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Discovery Channel

Hostage Taker Dead

9/1/2010 6:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

James Jay Lee -- the gunman who took hostages today at the Discovery Channel headquarters in Maryland -- has died after being shot by police.

According to police, Lee unsuccessfully spoke with several negotiators during the standoff.

Cops say tactical officers managed to get close to Lee ... and saw him point a handgun at one of the hostages. That's when officers decided to open fire  ... killing Lee.

Law enforcement claims Lee made several demands that "mirrored" the demands he had made on his radical website.

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No Avatar


Well this dude got what he wanted. One less filthy human to drain earths resources. LOL It's sad that it had to end the way it did but he technically asked for it.

1478 days ago


Fruity-loop was on the wrong planet anyways.

1478 days ago



Good lord, Philippine policeman is not here. Don't need another hostage tragedy.

1478 days ago


So he's against Liberal Democrats, who isn't?

1478 days ago


The term Envirotard takes on a whole new meaning with this guy.

1478 days ago


Imagine that...a guy hanging by a thread taking the radical environmental earth worship to its logical conclusion - Humanity is the problem! Ultimate solution - kill off humanity (i.e. - no more parasitic human babies).

1478 days ago


Is it wrong that I agreed with 1/2 his demands? Especially the demand for TLC to stop promoting the Kate + 8 show and those crazy people that keep having kids (I think it is call 12 kids and counting).

1478 days ago

There's a problem here    

He should have gone to TLC and sought out Kate Gosslin and those religious people who can't stop getting pregnant

1478 days ago

There's a problem here    

Whoa #55. That's just scary man. GMTA.

1478 days ago


It's very creepy how he totally has his panties in a bunch about procreation and he looks like John Gosselin. I'm glad the a**hole is dead. I wish they'd kill more of them instead of letting them get good defense lawyers to get them off easy.

1478 days ago


Yep, he was a whack job. But he was an Al Gore type whack job.

1478 days ago


Another lefty gone nuts......The police did the right thing and ended this before he took the life of an innocent person. (I ove the libs on here bashing Palin.....Lefties are so shallow !)

1478 days ago


One eco-terrorist down, how many more to go?

1478 days ago


I just read his list of demands and while he seems crazy, he also makes some good points.
It is the humans on the planet that are screwing everything up.
Look at what they are doing to wildlife and the environment.
More babies equals more problems.
Too bad he wasn't a staff producer somewhere, where he could have had some real influence over tv programming.

1478 days ago

tmz is makes me lose faith in mankind    

To #55: ACTUALLY it's been renamed literally every year since they began. It's now called '19 Kids and Counting'. I'm not joking. They're most recent was born at only ONE pound, and couldn't leave the hospital for months, and has been back SEVERAL times. And yet, these people have still not yet ruled out the possibility of having another one. I only watch the show when there's nothing else on, and I remember an episode years ago, where they said that their whole goal no matter what, was to reach 20 children. They're not doing it because 'they have so much love to give'. That's BS. They're doing it because they have a set number in their heads and will do anything to reach it. Like I said, I usually don't watch unless my other viewing options are low, and when certain episodes come on where they start talking about how 'the world is only 6,000 years old. and the dinosaurs were walking around with the pilgrims' I quickly change the channel for fear my eyes will get permanently glued to the ceiling.

1478 days ago
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