiot out of the country and ban him from returning please. thanks.

1510 days ago


A little known fact about Sly, that former body guards could tell you if not under non-disclosure agreements. Dude is one of the most security paranoid people in Hollywood. Hires extra bodyguards after threats are verified by the Secret Service. Not the kind of guy to be impressed by an upstart from overseas the way Arnold would be. Wanna be star (aka stalker) has guts but he'll get no glory from Rocky - Rocky is one of those icons wanna be's would love to beat up to prove how bad they are, so Sly has had ample reason to watch his six big time for decades. If he got beat up his career would be over, look at Shug and the Barber beating - loss of major respect equals loss of millions in Hollywood.

1510 days ago


The kid has moxy, I gotta say maybe Sly should give him a chance...

1510 days ago


I have a part in my upcoming film for him. Mini cornrow man!! It stars a cheesy short guy in a rental Lambo... I think you get the picture. What a chump!

1510 days ago


Nobody wants to give you a "big break" becaaaaaaaaaaaaause that would mean less for them.

1510 days ago

Professor Chaos    

Dumb German.

1510 days ago


Dude better have already obtained American citizenship because pulling foolish criminal stunts like this will get him deported back to Germany.

1510 days ago

Are you sure?    

What an idiot! I hope he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! I don't know many people who would hire someone that had broken into their home! This idiot's right up there with balloon boy's dad!

1510 days ago


He is lucky Sly didn't shoot his stupidity for trespassing. If someone enter my property and hit my dog....good luck with your life!

1510 days ago
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