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Tiger Woods -- The $54 Million Mortgage

9/1/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With the real estate market still in the crapper ... Tiger Woods recently took out a $54.5 million mortgage for the mega-mansion he's building on Florida's exclusive Jupiter Island.

Tiger Woods House

TMZ has obtained legal documents filed in Martin County on August 27 -- four days after Tiger finalized his divorce from Elin Nordegren -- in which he lists himself as a "single man" ... possibly for the first time since his marriage ended.

Tiger also agrees to pay back the gargantuan loan by January 15, 2016. So, it seems there's one group of people counting on Tiger to make a comeback -- his lenders.

According to the docs, Tiger's property spans across three parcels of land ... and as we've previously reported, the estate will include a tennis court, oxygen therapy room, multiple pools and a state-of-the-art fitness center.

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nell b    

Tiger, will you get a black woman this go round?

1477 days ago


hope u get exactly what u deserve

1477 days ago


Listen up all you Lovers, Lickers and Apologists ! Your hero, the "fish-lipped, mansion-building, Buddhist" had better be ready tomorrow or it's lights out on the season ! And by the way, no kidding that the Ryder Cup wives are upset over the inclusion of High Highness to the team ... imagine your own wife going on a camping trip or something, together with a sexually-crazed prostitute .. it would be rather "upsetting" to say the least.

1477 days ago


Ok here we go again a bunch of FANS tossing stones if most of your escapades were outted you wouldnt be so nasty! Tiger is a HUMAN $$$$ doesnt make him a saint he is a plain old man that can swing a golf club better than all of us but you all are mad because he was doing what EVERY one us athletes has done or thought of doing and all of you haters would do if you could but you cant ok that being said I am sad for the failure of his marriage and the pain for his children STOP hating and stop kicking a man when hes down

1477 days ago


Leave Tiger alone. Now he can have he life he should have had before he tied himself to a babysitter.

1477 days ago


Check again

1477 days ago


You people need to get a clue. Jealousy (or outrage) over the amount of money Tiger has or spends is ridiculous. He is paid that much money because he makes a lot more than that for his sponsors and for the PGA.

Most of you need to get an education.

1477 days ago



1477 days ago

Lady Carolyn    

Mr. Woods needs a housekeeper I'm for hired. I would watch over everything include him.

1477 days ago


Chump change for him. He probably makes that in interest in 1 year. Wake up people! This is not news!

1477 days ago

Dr. Love    

wow, a lot of haters on this site today. dude got a divorce, former wife got probably a cool 100mil and you suckers panties are still in a bunch, get a life all of you!! i think what you suckers hate the most is after the divorce settlement he still nowhere near broke. you nike hater should boycott not because of Tiger but because of the 3rd world labor they use to make the product. he will get his swing back and when he gets his schwing back look out!! SUCKERSSSSS!!

1477 days ago


Bill Gate's house cost 55 million to build and it is not the most expensive on that coast. I also hear people talking about how Tiger had a good thing. If you believe that was a marriage for love and not convenience then you must be nuts. She was an unaccomplished nanny for cryin! He did not know how uninspiring she would be and in his thirst for something, anything but her, he overdid it. Hmmm, overdoing something is strange to all you dolts? The American landscape is full of overdoers. It is a religion here. From Cheney to Nixon, Trump to maddof, B Spears to Liberace, Pat Robertson to Tammy Faye. Excess is the American way. Then when someone stumbles, everyone laughs in their abject jealousy. Well, He can have as many Ho's as he wants. She is no longer wrapped around his neck, stifling him. Now also, you can pucker up. Beeeeeeoooootttccc****

1477 days ago


For one person? I'm not upset or anything, just trying to put this in perspective. One person? Tiger - save your money!

1477 days ago


He has been dropping his balls in the woods for far too long. I'd find it poetic if he never won again!

1477 days ago


I say again ... Listen up all you Lovers, Lickers and Apologists ! Your hero, the "fish-lipped, mansion-building, buddhist", had better make sure that he's ready tomorrow, or it's "lights out baby" for the season ! I have to say, that it's amazing how all of you Lovers continue to "bristle" and become so "defensive" whenever we have fun at your hero's expense ... "getting" to you people, is easier than cutting through butter with a hot knife! But it needn't be that way. Whether you admit it or not, Tiger couldn't care less if you Lovers literally "dropped dead" in the street tomorrow ... and you people know that. Worshipping him is essentially an act of futility, much like praying to the "Tooth Fairy" or "Santa Claus". Please give it up friends, come over to our side and have some fun ! If rich pigs like Tiger Woods serve any purpose at all to society, then it is to provide us with on-going entertainment.

1477 days ago
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