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Stallone Trespasser -- I 'Knocked Out' An Attack Dog

9/1/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The schmuck who broke onto Sylvester Stallone's estate last week tells us he K.O.'d an angry pit bull so he could get onto the property ... in a bonehead attempt to prove that he can be an action star. 

The guy behind the plot is 22-year-old Damon T. Dana -- who was arrested for trespassing on Sly's L.A. estate last Tuesday.

Dana tells us he just moved to the U.S. from Germany to be an action star ... and thought it would be a good idea to just show up to Sly's home and attempt to "impress him" with his martial arts skills.

For the record -- Stallone ... and cops ... don't it see the same way.

According to Dana, dude jumped the gate to the neighborhood and was immediately attacked by a pit bull ... which he claims to have "knocked out" with a left hook.

Next, Dana says he hopped another fence or two before ending up in Sly's yard -- where he stood outside "doing martial arts and working out" ... until private security took him down. Dude was eventually tossed in the slammer for trespassing.

Dana tells TMZ he's really a "good person" and was just looking for his big break. Sources close to Stallone tell us Sly was definitely not amused.


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I want to know how the dog is doing that the stupid a@S knocked out! Why would he brag about doing sucha horrible thing.

1492 days ago


And thanks for encouraging behavior like this, TMZ.

1492 days ago


a good couple of months of salad tossing in county should bring him back to reality.

1492 days ago


yea, dogs cant punch back. If he bit the dog, then I would be more impressed.

1492 days ago


That's how Kris Kristofferson did it. He wanted Johhny Cash to notice him so he landed a helicopter in the middle of his property. Or so the story goes.

1492 days ago


I thought the Germans loved David Hasselhoff....not Sylvester Stallone! What is this world coming to? *sigh*

1492 days ago


Well this is not surprising. Sly was on Howard Stern last week and said that Jean Claude Van dbag came to this country and hid in Stallone's bushes outside his house and was doing kicks and stuff. Stallone said he gave him some advice and a ride somewhere. Well this weirdo probably tried the same thing.

1492 days ago


So knocking out a dog makes this guy tough? I wish Stallone would knock you out you piece of crap.

1492 days ago


well---here is where we are----only ONE ONE yes ONE person has a problem that a dog was hit so hard it knocked him out----this was a test to see if anyone 'out there' pays attention to any details of a story anymore------nope - all everyone wants to do is DIS Stallone or the 'dogpunchingdude'-----NOBODY cares anymore about the LITTLE ANIMAL ABUSE

1492 days ago


Oh, yeah, he sounds "like a really good person"--knocking out a dog. *******.

1492 days ago

Y do he got    

If he wants to be a stuntman leave your packet at stunts unlimited..they have open contracts.If you want to be a actor join a playhouse or wait tables down on sunset.Jumping in front of the line won`t get you in the union or with a agency.He may get noted...but he has no class or clue about what it take money and sly F`ed the dicts to get his little old old star?

1492 days ago

Y do he got    

SLY had to DO years of GAY triple X vids to get his rocky from the real rocky movie he ripped off.He wants to be like sly? a brown nose roids head whom keeps his killer dogs on roids?.I wouldn`t step one foot on the **** suckup roids moobster`ss place in hellywood

1492 days ago


Can someone get PETA involved so that way this guy will never get a chance in Hollywood, nor this country.

1492 days ago


It has to be a LIE ! Only Thugs & Drug dealers own Pit Bulls. A pit bull has locked jaws- there is no way somebody can just knock 1 out . They are so Strong & Muscular no way 1 human can take 1 down ! Pit Bulls kill people everyday- they are born vicious & can't change their ways .

Where my Haters at ?

Yes, this is how Ignorant you all sound!
I wasn't aware Stallone owned 1 - I'll have to add that to Micheal J Fox, Orlando Bloom, Amy Jo Johnson, Hellen Keller,Thomas Edison,Jessica Alba, and many more Respected American Pit Bull Terrier Owners .

1492 days ago


You know what’s even better than this? “Minute to Win It” on NBC. That game show has so much drama and excitement going on it makes Pairs Hilton look like afternoon stroll in the park! I’m serious…Check it out!

1492 days ago
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