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Discovery Channel

Hostage Taker Dead

9/1/2010 6:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

James Jay Lee -- the gunman who took hostages today at the Discovery Channel headquarters in Maryland -- has died after being shot by police.

According to police, Lee unsuccessfully spoke with several negotiators during the standoff.

Cops say tactical officers managed to get close to Lee ... and saw him point a handgun at one of the hostages. That's when officers decided to open fire  ... killing Lee.

Law enforcement claims Lee made several demands that "mirrored" the demands he had made on his radical website.

Story developing...

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No Avatar


RIP you filthy liberal baby-hater.

I will burn a tire and kill a bunny in homage to your gods, the planet and it's forest creatures.

1457 days ago


Whotta' loser! Didn't even take anyone with him.

1457 days ago


Sooooo Kate plus 8 made him crazy, but, I guess he was ok with the Housewives of Jersey? Now those screeching crows I could justify taking hostages to get off the air.

1457 days ago


For having guns and live explosives, I doubt the police waited until he pointed a gun at somebody to shoot him. That's nonsense - if I were the people inside I would be pissed for them waiting that long. That would be playing along with the gunman, his game, and I would hope instead they took the first shot they had.

1457 days ago


So is this story on TMZ classified as "Celebrity Gossip" or "Entertainment News"? Only in America, folks!

1457 days ago

Ivana Tinkle    

I do agree in the BASIS of his idealism, but he truly was manic in his writing and how he went about things.
True, we are overpopulating when there are so many children who need homes.
Breeders like Octomom and the Duggers are being celebrated, that's sad. We should balance those shows with shows about children without homes and parents. Maybe people will understand when they see the opposite scenario.

1457 days ago


Another left wing-enviro nut case. Figured he would be a libernut

1457 days ago


THIS GUY has some really GOOD points though. SERIOUSLY. All you who think he is just a wack job are ignorant to the problems that lie ahead for the human race and the planet as a whole if we keep on the track we are going. YES he went about it in a terrible way but really he just wanted to make a scene because without controversy nothing you have to say will ever be heard. Unfortunately there are too many ignorant people in the world who don't realize that the human race is going to be the down fall of the planet earth. The human race is glorified as being the ruler of the earth but NEWSFLASH we are not the end all be all and we need to control our population just like every other species.

1457 days ago


Waste of space.

1457 days ago


I Live 3 minutes away From The discovery headquarters EVERYTHING was on lock down

1457 days ago


Do you think the cops made the right decision? Check out my poll seeing what people think -

1457 days ago

what He said    

It's too bad he was very good looking... a million times hotter than sofia vergara's laid up boyfriend(ewww scary!!!)

1457 days ago


He should be happy now. He managed to cut the population down by one. Thanks for doing your part!

1457 days ago

rex kramer    

Now his skull has air conditioning.

1457 days ago


I wish this would be the ending for a whole lot more of these sickos. End their 15 minutes with them under a sheet.

1457 days ago
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