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Hostage 911 at Discovery Channel:

Man with Gun

9/1/2010 3:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A man wielding a gun and possibly carrying an explosive device is holed up at the Discovery Channel headquarters in Silver Spring, MD -- and now he's been identified by the network as radical environmentalist -- James Jay Lee -- who has had a grudge against Discovery for years.

Discovery Channel Hostage
Lee recently published a manifesto listing his demands to the Discovery Channel ... including the immediate stop to "encouraging the birth of any more parasitic human infants."  Lee also lashes out about Discovery Channel programs promoting war and technology.

Law enforcement tells TMZ ... Lee was arrested during a protest in 2008 for disorderly conduct outside the Discovery Channel headquarters.

After the gunman entered the building earlier today ... an employee told a local TV station, "We heard, pop, pop, pop, pop pop."

A day care center in the building -- with 100 kids -- has been evacuated.

The SWAT team is on scene. The drama has been unfolding since around 1 PM ET.

UPDATE: Lee is reportedly demanding to speak with Discovery Channel executives.

Law enforcement officials confirm that Lee is still holding a "small number" of hostages. Officers have not confirmed the exact number of people being held.

Cops also say ... they believe Lee has a number of metallic containers strapped to himself that could be explosive devices.

UPDATE 12:30 PM PST: A source on the scene tells TMZ the SWAT team has just entered the building.

UPDATE 12:55 PM PST: The local police chief is set to address the media in the next few minutes.

UPDATE 1:03 PM PST: Cops say they have not confirmed any injuries so far.

Story developing...

Discovery Channel Hostage


No Avatar


OMG i know him! This is so scary!

1515 days ago


How is this funny? Or a joke? Or abaout Goslin b*tch? As for the racist comments towards YOUR president-- your no better than this jack ass who's putting lives in danger and considers babies filthy and disgusting. God Bless them all--- this society is getting to be so sad

1515 days ago


Discovery is one of our clients- we have many friends inside that building. Hope everyone comes through OK!!

1515 days ago

My two cents ;)    

As a student majoring in psychology this guy is definitely allowing a mental illness to ruin his life and others. Prayers for all involved. I don't appreciate how the anchors are being so rude and joking about it between one another. This guy wants to save the planet..well what about the people on the planet mr gunman?

1515 days ago


I was hoping he was a contender to beat Cho's Virginia Tech body count but it looks like he let us down.

1515 days ago

Vince Robles    

This guy is clearly insane. What does he hope to gain for pulling something like this? We all love the world we live in and Discovery is showing us that The World is Just Awesome "Boom De Ah Dah!" I hope this ends peacefully and no one is killed

1515 days ago


This is clearly connected to Bush and Palin and the Republican Party! Fox news I am sure is connected!


1515 days ago


Not sure if this was posted anywhere yet or not....

1515 days ago


The item in his hand that looks like a "stapler with a flashing light on it" could either be some type of stun gun, or ...and more an actual or a mock up of a detonater. It may be attached to the harness or be a wireless one. It is not a cell phone, as those who saw it state they saw a cell phone in addition to the "stapler."

1515 days ago


Your support and stream of fox news makes me want to boycott your site! Change the channel.

1515 days ago


I'm with others, Fox News, Really?? FAIL!!

1515 days ago

rainedaywoman and his myspace. He has a group on there as well.

1515 days ago


Congrats to AlGore and the Cult of GlobalWarmingAlarmists: THIS nutcase is a direct result of the propoganda used by you and your minions to enrich and empower yourselves.....great job....

1515 days ago


To people joking about this being about Kate Gosselin, it actually is kind of in a way. Lee says he is angry at TLC for allowing shows that promote large families. It's in his manifesto. He also calls for "froggies" to be saved. What a left wing nut job.

1515 days ago


FOX News rocks!! so get over it people....
i hope those people are all right!

1515 days ago
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